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  1. I’ve had a positive experience with them. They’ve been able to maintain that “crisp” feel longer then some of the other sticks I’ve used. My only real complaint is the lack of grip. The clear coat they use is very slick.
  2. Looking at the blank face of gear as well leads me to believe I’m right.
  3. Perhaps I’m grasping at straws. But the UltraSonic still has the Supreme branding on it. The Hyperlite could still carry the Vapor branding as well.
  4. Yeah they’re all 2X graphic. However, there are a lot of tweaks that aren’t on the standard 2X Pro (which I own). The blocker has the ultrasonic palm and cuff, but with the 2X sidewall. I’m fairly certain this is not a custom option. I know regardless of what graphic you needed to order the Ultrasonic blocker (sidewall and board included) to get the new palm and cuff. This seems to be a hybrid. They’re small details but something Is different. The molding on the lower calf wrap just below the straps is different then the Ultrasonic and 2X pro. Maybe I’m looking too hard but the molding is similar to molded graphic on the front. The Tune Fit straps seem to loop back and Velcro to themselves. And the professor strap uses similar loop back Velcro instead of the clip that comes on the UltraSonic set.
  5. I may be looking into things to closely, but there is enough tweaks I think these are Demo hypercomps. Slight differences in the outer calf wraps molded graphic and professor strap. I believe these are demos of the Vapor replacement (Hypercomp). Slight changes in the Velcro straps? Looks like you can play around with them a little more.
  6. The Samsanov glove is a 590 break
  7. For ones like Anderson and Smith yes it is surprising/interesting. The majority of the guys “testing” Lefebvre, I wouldn’t consider testing. It’s more so they’re just getting their new gear. Most (not all a, few L20s) of them are getting their same spec gear from Lefebvre they’ve used all along.
  8. RedX

    Lefevre going solo

    You can see weight reduction?
  9. That looks to be in a great shape considering the age. I remember seeing the Hayward one. It was based off his Harrison so it was the darker teal paint job, not the more Great White look on his Armadillo.
  10. Let’s see it! Are they only child sized?
  11. Custom options per the catalogue. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ab94e9ef793927fcfd7b72b/t/5e3edabee14ad269a8d0f414/1581177547782/CCM_2020.pdf
  12. RedX

    Lefevre going solo

    Would have to consider Holtby. Super custom pad plus he already broke his CCM contract when he switched masks and sticks a couple years back.
  13. I was always under the impression that the calf lacing was due to how Lefebvre interprets the NHL rules regarding the calf set up. Now that said I don't know why all companies don't have something similar but that is what I was told. "Calf-wings must be inset one-half inch (1/2'') from the inside five-hole, creating a distinct edge, and attached to the back cover. Calf-wing protectors must be one piece and cannot include wedges (removable or non-removable)."
  14. Looking for leads on these awesome 90s Greg Harrison mask hats. I know there was a Potvin, McLean, Hayward, and Belfour. My memory says there was a Richter but I’ve never had any luck seeing one. I debated what forum to post in but settled in the Gear section. If I have to move it to the lifestyle section let me know.
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