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  1. Someone post up those wicked Bauers from the insta page. They look killer!!
  2. If you need to contact Graf give Vaughn Canada a call. They were very helpful when I needed my questions answered.
  3. I wear compression tights with Warrior G2 Pro knee guards. Great protection from shots and the compression tights give me stability. I tape my knee pads tights to my legs so they don't migrate.
  4. So I had a chat with Vaughn Canada. They said that the size 11 cowling would fit a 11.5 size boot. So if you have a half size boot size down in Graf cowlings if you need some. I ordered some boujee cowlings from the Monkey on clearance. I drilled them myself and mounted my old boots with some new hardware. I may replace the factory runners with some Step Steel down the road.
  5. BOA has been around since 2001. It's funny that they are now integrating their systems on hockey gear. They started in the snowboard boot industry as a third party lacing system.(previously stated). Now I see their tech on anything thing from cycling to hunting..etc. I'm honestly baffled that companies haven't used their tech for pads, skates, even helmets. Kudos to Brians for stepping up with this stuff. Hopefully we see it on more gear soon. Also to anyone wondering about the durability/ease of fixing. BOA has a lifetime warranty on most products, and they are very easy to fix/replace.
  6. Thanks I will shoot them an email and see what they say.
  7. Corbotron

    CCM Gear

    Some of the straps are cotton fibers over the rubber fibers which don't melt like poly fibers.
  8. Ok so I'll start this off. I have a pair of G50 skates in size 11.5. My blades are fubar'd and i have the old cobra cowlings. Will a newer size 11 cowling fit my 11.5 boot?
  9. The Mammoth bag looks sweet and it's probably worth it. It looks well thought out and if you have nice gear why not store it in a nice bag.
  10. mask: Bauer 960 neck protection:none chesty: custom V3 catcher: V7 XR custom blocker: V7 custom pants: CCM620 jock: checker board Brian's pads: V7 custom skates: Graf G50 stick: Warrior pro stock
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