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  1. I've had the CCM Pros (pictured) but I have recently really been having issues with the screws/bolts on the inside of the knee, on my knee pads there is a covering over the inside of the knee, I was just wondering how people were able to mod them with the skate lace, been wanting to do it for a while but the issues with the bolt haven't happened till recently. If anyone does know please let me know. Thanks. Also, side note, yes these can be very bulky at first but imo hands down the best knee pads I've ever worn.
  2. Yes, insoles of the skates, I was trying to figure out if anyone has had this issue and what they did to fix it, similar to a super feet but for a lower arch and how well they work https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/player/accessories/skate-accessories/custom-support-footbed#sm.00016tzuf5l5zdprunb2pqdig8gi4
  3. Not sure if this was a forum already or not, but I recently bought a older pair of the CCM tacks 4092 as i was in need of new skates since my previous pair of CCMs were ripping badly. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knows about the CCM Skate inserts that they offer and how well they work or any other brand that may offer them, as I am now in need of something since the arch in the skates are too high for my arch so during training and such it caused discomfort and even started to blister on my arch. Someone let me know if they know of anything I could do or buy. Thanks
  4. hard to see it in all of these photos but my glove is actually all white on the front and solid black on the back, as is the rest of my gear.
  5. switched to it last summer, honestly started playing better, love being apart of the #blacktapebandits
  6. Photos from the previous season (2017-18) Gear Present: Pads - CCM EFlex 2's, Glove - Vaughn v6 2200, Blocker - CCM Premier, C&A - v7 XF Pro (custom), Pants - CCM Premier, Helmet - Bauer 960xpm, Sticks - Sherwood GS350 (if anyone knows where they still have those let me know), Skates - CCM Ribcor 44k
  7. Does anyone have an idea on how he would've made his cowling black?
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