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  1. It would be great if we could get a compatibility list of the accessories like blocker/catcher palms, sliding toe bridges, and strap kits. Also a list of Warrior part numbers so that we could go to our LHS to order. @Kirk3190, is this something that could be done? For example, I tried to order a G3 strapping kit from my LHS (as this was the one listed on the Warrior site) and they said that Warrior was out of stock. But I know that I've seen a G4 strapping kit as well.
  2. So I see Pro and Sr replacement blocker palms. Is there a difference?
  3. Are the G3/G4 strapping kits used for the GT2 as well?
  4. Hockey37

    R GT/2

    @Kirk3190 Will weave be on the "stock" retail sets? I'm hoping for an all black weave or mostly black weave for a stock option. Thanks.
  5. Hockey37

    G4 Thread

    Anywhere to read up on your 6000 strapping mods? Trying to get a little more out of mine, but the G4's are really tempting.
  6. Does Tydan make 4mm steel for the True 2 piece holder? I haven't seen anything online in my searching.
  7. When I used wood sticks I did the same, only with "helicopter tape". A little heavier than packing tape, but it held up very very well. https://www.amazon.com/ISC-Helicopter-OG-Surface-Guard-Tape/dp/B000O65W9Y?th=1
  8. Has anyone tried the new Hal Carbon? I liked the idea of having a small tab at the end, as my older Hal's were sewn right up to the edge. So I ordered a pair to try out. The leather material is much thinner and cheaper. Velcro material seems a little less substantial. After only about 5 games I was getting dressed, and the knot in the cord pulled through the hole in the strap. They were at the same length as my previous set, so no added stress or additional tightness. It looks as though due to the thinner and cheaper leather the knot in the cord just worked itself out through the hole. Never had any type of similar issue in 2 years of having my previous Hals. Very disappointed in these new Hal's.
  9. 2 piece users: Do you use the same profile/contour on your blades as your previous skates? Or do you find a need to change? I am currently using a 20'/32' with a medium forward pitch on a Bauer Vertexx cowling with VH boot. With the increased forward angle of the True 2 piece, has anyone had to or felt the need to go to a more neutral pitch? Thankfully I have ready access to a contour system so I could try out both, but would like to receive any feedback to possibly reduce the number of times I have to contour the blades, since steel isn't cheap.
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