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  1. I have the G4 pro 34 plus 1.5. Is the sizing the same for the G5? I'm ready to press the button to order the G5 Pro set but i need this info. Thanks JF
  2. Same as last response, i tie the upper part up with no tension. I used before skate lace that was tied to my cup. I just bought undergear that as velcro to keep socks up and i tie it to that. See pictures. You can do it with girdle also. But i find the key is not to have tension to have to make your muscle waste energy fighting it.
  3. I did this modification 7 months ago when i got my Warrior G4 custom set. Someone asked me how i did it so here it is: Did not have any issue with the set. Its like new. Can't say enough good about Warrior and True. Very satisfied. Great forum guys. Keep it up! Cheers JF L
  4. Gret pics! Thanks. Looks like solid side protection. Did you weight it yet?
  5. I know Passau and Warrior were not in the initial mix but just wanted to had a little spices...!:) From what i understand so far, its not possible to try on a Passau... Hard to make a safe move in those conditions. Yes i hear a lot about satisfied customer but all of them tuck it in there pants wich i don't. Hard to get a good idea without comparing to ones that we can try in a store... I think @coopaloop1234 you got the ritual RT? I could be mistaken. Only negative point i heard about the Warrior C/A give big rebounds in the "cradeling zone". Did you find that? The opposite technology could be CCM with the D30 that "should" give short rebounds and make it easier to craddle the puck . I'm a big fan of warrior now that i got my G4 set. The R and D of Warrior is just insane.
  6. No issue here. I got my custom pro G4 set in 7 weeks so 1 week sooner then what they originally said. Good luck.
  7. I get howling to as you can hear in the video. I tried sharpening from my initial 1/2 to 7/8 wich helped but was not sharp enough for me. I went back to 5/8 with more howling and a great feel. I always felt loose in the ankles but these skate are a great fit.
  8. Nice, combo. Looks great! Did you try them on the ice yet? Man,... i just can't wait to get my G4 Pro myself! Still got 6 weeks to wait out of the initial 8 weeks. I just fell in love with it after trying it on in store and comparing it to the optik and Bauer's ...and reading tons of stuff on gear. Exactly what i was looking for. The thin thigh rise should give great mobility. The two elastics for toe tie and lundy loop should help connect the pad more to the skate but give the freedom for skate-pad rotation a lot better then my loose skate lace i use now... The wrist mobility on the trapper is just insane to get it square to shooters and what can be said about the weight of this gear!! Pads are half as light as my Eflex 2 860 Sr and blocker and glove drops about(i forget) 15-25% compared to my reebok XLT. PS: Its my first post here. I've been reading the stuff for a while now and i just love it. Thanks Cheers Warrior Goalie - R_G4Customizer final.pdf
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