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  1. Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear, this thread is about the ft480s. Ccms 2nd tier skates are not offered in different widths unlike bauers 2nd tier skates.
  2. I was getting a great deal and was sure I was getting them. Problem is they were just too narrow for my feet and apparently don't offer EE width. So I went with the vapor x2.9. After 1 skate the EE Bauer's still feel a bit too narrow and weren't overly comfortable but definitely performed better than my very old cowling Reebok's.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? Likely pulling the trigger this weekend but was hoping to read some reviews or hear initial feedback. thanks
  4. For those of you that know. Are tydan/step that much better than the ls5g? I thought I read alot of good reviews about Bauer's latest steel?
  5. Sorry guys. One last question before I finalize the order. Anyone have any experience with both the chin cup and sling or any advice. wondering if a sling would keep the helmet as secure or if it’s likely to shift more when you turn your head quickly? thanks!
  6. You can’t be far off then! Which molds did you go with? any thoughts on getting triangle vents on a 961 clone? Does that just ruin it?
  7. I first contacted him in October. Not sure when I was officially put in queue but if it wasn’t then, it wasn’t much later...
  8. Hey guys, my wait is is finally over! I got measured for both the 961 or potvin mold. I haven’t seen any protechsports potvins and couldn’t find which one it was in his gallery. Anyone here have one and mind sharing a picture? thanks!
  9. Thanks so much for the advice. I think you mimick a lot of what my in store opinions were. I’m likely more suited for an intermediate palm and I felt my hand was more secure and had more closing leverage in the genetik IV. I also really liked the feel of the boa as I like my hand to feel secure. The warrior wrist mobility feels great but I almost seemed to slip away when I’d try and shut the glove. Again appreciate you insight, just need to figure out if it’s worth spending almost double the price and not finally having an all matching set ha.
  10. Not to hijack this thread but wondering if anyone has played with both the gnetik IV and g4. /gt2. I'm looking at new gloves and have g4 pads and blocker. Everyone raves about warrior gloves but they look off to me and don't feel that great to me in store. But I have heard alot of people say the same but also say they perform amazing despite this. Basically wondering if anyone has experience with both on ice and their personal thoughts. Also wondering if anyone knows the difference in weight as I find that really important in a glove. Thanks!
  11. I’ve never heard of anyone else using it but I use a football receiver glove. Great grip and for me has lasted 10x longer than any golf glove.
  12. Was hoping to get some feedback. I ordered a protechsport a while back and I know I’ll have 0 issues with the quality of the mask, but was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the matte black. I’ve seen a couple pictures of protechsports in matte black and they just seem off. Whenever I see an otny or some other manufacturer i love the look of it in matte. Curious on others opinions on this and if I’m the only one that thinks this?
  13. I agree with the thought that we average folk shouldn’t just blindly copy the pros. However, the dangler provides no real competitive advantage (or belief of one) nor is it likely anyone finds it more comfortable than not having one. It basically only serves as protection therefore I think it was a pretty relevant comment. If the guys who seek every possible performance advantage are willing to deal with it and possibility decrease vision at the cost of protection I think that says something.
  14. Ryan W

    CCM---->Warrior Sizing

    Don’t have a definitive answer but I had an eflex 3.9 34 and with warrior my knee was better suited with a 35.
  15. Ryan W

    G4 Thread

    Just found it, was ruckus007.
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