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  1. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    Seconding this. I got the strapping dialed in after about 3 skates, and the pads are super stable and slide very well at all points in the game. I'm the goalie on the right-hand side of the ice in this clip https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=clhAVN9DUmjQvhcmvJGpk_2BOzv_2FVsneTytHINZ1e4jOfKdNcOx7FzBkVxWtPbApMKo7WseVC8HvXS4Z_2BtCJh_2Fh0UFmXKvBv3Ggu2dL46SlBaZ_2BFa5VBNcOyTNq_2FPknbJ1wgzx785mPLx57IP6dzo_2BEVyhvaAkqxq4&dt=2020-07-04T09:59&t=813547&d=30000&mode=4 That was at the very end of an 1.5 hour skate with the ice all chewed up, and I felt no resistance sliding whatsoever. I also have weave on the sliding surface.
  2. That little piece of harder foam by the wrist is on the GT2 as well. I think it is meant to help push your cuff out towards your front so it is more square "automatically" to the puck, but I find it uncomfortable so I took it off on both my GT2 and G5 gloves.
  3. I've had zero durability problems with the True 2-piece skates, and they fit like a glove and feel like a slipper. I did my scan for them at the GoalieMonkey in Dallas. I got them in early 2019, so I may have missed the earlier time when durability was a larger concern with them, or I may just not be hard on my skates. I'd definitely recommend them to people looking for a custom skate.
  4. Teezle

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    I liked the stock toe ties on the G2 pads, but the G5 ones are: 1) tighter feeling and 2) less accessible than those ones.
  5. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    Weird. Hopefully it shows up this time.
  6. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    I posted a picture of it on the previous page. It was pretty easy to attach them; I used needle nose pliers to pull the aglet end of the skate lace out of the second hole. If you want to get fancier, you could do what @Ross did for his:
  7. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    This was my 3rd time using them, and they are getting better with each skate. The first time out, I tried strapping them like my EFlex4's and used the stock ARS toe and boot straps, but that did not work so well. The second time I tried strapping to the outside of the knee, but no boot strap, and it worked better but they didn't come back "true" after a recovery from the butterfly as well as I'd want. This iteration was nearly perfect - I have to dial in exactly how loose to make the knee strap, but they seal really well and the thinned out thigh rise is very good at not interfering with the other pad. I liked the ARS toe straps on my G2 pads, but these ones feel shoter/tighter. I felt that caused the pads to sit too high up/too far back on my skate for my liking. The hybrid prolaces have just the right amount of wiggle room, and allow the pad to sit more forward off my skate (as opposed to on top of it). The sliding has been great so far, and I haven't noticed it decrease in performance on "third period" ice; at least no decrease that could be attributed to the pads and not to me just being tired (no sticking or anything like that).They definitely kick out rebounds further than my old pads, and make a very satisfying noise when the puck hits them and bounces off The goalie at the other end even commented after this skate how he could hear it all the way down at his end. And they are very light! It is worth mentioning again that my 32+2 pads are just barely over 4 lbs each - nearly 10 oz lighter than the 32+2 EFlex 4 pads (which also had no leather straps, no outer knee wing, etc). The catcher feels much more like a G3 break. I've talked about this before, but to me when you close the G3 glove it feels like it's only two pieces (the palm and the fingers) and they have a single hinge so it feels like your hand is gripping a \/ shape. The GT2 glove feels like it has two hinges and closes like a U - I got used to this but did not like it as much. I also found it harder to get a solid grip on the stick shaft for shooting the puck with the GT2. This could be because of the different thumb angle between the two lines. I do have to get more practice with how the G5 glove is shaped compared to the GT2, but that's just a matter of time for reaclimation. It closed great right out of the box and is now basically completely broken in after just three uses. The back hand portion opens up fully, which is nice for cutting drying time. The blocker is very light for how thick it looks. I've noticed that the flatter board is more consistent in directing pucks where you want them. I don't know if it is the overall shape or the coveredge+ working, but I did notice two blocker side saves last night that I would not have made with the Bauer 2X - one off the very bottom corner and one off the very top edge. I'm not a very tall fellow, so anything that extends my reach even just a little bit is appreciated. It is my opinion that the Warrior blocker finger protection is the most protective out there, but it does come at the small cost of not bending as much around the shaft of the stick when you go paddle-down. That's really my only complaint, but I've had it with every Warrior blocker and it hasn't stopped me from continuing to get use and enjoy them! Here are two clips of saves in last night's pickup: 1) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=yXBLJeC5h4f4W4X6rjKMpJY_2BOdulRnIMqKKuBxi6mDC9ugaOR9Z609xUoRqr0KygVFet_2BDNFbsNfwDOnDCsSfNbTgfJD9Mlg_2BmT59UZ206qBJ8jzc5LbFlVnh9AOBt64vli6J8oBQyWwsT_2FykJlisUueROGogneE&dt=2020-06-22T20:59&t=1331006&d=30000&mode=4 2) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=yXBLJeC5h4f4W4X6rjKMpJY_2BOdulRnIMqKKuBxi6mDAjyiIUZxh4qfv7McK_2FO6r3WNvG_2Bh0XsGqFh_2BDyVrBoDNhcshxT_2FEkTFf362RehvIwnyZ_2FRqKQRJxSbJ7r5YNdy3Ki2q9j14Fo8Em5TuGKzjcV8yeL7RPfB&dt=2020-06-22T20:59&t=1405165&d=30000&mode=4
  8. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    I think I got my strapping set up for these dialed in last night. Using the prolaces toe ties, but also the elastic boot strap - strapped under the middle of my boot, not the heel - was the perfect combination of easy rotation and then coming back true when I recovered into my stance. I kept the knee strapping up by the knee; originally I had it down to the calf like on my previous set, but I think the nylon strap works better on the outside of the knee.
  9. Update: Pads have been sold.
  10. Anyone know why they went away from the rounded medial roll and beveled medial calf wedge? I thought it was one of the most stable pads in the butterfly when I tried the P2 on in store. If they had made a pad that was a combination of the soft, flatter boot like the EF4, but with the sliding surface/medial part of the pad like the P2, that would basically have been my ideal pad. And Bauer has implemented the bevel on the Ultrasonic line now, so it seems like they're going in different directions with what is considered "innovation" by each company.
  11. I really love my True two-piece skates. I've been using them for a year about 2x per week and have had zero durability problems with them. They are incredibly comfortable and I've taken several bombs off the toe caps without any issues, if protection was a concern for you.
  12. Goalie Gear for Sale CCM EFlex4 Pads 32+2 Loose fit leg channel ProLaces Hybrid attached Includes removable knee wing and original elastic toe ties No tears/cuts Used for 1 year 2x per week $850 **SOLD** Bauer 2X Pro Blocker No thumb pillow Int palm Used for 1 year 2x per week $175 Warrior R\GT2 Pro Glove 75 degree break Used for 1 year 2x per week $175 Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon Pants Size Small Used for 1 year 2x per week $150 Warrior R\X2 Pro+ Knee Guards Used ~10 times $75 Buyer pays shipping from Houston, TX. $1300 for everything if you buy it all. More pictures available upon request.
  13. I had a CCM EF4 stick that I really liked, but the blade cracked in half at some point during Monday's skate from a shot. I'd been using it for about a year at 2x per week.
  14. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    This is how I attached the prolaces. I didn't cut the laces down yet, because if they don't work well I can remove them more easily this way. There is another slit in the piece of the grey jenpro that I hooked the original ARS strap onto to keep it out of the way.
  15. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    In terms of where my knee landed, I thought the G5s fit the same or slightly smaller than the EF4s (knee was hitting the same spot on the stack, or very slightly higher). It seems sturdy enough to attach them there, but I guess time will tell.
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