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  1. Looks really nice! It reminds me of a reversed version of the old TPS Icecap graphic, that I had on my old GNETIK pads.
  2. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    Yes. I have it stretching out currently, and I'll alternate it held shut and stretched open until I get to use it on the ice. Should only take a couple days to be all broken in.
  3. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    Since my gear finally arrived, I got a change to play around with some of it last night when I got home from work. Feels very well balanced and comfortable. The 580 glove has a great, grippy interior, and the game ready xtra palm closed easily right out of the box. The 580 break also feels much more natural for my hand closure than the 600 break does. Hopefully I'll get to sub somewhere one night this week to dial in all the strapping before my regular skate on Saturday morning. IMG_2354.MOV
  4. I found that for CCM skates, especially the smaller sizings, that the cowling and runner are somewhat oversized for the skate boot. I looked at the AS1 and found the boot much more comfortable than the Bauer 2X, but did not buy it because there was a 3/4-1" gap between the end of the toe on the boot and the toe portion of the cowling, which translated into a runner longer than I wanted to use.
  5. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    Yes, I have been in contact with FedEx since Monday when it was supposed to be delivered. They have yet to figure out why it is being held up - or yet to tell me, at any rate. If I knew why it was not clearing, I would happily do something about it. Shortly after I posted the initial question, someone from Lefevre finally got back to me saying that they were in contact with FedEx as well, and that they’d let me know when they had more information. Maybe they got an alert that someone had made public noise about their lack of response.
  6. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    By hook or by crook, it was finally delivered.
  7. I like my GT2 C/A. Looks big but plays fairly mobile. Very adjustable for comfort and fit, which is nice.
  8. I prefer a square toe blade. However, my current favorite stick is the EF4, and it only comes with a round toe - it's not that important a difference to make up for the rest of the stick being more comfortable overall.
  9. Anybody know what break Samsonov uses? There is a set of his gloves up on SidelineSwap. I might be tempted by them. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-gloves-blockers/2536141-ccm-ilya-samsonov-custom-e-flex-4-made-in-canada
  10. Pekka Rinne, Robin Lehner, Philipp Grubauer all use True 1-piece skates. Varlamov uses a True 2-piece. Those are the ones I remembered and could verify from pictures.
  11. I was sad when they went to that one instead of the "Rask" Heel curve version - I liked the square toe better. I've found the standard Price CCM curve is a good all-around curve for passing and getting the puck up to the glass.
  12. Warrior's R\GT2 line was very easy to close off the shelf, as was the G3 (older model). Either of those in intermediate or Sr. size with intermediate liner would be my first choices for "broken in when I opened the box" gloves.
  13. This. But now mine are starting to break down because I use them exclusively, and it is hard to find replacements. Might have to go with Passau for my next pair.
  14. I am 5'7" and use the Sr. Small size. It is very adjustable, so I have not encountered any issues with fit.
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