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  1. Teezle

    CCM EF4

    They played fantastic. Took me about a period to really get used to them, but they are rock-solid stable in the butterfly and the seal is incredible. Very light, too - these are 32+2 (CCM runs large) and are within a few grams in weight as my 33+1.5 Optik pads. Sliding felt about the same between the two pads, and I didn't notice any appreciable decline in sliding performance with the SpeedSkin over the course of the game as the ice got worse. I removed both the boot strap and the outer knee flap, but I think I need to put one of them back on in order to prevent them from riding up too far when I am in the butterfly. Which would be the better one to keep everything in place? I feel like strapping behind the knee instead of down to the calf might hold it there more, but I am concerned that it might also impede rotation. Whereas using the boot strap would still enable the pads to ride up the leg a bit, but strapping the knee elastic down to the calf and having a wide open knee is maybe better for rotation. If anyone has tried out combinations of these options, what worked for you?
  2. Brian’s Optik ((FLX)) size 33+1.5. Used for one year and 3 months in mid-level men’s league, approx. 2x ice times per week. Comes with prolaces attached and an elastic boot strap, but I have the original toe strapping to include. Minor wear to toe and inside top corners (see pictures). $550 USD, buyer pays shipping. Ships from Houston, TX.
  3. Teezle

    CCM EF4

    I only got the pads, so I will use mine tonight in my game. They came in looking fantastic, and I'm very excited to use them. The super soft boot break is something I really like, combined with the stiffness of the thigh portion of the pad. I got them with the Loose Fit leg channel and, from messing around with the strapping at home, it was definitely the right choice for me. And they seal perfectly (on my living room floor 😃).
  4. Teezle

    CCM EF4

    Mine showed up at my door about an hour after I got to work this morning (wife was kind enough to sign for them), so now I have to wait with anticipation until I get home. Got here precisely 11 weeks after I ordered online through goaliemonkey, so a week faster than the earliest quoted time. Might have to use them in my game tonight. Update with photos coming when I get home.
  5. They worked great; I felt like they had the correct amount of tension at all times and were not as bulky as the original Brian's "smart toe" straps. The best part is that the un-stretched length of the bungee is shorter than most of the other versions of this kind of toe tie - I have a smaller skate, so those would either be loose, or I'd have to cross over the ends so much that the velcro was barely overlapping anymore. The ProLaces are perfect in this regard.
  6. I contacted the Pro Laces people and they sent me a picture with how to rig it up like the TGN spec ones. I put them on my pads and will test them in my game tonight.
  7. The replacements for the original order that never showed up arrived, but they are the regular Hybrid version and not the TGN spec that I ordered...so not great in terms of customer service experience for me. Is there a way to modify these to be like the TGN spec ones, so I don't have to deal with screws and can save wear on the toes of my skates?
  8. This could be caused by that block of foam sticking out into the front of the knee cradle area. If you have larger knee pads, it could be pushing your knee further back on the knee landing. It also looks like it would somewhat prevent your leg from tilting forward into your pad, which could make it feel more disconnected, maybe? It is interesting that Warrior chose to put something there, when many manufacturers are moving towards putting nothing in the knee cradle. Brian's GNetik4 on the left, CCM EFlex4 in the middle, Vaughn SLR2 on the right. You said you had some EFlex4 pads also, which come stock with recessed foam in the knee cradle (not just flush but actually sunken into the pad a bit); this could exaggerate the difference you feel when switching back to the R\GT2s. For the glove, have you tried removing this piece of foam by the wrist? I took it out when trying to dial in the strapping on my new R\GT2 glove and it feels like my wrist sits a lot more comfortably in it without it - maybe the small change in angle it puts your wrist at causes it to slip out more?
  9. Maybe if he had back-checked instead of going to the bench with 10 seconds left in the first period, things would have been different. Mmmmm delicious Boston tears
  10. Teezle

    R GT/2

    It happened both in "standard" and "down to the calf" setups; it feels uncomfortable in where it sits at the back of my knee. I think it's how that piece of stretchy grey webbing is designed, where it is the width of the entire knee block and then tapers. For the glove, I'm breaking it in by keeping it stretched open one day and wrapped closed the next. Hopefully I will get to use it for the first time in my game on Saturday night.
  11. Teezle

    R GT/2

    Currently in Brian's Optik ((flx)). I have some EFlex4 pads on order (should come in late July/early August). I tried on the R\GT2 pads in the goaliemonkey store and didn't like how they felt, mostly related to how the strap at the knee sat on my leg. Warrior blockers have great finger protection, but otherwise feel clunky to me. One other thing I like about the R\GT2 glove is that Warrior straightened out the cuff a bit from the R\G3; the curve by the wrist is much less pronounced.
  12. Teezle

    R GT/2

    As promised, pictures: I really like the way the backhand opens up for drying. Closes great out of the box. DCCC8071-2549-48A5-A666-3F00D2952C69.MOV Weighed it on my kitchen scale and it came out to 903g. Slightly more than my R/G3 Pro, likely due to a thicker standard palm (feels that way), and the double-T and skate lace in the pocket.
  13. Teezle

    GDS Goalie Camps

    One of the goalie coaches in my city does his all-ages camps almost exclusively in the evenings, which is awesome. But working a full day and then going to practice T-pushes, butterfly slides, and recoveries as the "warm up" for 3 days in a row makes my legs turn to jello haha.
  14. Teezle

    R GT/2

    My custom warrior R\GT2 glove was delivered today. Ordered on April 29 through GoalieMonkey, which makes it 6 weeks and 2 days from order placement to delivery. That is considerably earlier than I was expecting it (was quoted 8-10 weeks). I'll post some pictures when I get home and unbox it. Fingers crossed this means my blocker and pads will also come in early!
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