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  1. I use the McDavid ones as well, and I haven't had a problem with them slipping. I do wear them on my bare skin, and then put the compression leggings over them, which might help them stay in place.
  2. You could get a used or returned pro level chest protector for the price of a senior one. Or one of the older models - I know the CCM A/B Pro is still floating around in a couple sizes, and goaliemonkey has the original R\GT and CCM Premier 2017 model chest protectors on clearance. All of those are at prices comparable to current senior level models.
  3. Interesting. That graphic looks like a mash-up of the Passau Starke and the vents on the Optik2. The gradient areas on the medial side of the face might also hint at printed graphics coming? On the pad construction side, it would be notable if they are moving to a no-break pad as their stock retail model instead of the "pre-curved, single internal, single outer" break that has been used on the Premier and EFlex lines.
  4. I've found both Vaughn and CCM retail pants to be run large in their newest models. I was a medium in Warrior/Brians and when I got new pants this year both the Vaughn and CCM small fit best (medium was way big on me).
  5. I have the VE8 pants and like them a lot. I don't tuck in my chest protector, and I keep the pants up with suspenders that go underneath it. Good protection and good mobility, while still presenting a large blocking surface to the shooter.
  6. Teezle

    Brand loyalty

    Aside from wanting all of your gear to match - and I don't really care as long as mine are in the same color schemes - I think a large part of it comes from how most people order gear sight unseen online or over the phone. Most people don't have the luxury to try on every permutation of every brand's new offerings, so they go by 1) the continuation of what they currently have because it works for them or 2) decide to stay or switch based on reviews from people who got early access and "reviews" from the online goalie magazines and gear sites. I'm in a whole mish-mash of stuff, specifically because I had the good fortune of being in Dallas for work one week, so I could go the goaliemonkey store there and spend however long I wanted to trying on every bit of gear to see what I felt was most comfortable. Here is my current list: Head: Sportmask Mage RS. I'm a person of below-average height, and the shorter length of the chin is perfect for me. I also really like the sightlines with the cheater cage; it feels like it disappears in front of your eyes when you look through it. Also using an EcoProFoam neckguard, because I prefer the flexible foam feeling over the stiffer PAW/Kova versions. C/A: Warrior R\GT2. This thing is a tank. The arms are very comfortable, as well. Not the lightest unit in the world, but very flexible out of the box and very protective everywhere. I wear it untucked. Pants: Vaughn PVE8. Great design, very comfortable. I tried on the CCM premier pants and they were way too stiff for me. The Vaughn SLR2 pants are similar to the PVE8, but have an internal belt. I don't like the internal belt, so I went with the PVE8. Cup is also a Vaughn - I like the cutout on top, which means it doesn't dig into your stomach area as you bend forward in your stance. Warrior makes a good cup, but the top portion was too large to be comfortable for me. Blocker: Bauer 2X. I was not a fan of my old Warrior R\G3 blocker because the board broke after less than a year of use, and I found the finger protection interfered with my stick too much (that said, it is the most protective finger protection I've seen on a blocker). Of the blockers I tried on, the 2X was the most comfortable and well-balanced on my hand. Glove: Warrior R\GT2. Huge pocket, super protective, incredibly comfortable. Leg Pads: CCM EFlex4. Again the luxury of being able to try on every pad in the store. Coming from Brian's Optiks ((FLX)), these were the best feeling pads to me. I tried on also: Warrior R\GT2 (expected to like it, but hated how they felt), Vaughn SLR2 (incredible heavy feeling), Bauer 2S and 2X (way too stiff for me). If the new CCM pad can combine the flex profile of the EFlex4 with the rounded medial roll and angled calf landing of the Premier line, it may be the absolute perfect pad for me. Skates: True 2-Piece. Coming from a pair of old Graf skates, the stock True skates were as comfortable when I first put my foot in them. The custom ones I have now, even more so. I absolutely hated the tongues on the Bauer skates, and they were not comfortable, either. The CCM AS1 skates felt good, but the cowling was too large for the boot in the small sized skates I needed.
  7. Looking more at my glove, I think I figured out what the difference is. In the R\G4 and R\GT2 gloves, there is an additional piece of protective material in the break of the glove, and that is absent on the R\G3. R\G4 (senior, not pro model): The glove break is along both of these lines, with the extra protective piece in the middle. You definitely feel it in your palm, just below the base of your fingers, when you close the glove. No matter how broke in the glove is, that piece in the middle is not going to bend/compress like the pieces around it, and it will always have a "double-hinge" break. R\G3: The break is along this single line only. Honestly, I like it better, too.
  8. When I put on my skates, I use my index and middle fingers to cover that seam and help guide my foot into the boot. I also pull the tongue almost as far out as it can go with very loose laces; the way my foot angles into it is more like putting on a ski boot than putting on any of my previous skates. Maybe I got lucky, but I haven't had a single issue in any of the common "problem areas" so far.
  9. If you order the 2X Pro with the Pro Custom method, you also get the option to remove the thumb pillow - I did this on my 2X blocker. This mod may also help with the lack of space in between the fingers and thumb issue that seems present on a lot of the new blocker designs.
  10. The plastic part of the blocker board on my G3 broke in half after less than a year of use at 2-3 ice time per week - hopefully the durability of the G4 is better for you. I also found that the molded finger protection, while probably being the best protection-wise, got in the way of the stick when going paddle down and caused a pretty large gap between the paddle of the stick and the ice; the shape of the finger protection seems to be unchanged from the G3 to the G4.
  11. One thing to think about for the difference is the angle at which a shot is likely to impact the toe cap. For players, it is probably on the side of the foot (going from how we see most NHL players assume the "shot blocking" stance): In contrast, if a goalie takes a shot off the toe cap, it is most likely going to impact on the front of the toe or on top of the toes (think of the leading leg sliding over on a 2-on-1 pass and how we extend our leg/foot to get the most coverage possible). So it would make sense to me to design them differently based on the different areas a player vs. a goalie is likely to need the most protection.
  12. I've taken some heavy shots and one-timers off the toes of my True 2-piece skates and haven't felt anything that would make me think they're not protective enough. On the other hand, CCM specifically redesigned their goalie toe cap for the FT2 and one-piece AS1 skates because the original version with the "attack cowling" was not protective enough for it being exposed in the new skates.
  13. My wife said something once about the Texas state flag being special, somehow, because it was an independent country before being part of the USA, but that could just be bogus Texas history they teach down in the south. That defenseman is actually one of our better players, and he usually tries to take away the pass pretty well. He did knock the puck in off his skate in the third period (note: put your leg down on the ice behind the goal line, not in front of it), but we won 4-3 in the end, so it was forgivable.
  14. Thanks! I’m usually pretty excited about these types of plays - makes me feel like I’m earning my keep when I make a solid stop haha.
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