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  1. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    According to the GGN instagram, the 20.1 line will sit 1" higher due to the new calf strapping. Hard to say if that means 1" higher than current CCM specs (which are already ~1" higher than other brands, e.g. if you fit a 35" pad with Vaughn you go with a 34" pads in CCM), or just "these fit like CCMs, too."
  2. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    I wish they would provide more information on exactly what the various options mean, specifically this one for the blocker: The second two are (likely) bindingless faces, but I have no idea how they differ from each other or from the 585 aside from that. Are they trying to say that if you like the 590 glove you should go with the 595 blocker? Are they unrelated? Do the numbers refer to differently curved boards, or bevels, or something else? Launching a customizer without actually explaining any of your features is pretty frustrating.
  3. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    So it's not just SpeedSkin, but under a different name, like how Brian's "Primo" and Vaughn's "QuickSlide" are the same material, just branded differently? Is there a 4th super-slide-material entering the goalie space through Lefevre (others: SpeedSkin, Primo/Quickslide, Bauer's CORtech stuff), or will it be one of the existing ones branded as "Lefevre Fast Glide Zoom Zoom (tm)!"
  4. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    Regarding this part: is the material planned to be different from the white speedskin that the Lefevre factory had access to with CCM, or will it be different now that the partnership is over? The 4.1 and 12.1 lines have the option for a "fast glide" material on the sliding surface on the customizer, but it is only available in white - which leads me to think it is the same white speedskin.
  5. Sportmask quasi-merged with OTNY at some point in the past couple years - I would call up Goalieparts.com and see which of theirs is similar to what you are looking for. They do a really good job at matching the mask model and fit to your head shape based on what you tell them. And they have a fit guarantee so you can send it back in case it doesn't feel right. All of their masks should offer enough protection for any beer league games.
  6. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    That seems like it would generate a lot of ill-will among the pro goalies who have worn Lefebvre-made gear for years, especially the French-Canadian ones. Would it be worth it if some of your biggest names (in terms of getting your product in front of consumers' eyes) start jumping ship because you're so intent on countersuing your former partner? It's a bold move, Cotton...but I don't work for CCM's accounting office, so maybe they have already gone down this line of thinking.
  7. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    It seems like Lefebvre's issue is stemming from the most recently produced CCM EF4 pads for the WJC (and maybe other pros?), that have the Lefebvre lacing on the inner calf (not present on the current retail CCM EF4) without the "powered by Lefevre" logo on the outer gusset. If Lefebvre's design and way of construction for that portion of the pad is proprietary to them, and CCM used it without attribution, they may have a case, but...
  8. Teezle

    Lefevre going solo

    I think you can make the graphics look nice if you combine a bunch of the color zones and keep it more simple - but I like white based pads anyway. My preference (below) makes it basically the EF3 graphic. There seem to be a couple bugs in the customizer where the dropdown selections for Option X seem to be pulling from the list for Option Y instead. E.g. the Index Protection and Hand Fit ones should be switched. One thing I like a lot is that they took a nod from the Bauer customizer and rendered the gear as a 3D rotatable object (though Bauer's is a bit more polished). On the downside, I couldn't find a way to view the whole set together (pads + blocker + glove all in one picture) to see how it looks as a whole. Additionally, it would be nice to have information on what some of the custom options mean: For someone not familiar with the CCM terminology, the only thing they'd know from this is that the latter two are probably bindingless, but no indication as to how they differ from one another. You can also order the pads with different cores, but nothing to tell you what differentiates the, for example, soft vs. stiff versions of the same single internal/single external break pads. Also somewhat disappointed that you can't mix and match custom options between the lines - given that each set they make will be bespoke, it doesn't make sense to me that one can't get, for example, a deep, soft boot break (EF4 and 12.1) on the 4.1 pads. So far we've seen their versions of the Retroflex, PII, and EF4 pads, all of which seem right in line with what you'd expect from CCM's retail custom offerings, just built in Canada. The posted prices (pads - $2200 CAD/$1700 USD, blocker - $540 CAD/$415 USD, glove - $650 CAD/$500 USD) are higher than what you'd pay from the smaller Canadian manufacturers like Passau, Kenesky, JRZ, etc., but name recognition + having built all of CCM's pro gear might be able to command that higher price point. I am interested to see what innovations they will bring to their 20.1 line next week.
  9. I use the R\GT2 Pro C/A and it is the best unit I have used so far (history: some senior model Vaughn from when I was in HS, Brown 2300, R\G4, now R\GT2). It presents large to shooters while still being very mobile. I play in an A/B level men's league and I've never had a stinger yet, on the arms or anywhere else. Not the lightest C/A in the world, but still significantly lighter than my Brown unit was by ~1.25 lbs. My favorite feature on it is the velcro sandwich attachments for the back plate into the belly piece, because 1) no more worrying about a clip breaking from a shot and 2) you can dial in the tension and angle of how you want it to fit precisely to how you like it. The adjustability of the unit overall is second to none, in my book. One thing that helped me when I was moving the arms up was to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to grasp the lacing. That cuts down on the effort to shift them quite a bit.
  10. Two things that can really help with the first situation are: 1) trying to activate your stick as much as you can. Rebounds that deflect to the corners or in the air are a lot harder for a forward to quickly get a stick on than those that come straight off your pads. If you feel like you have extra time between the shot and the save in the B league, really try to get your stick on every low shot you can. 2) practice your T-pushes and shuffles. I know that skating drills suuuuuck, but they build good muscle memory and getting to your spot a split second faster will give you that extra moment to do #1 and put the puck out of harm's way more often.
  11. One of the things that I think contributes to feeling like you play better in a higher league is that as you go up in level, the likelihood of "broken plays" seems to decrease. It is nice to be able to know that your defenseman is unlikely to flub the clearing pass directly to the opposing forward in front of your net, or that when someone is shooting it will 95% of the time go where you think. The consistency of the game at the higher level certainly helps get me into a rhythm more. Conversely, one of the most annoying things, to me, about lower level leagues is that you feel like you have to cover all possible outcomes of a play. Because who knows where your defense is going to be, or if the person looking high blocker and aiming high blocker is actually going to mess up his shot and hit it five-hole instead.
  12. Have you tried moving the entire arm piece up? You should be able to unlace it at the shoulder and shift the entire arm unit up by ~1 inch. Alternatively, you could adjust the bicep/forearm floater to where you like it and then sew the attaching straps down to the main arm piece.
  13. I can't speak to the original R\GT Pro model, but I am using an R\GT2 Pro and it is an absolute tank. I have only had a couple stingers, but they were all from shots at a weird angle that hit the back/side of my arm; otherwise, it plays large while being mobile and very protective.
  14. Does anyone else have a team in your league that your team never shows up against, no matter how good they are? We did pretty well in our league (A/B division) this year with the exception of losing badly to one specific team every time we play them; which is annoying because they're not the best team in the league and we play competitive with every other team. But the last two times we've played this one team, we've been outshot 68-25 (first game) and 53-23 (second game) - I had a better save% than the opposing goalie, but it's pretty hard to chew through those shot differentials, and getting outshot in the first periods by 20+ against to less than 10 for us gets frustrating.
  15. I use the McDavid ones as well, and I haven't had a problem with them slipping. I do wear them on my bare skin, and then put the compression leggings over them, which might help them stay in place.
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