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  1. One thing to think about for the difference is the angle at which a shot is likely to impact the toe cap. For players, it is probably on the side of the foot (going from how we see most NHL players assume the "shot blocking" stance): In contrast, if a goalie takes a shot off the toe cap, it is most likely going to impact on the front of the toe or on top of the toes (think of the leading leg sliding over on a 2-on-1 pass and how we extend our leg/foot to get the most coverage possible). So it would make sense to me to design them differently based on the different areas a player vs. a goalie is likely to need the most protection.
  2. I've taken some heavy shots and one-timers off the toes of my True 2-piece skates and haven't felt anything that would make me think they're not protective enough. On the other hand, CCM specifically redesigned their goalie toe cap for the FT2 and one-piece AS1 skates because the original version with the "attack cowling" was not protective enough for it being exposed in the new skates.
  3. My wife said something once about the Texas state flag being special, somehow, because it was an independent country before being part of the USA, but that could just be bogus Texas history they teach down in the south. That defenseman is actually one of our better players, and he usually tries to take away the pass pretty well. He did knock the puck in off his skate in the third period (note: put your leg down on the ice behind the goal line, not in front of it), but we won 4-3 in the end, so it was forgivable.
  4. Thanks! I’m usually pretty excited about these types of plays - makes me feel like I’m earning my keep when I make a solid stop haha.
  5. I was particularly proud of how I waited out the shooter on this 2-on-1 from Saturday night. https://livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=xqpGltuXmsgolUGqyNW8WS2Re58lhDxfyvfpjlFDGCYf1RQyIFlTKMPgsC4Dpu781RXqijRc8qZABVDZj6LZZz7j0dRb5SrvfjxBCvaQuSqPWFQNrd4uQb_2BjMHts4Vu60Z89DzAWdm_2BaBMN2VO04DPFvx6zGnd7N&dt=2019-10-05T23:58&t=569739&d=30000&mode=4&mode=4
  6. @seagoal do you feel those lacing tie-offs at the back of the cuff when you have your hand in the glove? I can't imagine what Vaughn was thinking by putting them there instead of a more out-of-the-way area.
  7. One of the new rule changes they were talking about on the broadcast was that the offensive team can now pick which side of the ice they want the faceoff to be on after an icing. Pretty minor change, but could have a lot of interesting coaching decisions come out of it.
  8. I've been using mine 2-3x a week since late April, and they've held up perfectly well. They are the two-piece version of the skates.
  9. The addition of the hypercomp layer in the palm is what makes it feel slightly different, I think. I had a similar feeling, at first, going from the R\G3 to R\GT2 (both 75 degree breaks), but it went away as I broke it in more.
  10. Our scorekeepers have reasonably accurate shot stats. In the past two games, we've been outshot 99-44, which is less comforting haha.
  11. I don't feel bad about unwinnable games/situations. One of my best games a couple seasons ago came in a 9-3 loss, where the shots were 73-24 in favor of the other team. As long as you're feeling good about your game, the score isn't too much of a concern (it is nice to win, though).
  12. My EFlex 4's are approximately the same weight (within 10-20 grams) as my Optik pads. They did a really good job with weight reduction on the new pads.
  13. Are you concerned about the additional weight from the extra padding and Lexan in the blocker? I recall from one of the other member's testing that Lexan was significantly heavier than the standard blocker boards.
  14. Teezle

    Warrior sizing

    This seems accurate. I had a pair of 33+1.5 G2 pads and they fit great. I tried on the same size in the R\GT2 pads in store and they were way too big - my knee was barely landing on the bottom of the block.
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