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  1. Teezle

    G4 Thread

    My G3 Pro blocker had the plastic crack in half after about 1.5 years of use, but this was before they started putting hypercomp in the blockers, so the new ones should be a lot more durable. Since the senior level internals for Warrior are usually a year behind the pro level, I'd say it's probably that the senior level G4 is using the same internals as the G3 Pro, which doesn't have the hypercomp (@Kirk3190 can correct me if I am wrong), which may be why people were seeing issues. That said, I am confident in the new blocker's durability enough to have just ordered a new G5 set (previously went with a Bauer 2X blocker to replace my G3). Also, the Warrior blockers have, in my opinion, the best designed and most protective finger protection of any blocker on the market.
  2. Tie the pants, or tie the chest to the pants? I also do just suspenders under my chest protector, and leave the C/A untucked.
  3. I have a small child - we can both be wearing onesies at the same time now 🤣
  4. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    Turns out it was too tempting to pass up. Looking forward to getting these in 8-10 weeks!
  5. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    That is...very tempting.
  6. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    Not a big fan of how the line cuts across the glove graphic if you don't surround it by color. Other than that, you can make some pretty nice setups, I think. I normally like white based pads but I'm thinking maybe a Boba Fett themed setup would look cool this time around.
  7. In my head it was so that they could update the pads each cycle and next year's pad would be 20.2, etc. Your way of thinking probably makes more sense.
  8. As far as I am aware, the main difference is that the SLR2 has an internal belt and the VE8 Pro Carbon pants do not. Otherwise, they are mostly the same pant.
  9. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    I did it again and it worked this time. Thanks.
  10. Teezle

    Warrior G5

    I'm not seeing the new G5 customizer available yet online - any word on when today it will go live?
  11. Teezle

    R/M1 goal stick

    I feel this way about my V1 stick. I much prefer the softer feel of the Eflex4 stick that is my main one now.
  12. I was also feeling a bit cramped for space with the Warrior cup, so I switched to using the Vaughn SLR Pro Carbon one and it has been fantastic so far.
  13. Some good saves from 10-Feb-2020 1) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=B_2FxzGiQqpMgILQAbr_2BOIoM7H_2Bfq9ssqF2hqolf7jVJZLNkcGYWIBqaxvEeW4sIHlzxN8SUV96msLi03YyR7n_2B8arUT8rbEC0QzTmsgUVU1CCG8JsbBWwmTWXmbKYnNrHEguGyYao2wKRgvm15o_2B9hdFvjfnrUaTt&dt=2020-02-10T21:29&t=213780&d=30000&mode=4 2) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=B_2FxzGiQqpMgILQAbr_2BOIoM7H_2Bfq9ssqF2hqolf7jVJb7BWymwfszv3G3Q3RceXVP96JZKbBfx9wJkMoDj2Mbw7WjjWLZwXhdzynTjBE86u8MznGMh65Ce4ABTYRNJ3zC4k1Vni0AYJ2_2BOey7IuOoO8khYq8m_2FjRJ&dt=2020-02-10T21:29&t=718627&d=30000&mode=4 3) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=W_2Bq0xaMIfqs57DV746x9Huk_2BGW9WElLrK24ly68wveo3_2FZZuOxbnM6NlAZRa2JDnWJnyCsO_2BTTexBHqodnCsaBcSOP_2FTiYR3Jb_2BuwBL_2BazRKeZGy3f1VgsMaMiuzHjAp_2Fi4A8s0OC_2Bd2ApS482S5EMaa8CeRFb_2BD&dt=2020-02-10T21:59&t=35050&d=30000&mode=4 Our team is doing really well this season - we're 5-1! we've got a good group of defensemen that box out and let me see the shots most of the time. And they're usually in good position to break up passes from the corners to the front of the net. Next week we play the only team to have beaten us so far, so it should be a good game.
  14. Some good ones from 03-Feb-2020 1) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=8C2K_2BXDCNIwSFYAtgShpYpGIAWIqQ_2ByA5P5dxmNALY2V_2FBzNTaD7UcrP9iEH3O9CVywKx8aaD5R29tugE8Kyngc4MwAcHT9xEYCRbMxygE6or8eI7CcWsCei8FNBSRdxW5DDg4kq57C7bFrbNlnpazNtQGhjeFiE&dt=2020-02-03T20:59&t=1015093&d=30000&mode=4 2) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=KWu6I5gerH_2F_2Fv6twXaRJffmnCFOyClb_2FhQ8zteej_2BaNSthxLYbczTnah5q7NxbjGY5qoxc5RL7V01SGiPYsQefz9VaZaq39qDViebX5juj9vLht0Enf0JIiXY_2B7VpiabCihEW1TYcy7HChPvlBfYQ8sv7eKEyBCq&dt=2020-02-03T21:29&t=504763&d=30000&mode=4 3) https://www.livebarn.com/en/videoshare?vid=CAgkYI2YCex3kDadC63zhk657xnEWSmjZiUJ_2FYJuiGuQbIlocdggL8r4RvIl6uIpz4EIj_2FcNKmSGb0o6o6SdUEjLZ3j4JPFeLrZYjN0lbPSDxXMwqlOh_2BKLu8rsRL6xB9YZRvCipm_2F69Tf_2BwpR2LkByidKGMpcGS&dt=2020-02-03T21:59&t=248647&d=30000&mode=4
  15. I'm pretty sure the response to a missed call in our league is "suck it up." The rink and league commissioner do use it to evaluate whether a penalty warrants a suspension, or if people start getting too chippy (it's beer league, relax!) to see who started it and give them a talking to.
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