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  1. That good to know Steve. It's kind of funny but I started playing back in 3rd grade just about everyone was stand up and during pickup I usually don't go down during the warm up time as I am just trying to see/feel the puck and get "warmed up". So maybe it wouldn't be too hard of a transition going back, but sometime muscle memory just kind of takes over and you re-act to a shot. I'm thinking that maybe I will drop the over 30 league and just play the over 50, well that will be the goal at least.
  2. Thanks Bunny, I will definitely talk to him. The ortho is a pretty down to earth guy and we had already discussed me playing goalie so hopefully he has some idea of what my goals are. (albeit I'm not going to set the bar too high)
  3. I plan to. My wife is a RN who works in the hospital in the surgical day and works with the doctor. She kind of broached the subject with him and he said that it is going to depend on my range of motion. I am not going to set my expectations too high, but I do know of a couple guys (one my age and one older) who had it done and are playing but they forward. I was curious if there were any guys here who have done it. I'm guessing it may be possible but it seems like more guys who skate out of net and have it done return to the ice.
  4. Thanks. Just tryin to see if playing after is possible.
  5. Well, had my 3rd scope on the right knee last year. (also had to a grade 2 tear of the mcl on same knee). This time it was to take care of 2 tears to the meniscus. Gave it from May to August before I got back on the ice. (mostly because of Covid). Started playing pickup and it wasn't too bad. A little swelling afterwards which I iced down. Over the next few months of only playing once a week it seemed to get worse. Finally went back to the ortho and had another MRI and he said the difference between the 2 look like 2 different knees. The one from June of this year has degenerative arthritis and is now basically bone on bone whereas the one from last February didn't show any signs of arthritis. Surgery last year was to clean up a couple of tears on the inside of the knee whereas this is on the outside of the knee. (if I understood him correctly as I was kind of in shock when he started the conversation with sorry but..)He said next step is total knee replacement. Have any of you guys had total knee and then been able to play net again? I'm 54 and have only played goalie since the 3rd grade. Never really had any desire to play out. As of right now, surgery is scheduled near the end of August.
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