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  1. So I made a post a while back on the Optik thread because I was thinking about getting a new custom set, but then life happened and I ended up using my hockey gear money to buy a house. Except now that I'm settled I'm getting the itch again. I'm 5'4" with an ATK of 16, FTK is 17.5-18 and size 4.5 skates. My 32+1 V4s fit perfect in the knee landing but feel "short", but that might be because they've shrunk in the 8 years I've had them. My measurements put me at somewhere between 30-31, which obviously is in the intermediate range. Looking at the G4s currently. That's great for pricing, but I'm iffy on getting INT pads when I'm used to the pro pads and I'd rather not have worse protection. I play men's silver B and see some pretty good shots. So I'd rather not feel them or have my pads break down super fast, which is what I'm afraid will happen with the INT pads. Are INT pads as bad as I remember them being? I'm going to stop by Pure Hockey when I go to the Sharks game on Tuesday to see if they have anything I can try on for sizing, but expectations are low.
  2. I personally use a gladiator mouth guard. https://gladiatorguards.com/. They made them for my team at university and I ordered another for MMA stuff. Thing is a tank, but I can still breathe, talk, and drink water without ever worrying about it coming out. They're truly custom since they're molded, so they're more on the expensive side ($55), but if you keep your mold you get 50% off any future orders which is nice. Honestly I would've gone through a million boil and bite guards by the time I'm reordering another one of these so the price isn't bad if you're going to constantly wear it.
  3. Droner

    2018 Brian's Optik

    I have no clue. I assume that they would have though.
  4. Droner

    2018 Brian's Optik

    So coming back into hockey and ordering some new custom gear, but I'm not sure how Brian's sizing is. I've worn Vaughn the whole time I've played goalie, but I really like what I see with the Optiks and am hoping to order some soon. My current 8 year old V4s are 32+1. My knee lands perfect, but I really wished I ordered at least a +2 as they seem short. That said, I'm 5'4" with an ATK of 16 and size 6 skates. That puts me (according to Brian's fitting guide) in a 29/30, which seems way too small. Measured my V4s and I got these measurements: A - 15, B - 10, C - 8, which is all over the place on the guide. I'd go to a store to try out pads, but there's really no store close to me and I don't really want to make a long trip to just try on pads, especially with gas prices being high atm. Can anyone more familiar with their sizing help me out here?
  5. I personally love Biofreeze. It's not as "strong" as Tiger Balm, but it doesn't smell as bad and isn't as harsh on the skin (I have sensitive skin that breaks out with Tiger Balm). It definitely gets the job done.
  6. Anyone have any opinions on the Bauer Reactor 9000 skates? I'm using a pair of One100s right now, but they're thrashed. Goaliemonkey has the 9000s on clearance with 20% off for memorial day that I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on.
  7. Been going 14 years and only have had one really bad time, knock on wood. Fractured patella, ACL tear, and meniscus tear all in one go. I was 16 when it happened so I bounced right back, but now I'm really paying for it. Anytime it's cold or the weather changes is agony. A few concussions scattered about as well. I think I hurt my hip at some point too, since it really acts up in the cold as well, but I can't remember any time when I really pulled it or anything.
  8. I wasn't a believer until I did Maria Mountains butterfly challenge. Did the lacrosse ball on each foot and was a believer from then on out. Amazed me how just a little rolling could affect my flexibility so much.
  9. Droner

    JRZ gear

    The price alone has me interested. $1,800 CAD for a full set of pro pads? Probably worth the gamble of the glove not closing right.
  10. Just curious if you've used a double T to compare with the floating. I'm planning on getting a full set of Optiks in the next few months and have been going back and forth on ordering the floating anchor T or a double T.
  11. Hey all, Figured I'd do an intro. I was a member of GSBB way back in the day. Popped back over because I've been thinking about getting some new gear, but it seemed dead so I'm really glad I found this place! I've been playing for about 14 years now. Started at 14 and played Girl's AAA which turned into Women's ACHA D1. I've been in retirement ever since. This past year a team has asked me to be their goalie for multiple tournaments though, and it's really given me the gear whore itch haha. Rocking my Vaughn V4 set from university still and really hoping to upgrade within the next 6 months. I did grab a new Hackva I found last year at some pro shop because my old one was pretty thrashed and I can't see myself wearing another mask. It's a shame they're no more. I'm happy I'm not just lurking anymore and can contribute some!
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