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    Warrior G5

    Well, all I know is that it was certainly enlarged from the G2 to the G3 because I had both. The G2 has a flat block while the G3 turned into a triangular wedge. I don’t have any experience with the GT2 or G4 so I don’t know if there was further enlargement of that piece but my G3 looks just like that G5 picture.
  2. BonesDT

    Warrior G5

    I have the G3 glove and it has that triangular rod giving it a I_I closure as well. I also had the G2 and it had a I_I but the foam rod was not as triangulated/3-dimensional as the G3->G5. Ever since I’ve used the Warrior I_I palm closure, I will never go back to a pancake V closure again.
  3. I was told by Victory that the W4/V4 are not clear because they are partially rubber. The V6 is clear because it’s 100% poly. Not sure about the higher numbered masks, aren’t they fiberglass?
  4. Thanks for that info. I reached out to Quik (the official North American distributor of Wall Finland masks) but they never got back to me. I’m going to reach out to Victory next. I didn’t realize the waffle style was an old style. Any thoughts on it? Any thoughts on the W4/V4 mask in general? I know it’s “plastic”, but I don’t subscribe to the internet’s “widowmaker” school of thought and I think plastic masks have their benefits.
  5. Can anyone shed light on what’s going on with these companies. I’m interested in the W4 aka V4 mask. I read somewhere that they split up and Wall USA branches off. They now seem to be called Victory, but “Wall USA” masks are still currently sold by Pure Hockey, Perani’s and Sports etc. Also the “Wall USA” W4 seems to have standard glued in padding while the Wall Finland W4 and the Victory V4 have the removable waffle velcroed padding. To confuse things further, the Victory Instagram account first seems to boast they are made in Finland then boasts they are USA made. Then they have a second Victory account under the name GoalieBuilt. My head is spinning. I just want to buy the mask.
  6. I can't answer the first question, but my guess is significant. The GT2 Senior is the certainly the beefiest Senior-level chestie currently on the market, including the Bauer 2.9. I believe Ruckus007 agreed in this thread that it's on par with a Pro-level chestie. If you're looking for maximum protection, the GT2 Senior is a steal. Check out my thread comparing the GT2 Senior with a Warrior G4 Senior. You can safely assume the current Bauer & CCM Senior chesties are all on par with the Warrior G4 Senior:
  7. So I ended up using Harbor Freight's Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Set. It's $8.99 (but I used a coupon and got it for under $8) for tons of foam. So far, so good. Definitely a softer landing over the stock Styrofoam. The stock Styrofoam is 1" thick and has a thin very low density topper that you can peel off and re-use. The HF foam is slightly less than 1/2" thick and you can cram 3 pieces in the knee stack, but I felt that was counterproductive, so I used 2 pieces and re-used the soft topper. I'm not a foam density expert, but my guess is it's higher than LD45. https://www.harborfreight.com/4-piece-anti-fatigue-foam-mat-set-94635.html
  8. Thank you. Did you use the Poron XRD like you would HD foam and at the bottom of the stack?
  9. Hey guys - slightly on topic, I want to replace the rock hard styrofoam in the Warrior Ritual G3 Sr knee blocks with some softer foam, like the picture below. I don't need the stitch fabric, the Warrior blocks open right up with velcro. I just need basic sheets of foam that I can cut to size and stack. Does anyone know what this foam is called and where I can buy some?
  10. No problem. That’s exactly why I posted. No one talks about Senior gear. No stingers yet, but still too early to tell. I don’t mind stingers tho. Helps me feel where the puck is rebounding. The very flexible bicep and wrists would be the biggest concern. The GT2 has a much better design. I wish I could transfer just the GT2’s bicep and wrists to the G4.
  11. YES! I get that inside piece thing too. The top edges of the bicep plastic can dig into your armpits, but I think I dialed in the adjustments to avoid it. I think we can all agree the G4 bicep plastic is a horrendous design. Otherwise, no pain for me (it depends on the level of play of course) and I find the whole unit to be extremely comfortable.
  12. Is that the $560 Pro Carbon or the $430 Pro version? That's impressively, in fact, unbelievably, light for a Pro-level (or Pro'ish-level, whatever the $430 Pro is considered) chestie, no less one that has a "full beef-up" package. What's a Russian Spec?? Sounds intense. Does it mean superman padding or does it simply mean it's old-large-spec compared to new NHL slim spec?
  13. The last pictures show the internal side flaps of the elbow floaters. Neither have an elastic strap like my 2012 Bauer Elite Sr, which prevents the flaps from possibly folding under themselves. Also, after bending both Warrior elbows, the floaters stay compressed and don’t easily return to their flat position. This is probably due to the lack of that internal elastic strapping.
  14. This is a comparison between the Warrior Ritual G4 Sr (2018) and Ritual GT2 Sr (2019) chest protectors. These chesties are identical in design but the GT2 is clearly much beefier, specifically everywhere in the arms, the shoulder floaters, and the sternum pad. The G4 is $270 and the GT2 is $320. The G4 weighs 5.81 lbs and the GT2 6.64 lbs. The shoulder floaters seem to be similar size and design but the GT2’s are thicker. The GT2 has more breaks, but the G4 is just as flexible due to the thinner material. Yes, that is an upside down “R/GT2” permanently sewn into the shoulder floaters and a manufacturing flaw. The elbow floaters are identical but the GT2 has an additional flap pad on top making it much beefier. The added flap also adds a half inch in width for blocking surface. The bicep area above the elbow floater and the wrist area below are significantly different. The G4 has a broader but rounder shape but it is very thin and flexible plastic. The GT2 is square and solidly thick plastic (I can’t pinch it). There’s reinforced fabric right at the wrist strap on the GT2. The sternum pad is thicker on the GT2 and thick consistency through. The G4 is very thin and then thickens in the middle. The entire backsides seem to be identical.
  15. Haha. Yup. A for effort trying to deviate from the competitions but F for working. It’s definitely been a deterrence to me trying their line simply because I didn’t understand them. So I just checked and the brand new Ventus SLR2 Pro is $350, which is the same price as the X2.9, which is the upper limit of Senior-level chesties. It actually looks like a nice chestie in the pictures and similar to the others I tried maybe I’ll try to check it out soon. There is a Velocity VE8 Pro (non-Carbon) but its $430, which falls in a weird price range between everyone else’s Senior-level gear and Pro-level. It’s ironic. When I was a kid I remember always seeing the Vaughn stuff in stores and obsessing over it and dreaming to one day be decked out in full Vaughn gear. As an adult with a job, I’ve yet to own a single piece. Maybe one day.
  16. Vaughn’s product line has always confused me. They don’t specifically advertise any chest as “Senior”. Rather it seems they have “Pro” and “Pro Carbon”. I did notice they seem to carry one chestie in the Senior-level price range, I think it’s the Ventus. Always thought it was odd they don’t have a Velocity in that price range as that’s their famous line. Ive never heard anything especially positive about the Senior-level Ventus, if anything about it at all. Furthermore, the store I went to didn’t have it. My gut is that Vaughn isn’t really a brand for my particular style, but I admit I’d never actually used any of their gear.
  17. So I went to the store and extensively tried on pretty much every Senior-level chestie on the market: S29, X2.9, X900, G4, XP, R1.9 and E2.9. They didn’t have the GT2 so I ordered it and just got it today. I posted the weights in the below post. It was a surprising experience. They all kind of felt the same after a while. The only one that stood out a lot was the Bauer Vapor X900. This actually is an outdated model (2017, just replaced by the X2.9). But this is by far the crappiest of the bunch. And it’s also the lightest, in a bad way. It looked like street hockey gear. I checked a few times to make sure it wasn’t. For the outdated sale price, if you’re specifically looking for Beginner-level protection, this would be an option, but it’s outrageous this thing ever sold at top Senior level pricing (over $300). I was disappointed in the materials on both new Bauers (Supreme S29 and Vapor X2.9). They were super crappy, they had that black cloth that looks like it tears easily on the inside - def no modern materials or anything that should be patented. All the other chesties had this material too, but for some reason I expected more from Bauer (maybe because they are clearly the most expensive, throughout their entire line of gear). I didn’t have any Pro models to compare, but based on pictures, it seems the Pro level stuff is a completely different story. I’ve always been bitter about Bauer, especially after the OD1N’s came out, because they are obnoxiously overpriced and all three of these Senior-level chesties are no exceptions. I ruled out both CCM’s just cuz I didn’t like the arms as much for some reason and they were the heaviest, but nothing else wrong about them than any of the others. I pretty much had a toss up between the S29, X2.9 and the Warrior Ritual G4 Sr. Not very different. The weird Pure Goalie exclusive Warrior Ritual XP Sr is allegedly a rebadged GT Sr, which is now outdated. Very similar to the current G4 Sr, but maybe thinner protection and definitely not as good looking as the G4. I would not recommend the XP. Left the store empty handed, undecided between the Bauer’s and G4 and hoping the GT2 would be the right one. Then I got the Warrior Ritual GT2 Sr. Sans the X900, this chestie is definitely much different than the others, but in the opposite way. This is the Senior-level tank some of you are looking for. I had to check the label multiple times to make sure it was not a Pro. This thing is beefy AF and the arms are ginormous and def max protection. You won’t hurt your arms. I don’t necessarily care for such protection and I’m questioning my mobility in it. It’s more like you don’t have to move your arms, they just stick out the side and there’s still no gap between your arms and torso. It’s wider than it’s tall. It’s also the heaviest - Pro level weight. This chestie is definitely the best value at $320 and puts Bauer’s $350 X2.9 to shame. Of note, the sewed in patch that has the “R/GT2” logo on the left shoulder, was sewed in upside down. This is definitely a production mistake and I wonder how many units this happened to. Unfortunately, I have to regrettably pass on the GT2, primarily because of its weight (one of my top priorities), the protection (hence mobility) is overkill for my liking, and a tiny bit because the logo is upside down, which looks very weird. I’m going to have to check out those Bauers and G4 again.
  18. All Senior level, all size Medium (except for CCM E2.9, store didn’t have a M): Bauer Vapor X900 (2017) - 5lbs 9.1oz (this feels more like an entry level chest protector like the S27) Bauer Supreme S29 (2018) - 5lbs 11.2oz Bauer Vapor X2.9 (2019) -5lbs 11.8oz Warrior Ritual GT2 (2019) - 6lbs 10.2oz (wow! This really surprised me.) Warrior Ritual G4 (2018) - 5lbs 13.0oz Warrior R/XP (2019) (apparently, Pure Goalie’s exclusive rebadged 2017 GT1) - 5lbs 15.8oz CCM Premier R1.9 (2017) - 6lbs 4.0oz CCM Extreme Flex E2.9 (2018), SIZE LARGE - 6lbs 8.8oz Click here for a first impressions of all:
  19. Intriguing. What exactly is so unique about it? Do you know what differences from the 1X there are?
  20. I was wondering that. That was always my impression between the G4 and GT1. Thanks for confirming, that is helpful. This is helpful thanks. I'm trying to avoid making this a "which C&A is right for me", since others have already noted that's an impossible question to answer online. I'm basically looking for objective differences between the C&A's. Do some act more like a stiff floating board with an air gap between your chest or are they more contoured to your body and more pillowy? Which are lighter and which are heavier? Which are more protective and which are less protective? Which have exo-skeletons on the arms? Some say the Supreme is designed for max coverage instead of mobility; however, it seems the Supreme has rounded arms while the Vapor has squared off arms - this seems to be a contradiction.
  21. I’m looking for basic general differences. Kinda weird the manufacturers don’t advertise the differences. I mean, what’s their goal in designing the Vapor compared to the Supreme. Also kinda weird how there’s almost no info on these popular brand chesties. Its hard for me to make it to a store. I usually like to order 2 products online and return one, but not even sure which 2 to order.
  22. Looking for comparisons between the Bauer Supreme 2S/S290, Bauer Vapor, Warrior G4, and Warrior GT2. Im particularly interested in the Senior-level gear. What’s the difference between Supreme and Vapor chesties? What’s the difference between the G4 Classic/G4 Senior (non bionic arms) and the GT2? I understand there was no difference whatsoever between the G2 Classic and the GT. How do the Bauers compare to the Warriors? Which are lighter, more mobile, more protective, etc. Thanks!
  23. Thanks guys. This is where I was going with it. I actually wrongfully thought it was a penalty to just skate past the center line, but I just learned it’s only about if you play the puck too. But yah, always stop the goal, worry about a penalty later.
  24. If it’s the second period, and there’s a delayed penalty against the other team, and you, the goalie, start skating to the bench, and just as you cross the center line, one of your teammates passes the puck towards the empty net, what exactly is the penalty for turning around and returning to the net to stop the puck?
  25. Ditto here. In fact, it’s nice to be able to finely adjust the palm to somewhere other than the exact stock location. I like to move it slightly upwards towards the fingers and all the way inward towards the pocket. I’m talking millimeters of movement. Hey, if u like the out of box feel and worried you’ll screw it up, then just don’t remove the palm like every other glove on the market. Or .... get the GT glove.
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