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    Replacing Knee Stacks

    im getting new pads within the next month. just wanted to see if in the meantime i could fix them Theyre absolutley shot and everything is beginning to come apart on them. I just know that whatever pad i get into next im gonna have a rough transition cause theyre gonna be significantly stiffer and i wanna know i can fall back on these during the transition period. Besides softening and the elastics being incredibly streched the knee stack foam cracking internally as well as some of the corners wearing out, theres not a ton of wear.
  2. That’s definetley true. The 1s is a feather compared to my foam cores
  3. honestly it kinda does. ill blame gear when i play bad so ill thank it when i play good. im complete and absolute shit at puckhandling and my puck handling is so much better with composite
  4. the composites shoot like you wouldnt believe. i used a 1s i have and a foam core in practices and i can ROCKET pucks with the 1s compared to the foam cores
  5. on my ef2 760 pads that ive used the last 3 years theyve really broken down and the knee blocks both feel cracked. is there any after market company that i could buy knee stacks to put into my pads in the meantime? I plan on getting new pads as soon as possible but idk when that will be.
  6. i think its a bigger issue that this is going on the 5th gen of bauer pads and they're still "figuring things out" with the whole printing concept.
  7. Try gt2. Thin, light, great strapping, and will have fairly good rebounds with the updated face foams compared to the gt1. I checked out every pad at pure goalie and the gt2s impressed me the most out of anything.
  8. Max27

    Vaughn V9

    Thoughts? Pic Via @Trav4oilers
  9. Idk about save percentage cause my league doesn’t count goalie stats at all but I’ve kept track of my gaa and in 3 gp i have a 2.67 gaa
  10. Max27

    Optik 2

    Honestly they don’t seem stiff at all
  11. Lmao These pads look innovative, so im SURE Lefevre didnt design them
  12. thats because Lefevre didnt design these.
  13. Not a siting per say cause idk if anyone knows this already but Markstrom has the old suregrip top layer on his knee stacks as oppose to the new 3D Grip.
  14. Islanders prospect Jakub Skarek in his isles themed Premier II setup
  15. Greiss’ new mask in action.
  16. I think the new rink there is the better one but i dont think the ice on either is particularly bad, i think the rinx has the worst ice of any rink personally. Maybe its cause ive played there a lot recently (twice a week since the start of Sept) and ive just gotten used to it, but i think Dix Hills and Superior have the best ice
  17. I practice at Dix Hills twice a week and respectfully disagree, i think both the sheets of ice there are really good, especially compared to the ice at the rinx. Id say its on par with superiors
  18. based off what youre looking for, the GT2 senior pads from Warrior would likely suit you best. Incredibly light, minimal strapping, while i cant confirm how they slide, ive heard they slide great. The inner edge on them is very firm and flat so it should be fine for sliding. Also comes with a pretty decent S curve, and can be worked in easily. I might be picking up a pair of Greiss' leg pads on sideline swap, if not I will be getting the GT2s. I checked out every pad at Pure Hockey (Ve8, SLR2, G4, GT2, eflex 4, premier 2, 2s, 2x, gnetik iv, optik) and gt2 were by far the most impressive line there in my opinion as far as how they felt when checking them out. best strapping on any pad ive seen, extremely light (its unbelievable) and felt very connected to the leg. theyre a steal at 800 USD.
  19. During his last 50GP he leads the lead in 5v5 save% and has second active highest save% in the nhl since January 2018, so its working #Elite
  20. is it called the 3s pro or something else?
  21. I had the 9080s (price point As1) and they felt extremely stiff and narrow
  22. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  23. According to warrior they’re the same glove internally so you shouldn’t have a huge transition time.
  24. This is the year with the 2s Lite stick if I’m not wrong. Which is even lighter than the 2s pro, but even more durable as well
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