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  1. Yeah definetley could be just a matter of perspective of if it’s a true negative. I know people say that they soften super quickly which is only a negative if you like your pads super stiff. I haven’t used any of the g4 line besides the chest protector though so i can’t really say if it’s good or not, just going off what I’ve heard people say.
  2. Optik is labeled as a 40 but with the overlap break you can get the 35 feel
  3. 35 is on the gnetik. gnetik is closest to in between 580 and 590. optik can be broken in based off the way you chose based off the overlap break in it. Subzero was a 40 degree break which was more a full hand closure and a full hand closure is a 580
  4. pretty sure 35 is supposed to be like a 590
  5. I will, i just loved and will miss having him as an islander. Excited to see Varly play though
  6. Love this def gonna miss watching him
  7. Max27

    Poor Lehner

    Yikes hope he tears it up in Chicago. Great guy who showed himself for who he really is and was embraced for it
  8. not entirely sure how outer breaks would work with the no outer roll. the core they have is ridiculously soft as is, so there is no need to have outer breaks. Check their instagram out @Factorymad and they have a video of how much they flex
  9. How much ? Sorry just saw this, if you don’t have it anymore it’s fine
  10. Here’s some pics of the paint after using it on the ice. Shaft doesn’t seem to hold it well. We did a redirections drill where i re directed shots for the other goalie i was training with to save and nothing was on the blade though so that’s nice. Was a cool project to do but I’m not going to use this stick going forward, the paddles a little short for what i like and it’s a lot heavier than some of my other sticks
  11. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    ya that would be pretty cool
  12. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    if they would do this it would be awesome
  13. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    my point was that they werent on the customizers available to the public of the past, and there was still differences between the 2 lines that arent available to the public that you cant basically make a eflex pad into a premier 2
  14. G3 pro leg pads are 530 dollars and will be even less when (seemingly) the G5 line comes out this year on goaliemonkey right now, id look at them if i was you
  15. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    the cores are different (DualLite core vs LiteCore) , and theres a few changes separating the 2 lines that cant be ordered on custom. the medial roll design- P2 has the round roll, Eflex is totally flat Boot angle- P2 has 60 degrees, while eflex has 90 degrees face material- p2 has max rebound that has higher rebound velocity while eflex has soft foam that has more of a "lukewarm" rebound If they do ditch the Premier lineage, would these kinds of differences be offered on custom?
  16. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    Ahhhh, didnt know that it was a trademark issue. Makes sense. just thought it was some weird thing on behalf of Vaughns marketing team or whatever
  17. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    i hope so. i thought it was dumb to call it ve8 in the first place haha
  18. Max27

    2020 lines release cycle

    i mean like actual info on any of the products
  19. Anyone know anything on (seemingly) Brians Optik 2 Bauer Supreme 3S Pro CCM Premier 3 Vaughn VE9 Warrior G5
  20. I notice that in my S27s. lmk if you find a fix to it
  21. these have been sold
  22. true, but if you look at what brians and warrior have done their glove matches up pretty well with the blocker and pads like how they do it w the optik and the g3
  23. I’m probably getting new pads soon, still undecided. I have a lot of pads I’m looking at and not sure which is best for me. I’ve been reccomended the g4 senior model by Wack from pure goalie based off what i want in my pads and i think they will be a good fit because i can break them in to my liking
  24. I asked Vaughn on Instagram, they said they can just do a new pair of Greiss gloves for me. I’m going to check out the v8 and pve2019 in a store if i can but I’m gonna probably just get the Greiss glove set as new
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