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  1. First they show me how it will look with this PC model
  2. Mine is wrapped and i like it. Its digital print that is skinned on the mask.
  3. Sven from RXS puts in a new pading with blue gel on the sides
  4. Thats not a clip. The clips ar on the back
  5. it turned out pretty well 😊👍🏻
  6. Sorry but thats just a uuggllyyy pad 🤢🤮
  7. Is the Tune Fit Connect strap just on the pro custom pads? I have Ordering a set but just normal custom. I hope the strap is still on my pads.
  8. Nice video thanks! 👍🏻 But the ccm Axis grapic is sooo ugly 😖
  9. You have to klick just the glove wen you are done. I dit the same thing. You will get a code for the blocker and pads and a other code for the glove. Thats how i dit it
  10. I will order a set but... i wear ccm premier 2 34+2 right now. Is it better to order a L set (35+1) or a medium set (34+1)? Has someone a ccm premier pad and a bauer pad to see the sizing?
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-uuK9Cg3CG/?hl=de
  12. Some more pics of the GTO Mask
  13. Here the short chin version
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