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  1. I was watching LA vs ARI tonight and noticed that Raanta's dangler is very tight with a lot of overlap on his mask. Both the ear and chin strings are pretty short and it looks like the chin string does not slide through the hole very well on the dangler. Both of these pics are him standing and resting during a whistle. Seems kinda pointless to have it this tight with this much overlap. That said, man he played well. Interestingly, Kuemper got a shutout in their last game and Raanta got the start tonight and got a shutout himself. How's that for team confidence in your goalie duo? Pretty amazing picture of Binnington in his gorgeous navy set. I really love this look with that gear and the navy base mask. So good.
  2. Of course, no problem. So it sounds like you want lightweight gear with tight strapping pads that are thin with hot rebounds and a rigid, hard seal to the ice. I'd think based on that you want to land yourself in one of the hard pad sets to get most of your needs met. I'm not so familiar with stock strapping on a few of these pads in terms of tightness, but I think you would really benefit from and enjoy a pad with a "professor strap" which is basically a tight locking strap that sits between your knee and the top of your calf. It will keep the pad immediately fitting tighter and snugger while allowing the other strapping to be looser. The basic idea is this helps with rotation and allows the pad to be very responsive to the movements of your leg. You'll get a lot of responses to this in the morning, by the way. You'll have a lot of info to chew on before long.
  3. Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining. As a quick public service announcement, you can go easy with the bold all caps. It makes reading posts difficult and isn't necessary. Just being perfectly conversational is fine. What do you dislike and like about your Gnetiks? In your mind, what are the differences between a soft and hard pad? What was it about the 2X that caught your eye? If you assume generally that each company has a hard and soft pad (relative to one another), you are looking at this: Bauer: Supreme - hard , Vapor - soft Brian's: Optik - hard , Gnetik - soft CCM: Premier/Axis - hard , Eflex - soft Vaughn: SLR - hard , Velocity - soft That's just what's in the NHL in terms of companies. Superficially if you like your Gnetiks and you are drawn to Vapors then you are into softer pads, but you need to unpack for yourself why and what that means.
  4. Yeah, kinda disappointing how easy. To be honest I had to guess on the Rangers goalie with the cat mask but other than him I knew them all immediately.
  5. I got a perfect 10 for 10. Just sayin'. https://www.nhl.com/fans/name-that-goalie-quiz
  6. Interesting article on gloves in the goalie section of NHL.com https://www.nhl.com/news/unmasked-padded-goalie-gloves-making-biggest-saves-during-practice/c-311299314
  7. Wow, that's a great set. Love it. He looks sad though.
  8. seagoal

    Vaughn V9

    Wait till you guys see that they are strapless though. They come with magnetic hockey socks and the whole pads are magnets. Mind. Blown.
  9. seagoal

    Vaughn V9

    Damnit Max you beat me to it. It looks alright. I don't like it or dislike it. I feel pretty neutral. I'm glad they stayed with having the graphic be vertically oriented. I think horizontally oriented zones on pads can look clunky and disjointed. I liked the 8 better and this looks like a continuation of SLR more so than Velocity. The spike on the inside part of the inner zone 3 is nice. The really interesting thing will be seeing the back of those pads. V9 logo looks sharp....I guess VX is next.
  10. How many women are there are here? I only know of 1 regular.
  11. I was wondering the same. Perhaps someone crossed the line? Who knows.
  12. I seriously need to be on your team.
  13. Yeah, it was unreal. The scenery and just the whole scenario was very distracting and so beautiful. It was brisk and cold, 36 degrees at the start of our morning game. My toes and the tip of my nose were cold, for sure. The night game was strange with how pitch black it was looking up. There was one puck that flipped towards me on my knees and I had to catch it like a baseball outfielder. It just disappeared in the night sky and ended up in my glove, accidentally. It was an unbelievable experience playing out there and we had the time of our lives over the whole weekend. Good times, indeed. I felt very grateful, giddy, and sentimental the whole time.
  14. Couple of shots from our outdoor weekend in the mountains
  15. seagoal

    Team Pics

    Outdoor crew in the mountains
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