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  1. Awesome, thank you for doing that. Much appreciated. Overall length should be similar plus the Pro Laces have the long velcro tabs so I think it should be fine.
  2. Hey @AdamL can you do me a favor? On your pads, can you let me know if it is possible to connect your toe ties and then loop them over that bottom piece with jenpro edge so that it would stay put when walking and carry the pads? On my VE8 pads I just tuck the velcro tabs of my Pro Laces into the boot strap housing so the toe ties don't dangle when I am carrying my pads . On my V9 pads though I ordered them with no boot strap so I assume the housing won't be there and I am wondering about how I can get the toe ties to stay put somewhere and not dangle. The piece I am talking a
  3. And the Kraken have their first player, Luke Henman from the QMJHL I know basically nothing about the Q and have not heard of him, so in that sense it feels Meh for me, but it's a huge step forward and an exciting milestone. https://www.nhl.com/kraken/news/kraken-agree-to-terms-with-luke-henman/c-324622296 And new photos from the main arena, the concrete slab is poured
  4. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    For sure, I know. Stiff pads work best for goalies just like you. I find it odd that goalies like you, or Mr. 32 in silver/black, prefer soft flexible pads. Ultimately it's about feel and comfort so I 'm not saying you should or shouldn't wear this or that, but on paper or just abstractly, it's odd. Being made of rubberbands means you are capable of making your gear do whatever you want and if we are talking about pads meeting in the center and closing, goalies like you don't need the pads themselves to do the work. Not the case with less flexible...most....goalies.
  5. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    What turns you off about double external breaks given your preferences and tendencies in pads?
  6. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    What size are you? Just buy V9s. You know you want too. Go through Goaliesplus, they sell the squishyest version of all gear. What would Quick do?? He'd buy squishy (V4s) V9s. You should too. @chile57 i respect your persuasion, but I recommend against purchasing anything not seen on TV. Just throwing that out there
  7. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    I thought you liked soft pads? Is Bauer off the table for you?
  8. I would recommend taking your mask on the plane with you as a carry on. It's really the only piece of gear we have that can be damaged, and coincidentally, the most important piece of gear we use. Spend the extra bucks in the airport and get a luggage cart assuming your gear bag is a carry bag. No use wrecking your back and shoulders while flying internationally.
  9. I watched the whole game today. He played really well. 2 really good glove saves in the 1st and a really sassy one early in the 2nd. He played really well all game. I watch a lot of Pacific games in general and I am always so impressed with how calm and efficient he is. There's a serene steadiness to his game. He will be missed. @southpawtendy48 This was too relevant to not post. I was scanning the NHL standings for the whole league. Miller has played for 4 NHL teams: Anaheim, Buffalo, St. Louis, Vancouver. Check out the bottom of the league standings.....this tells a
  10. @SaveByRichter35 thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen it. This guy is just human gold. I did watch this the other night, which is long but worth it if anyone is a Miller fan or you just want the feels and enjoy sentimental moments
  11. Took advantage of a great deal from The Hockey Shop in Surrey on new V1 Pro + sticks. $279 Canadian, about $229 USD. All taped up and ready to roll A bunch of old noodley sticks in my collection
  12. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    nah, I'm good. That's tired.
  13. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    Less moving in net. Win.
  14. seagoal

    CCM Eflex 5

    Congrats, well done on the Osgood tribute. Sounds like we will have a lots of new gear to show off on there by end of May/end of June.
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