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    w/ TGN Spec Pro Laces
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  1. I just got a specific recommendation for JB Weld. Any thoughts? Looks like just paint damage
  2. Thanks for the feedback. From what I can tell there is no extensive damage like a crack or anything like that. There is a slight dent but considering it's on the raised crest that in and of itself is not concerning. I took a coin to do some tap testing and the only change in sound on the whole area is in the very edge of the paint where the paint is loose. I would assume of there was a crack in the helmet the paint would be cracked or loose over the crack and I can't find anything like that. As of now, I am not concerned about safety. I play again tonight and after tonight my new one should be in my hands within 3 skates. I guess my question is with an epoxy resin filler patch, which specific type? I'm willing to do it myself but imagine going to Home Depot and seeing 75 options for 13 different types of material patchjobs. Any specific recommendations? I texted my crafty Home Depoty teammate and asked him, just waiting on his response.
  3. I had a skate early this morning on the Kraken rink...first ever drop-in there...and pulled my mask out of the bag and realized I had a pretty substantial divot right on the center crest up top. Interesting with the paint job because you can really see the layers, but damn, it's some decent damage. I remember my last time playing was my game last Wednesday and I took a shot straight off the top of my head so this had to be it. It was a very hard slapshot close in and after dropping to my knees I essentially tried to duck under the puck and I failed, it hit me in the center of my head right up top. The base of this helmet is white and that layer too is gone. It was a pretty hard shot. Check it out. I do have a brand new helmet with a new paintjob in my hands any day now so this one is close to retirement, but do you guys think I could get this repaired by a painter? Any filler type of puddy stuff I could get from a hardware store to fill this divot and then seal it, then painted?
  4. Yeah, it does. I agree. It's just bland, or, safe/obvious.
  5. Thanks man. I've been sharing all this stuff with you guys for years and it's finally happening. I did live in Denver in my early 20s but was in university and poor and busy and didn't have much interest or time for keeping up with pro hockey. So this is all super new and fun for me. Pretty much what I dreamt of as a kid, living in a fun NHL city.
  6. Been excited to see this one. Juuse Saros
  7. Thanks for the head's up. A huge part of the thrill was buying a jersey in person. I got to speak to the CEO of the Kraken about goalies while there....that wouldn't happen on AliExpress I did buy a Driedger tshirt yesterday. I'm all set of team gear now. I have tickets to Day 1 of training camp in 3 days and tickets to a preseason game vs. Edmonton in 12 days. Pretty excited.
  8. Yep, I walked in there wanting to buy Driedger. Sold out. 10-12 Grubauer, 2 Bibeau, 3 Daccord.
  9. I know there are a few jersey enthusiasts on here. I'm not one, but I did snag a Grubauer Kraken jersey with the inaugural patch on it. If any of you jersey nerds want one, they are only available in person and I can grab you one and we can coordinate payment/shipping. They have both dark and white jerseys with the patch with no names/numbers, or, very few player names/numbers with the patch in only dark. 3/4 goalies were available yesterday, excluding Driedger.
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