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    Vaughn V6 2200, custom / VE8 custom 1 piece
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    Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon, custom
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  1. seagoal

    Vaughn PVE 2

    That's fair. If the velcro strap over the calf had more of a Y shape it could easily replace the elastic magnet straps on VE8 pads. They don't do that much except (maybe?) keep the outer calf wrap from flapping out a bit. I could likely ditch them and never know the difference but they weigh nothing and take less than a second to use so I haven't.
  2. seagoal

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Haha. I had 1 come undone in a whole year now. They're pretty good.
  3. seagoal

    Vaughn PVE 2

    and presents a taller appearance to the shooter....ha. I read something ridiculous on Sideline Swap today. It was in one of the blurbs below the goalie gear sections about differences in brands, styles, etc. It said (paraphrasing): Vaughn uses magnetically clipped straps (true) for the ultimate customization and a more snug fit (not true).
  4. More color, thankfully. Pretty sure this is Casey DeSmith
  5. seagoal

    Chin slings

    Well it would depend on how well the mask fits and how tight it is strapped, but most likely, yes. Chin cups typically sit masks higher and more forward than a mask would fit without one.
  6. Interesting that Saros runs his knee strap inside the outer wrap rather than the typical outside. Don't remember seeing this before.
  7. Eww. I've been searching for Gibson pics every day. He's one of my top 5 favorites but wow, this mask. Ok. It's weird with the duck face on top looking to both sides. It'd be better centered and looking forward.
  8. Same here. That's a big part of my goalie crush.
  9. Dell in Optik 2 and doing some dramatic yoga Saros...finally! Stealing my heart. I have such a goalie crush on him
  10. seagoal

    Chin slings

    Here ya go @A.YOUNGoalie13
  11. seagoal

    Chin slings

    If you remove your chin cup that hangs from your mask, you're left with a chin sling, basically. The word "sling" is unfortunate, as nothing is hanging or suspended. A chin cup is more of a "sling" than a chin sling. There is a whole thread with tons of photos on here somewhere.
  12. Finally! Oh boy, split roll. Gonna be some mudslinging around here.
  13. Ha, yes. I didn't even register that. For being mostly white, Jones' gear is ok. He gets the fingers on his blocker orange and that makes me real happy. I don't think I've seen him this year yet....I do watch a lot of Sharks games. Karlsson and Burns are my favorite non- goalies. Hart? Whoever it is good on you.
  14. Definitely. I really love those black jerseys. The Sharks colors are really strong and they get extra credit for uniqueness.
  15. Jones's mask is so good. I love it
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