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  1. Hell yeah man. For me I'm playing both in div 4/5 and then 40+ and that's my comparable tale, for sure. I do a lot of verbal self-talk when playing. I routinely tell myself "the score doesn't matter, the shots don't matter, the hockey in front of you doesn't matter. What matters is the next shot and the most important save you'll make tonight is the next one. Find a way to be effective." I have Stay Present, Stay Calm painted on my masks, too. This is all learned psychological tactics over the years. I am much more concened with being effective these days rather than "good."
  2. Risky, but wise words my friend.
  3. ha! I literally cried a little bit laughing. Atta boy. And I have no idea BUT you should try.
  4. "Need" is a very strong word frowned upon on this forum. We don't like it. Please rephrase the question. Go.
  5. Man I really appreciate this post. This is the kind of stuff that puts my brain in overdrive and excites me. A lot of what you say resonates with me, for sure. I've framed "playing down" as "out-goalieing myself" or "thinking myself out of the game." I think we get conditioned to a certain level of play that includes speed, skill, predictability, anticipation, body mechanics, muscle memory, etc. So when we "play down" it's like our brains and our bodies are ill-equipped to deal with the specific set of information available to us because we are conditioned otherwise. How often do goalies play down thinking shutout and then get rocked for a high number of goals? I'd say it's very common. One piece of this you did not touch on, as you focused more on the other team and not our own, is that at higher levels our team is "filtering" out a lot more stuff than is the case at lower levels. Higher levels of play in front of us on our own team means the while the shots coming our way might be faster or harder and more difficult to handle, the types of scenarios from which they develop are arguable more narrow than they are at lower levels; there is a certain formulaic set of patterns, if you will, at higher level that we'll see as goalies that are not there at lower levels, in other words lower levels are more random and erratic and chaotic so as goalies getting dialed in to that when "playing down" is very difficult. I think about this stuff A LOT as I'm on 2 teams currently at different levels and I am far more effective and successful on my higher team. I told a lower level teammate recently that "I have no doubts I am a good goalie and I have trust in my ability, I just can't quite figure out how to be an effective goalie for this team quite yet." I think that sums it up nicely. Thanks for posting this Chenner.
  6. @Chenner29 looking good man. Your gear colors are just awesome. Is that blue or black on your jersey? Also...why are you not on the other team ?
  7. What I saw was they wanted him to stay, but he wanted to walk away and try to find a new team as a free agent.
  8. Thank you posting this. I was just thinking of asking you to do this as you've been active recently and you're really new. Welcome aboard.
  9. I find no disagreement with your assessment. He's a Vaughn goalie too, so......
  10. Boom. Post- 2-hockeys bliss. I'm at a steakhouse not far from the training center. If Chris Driedger walks in here I'm totally schoolgirling him. Just sayin'.
  11. Ha, I was a 10:20 game. Toe ties are the boundary for me. Once my skates are off, hell no. No chance of me playing.
  12. Man we got rocked in our 40+ game last night and I'm in the room after, just undoing my toe ties and we've all seen this poor sight......a half dressed guy who did not play in your game walk in your room frowning with the "goalie no-show" pout. Shit. So I went through the motions: call your goalie, check with the guy who just wooped my ass, I don't want to, I hate you, go away please....yadda yadda yadda. Of course I played, and played rather well. Lost by 1, good fun game. Anyway, today I am STARVING and I plan to inhale a burger, fries, and IPA for lunch in a few minutes and I am so excited. Ketchup is waht I crave most the day after hockey, especially 2 hockeys.
  13. Dude Stevie Y was just a straight up gunslinger today. Bernier was a pending UFA and wanted to walk and Y goes "Nah, I'm good. I'll take the young Rookie of the Year Finalist thank you and have a nice day." Thug life.
  14. Jordan Eberle also in his on stage interview said something like "it's exciting try to bring the Cup to a city that has never had one before." Mr. Eberle, poor move my new friend. Poor move. Do some reading on the plane, my man.
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