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  1. Aww, look at that smile. He's just glowing happy in that pic.
  2. Yes, very much so. They are full of mischief and curiosity, very social and friendly, and they want to help with everything. They also get bored very easily and aren't dogs who are going to chase a ball over and over and over and over again like a lot of dogs. My older one will chase a ball if you throw it, but once he gets to it and it stops moving he's like MEH, boring. The best thing ever for him though is finding a random tennis ball out on our daily long walks in the morning and then proudly carrying it home. He feels so fulfilled when that happens.
  3. Mine too since I was 10 years old. I named my husky Link when I was a kid and I waited until I was 31 to get him. I consider that the most romantic thing I've ever done. They are amazing dogs. Very unique breed, for sure. 2 is better than 1
  4. Ha. He's gone nowhere near the goalie gear with those razor sharp puppy teeth. He's like a fuzzy snapping turtle with a mask on.
  5. Thanks. He's pretty awesome. Him and our older Husky are such good friends now. Lots of chase and wrestling.
  6. One silver lining for me in all this is that we got a new puppy a month go so I am getting to spend a LOT of time playing, training, and hanging out with him. Puppies need so. much. time. and I have a lot of that right now. I'm technically working from home but doing my job is tough from home so really I'm putting in like 3 hours a day of solid work and just goofing off the rest of the time while remaining online during normal work hours to look, well, like I'm working.
  7. I fully support that winner.
  8. There's a good argument to be made that not everyone is capable of this. There has to be a significant amount of room and flexibility in the hip joint for this to be possible. There are people who could do it but can't right now because they haven't trained for it and don't need to. There are people who can not do even if they trained to do it and need....want...to. Maria Mountain, an amazing goalie-specific body trainer in Ontario, has warned of this for years over and over. She argues adamently that not everyone has the genetics--->body to do this and training for it/trying to do it can lead to serious pain and injury. Think about how many goalies in the NHL actually do it...at all. The whole lot of them are the most highly trained, skilled goalies on the planet and I bet the majority of them can not do it. Why would the majority of people who's job it is to be a goalie NOT do this? They can't and/or don't need to.
  9. Official announcement due tomorrow (Thursday 3/12)
  10. Not my gear but this is from Headstrong Grafx artist Jason Livery who painted my Ice Dragon mask. This looks awesome, in my opinion. Unique and clear and eye catching and simple (not cluttered) but technically challenging (he said this was very difficult to pull off). This color combination is just so conducive to to looking great together
  11. Well you can have it for roughly $630. What is it about that glove?
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