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  1. seagoal

    Bauer True Design

    This will be interesting to witness over time. Any time "offensive" is the line drawn in the sand, there's going to be an argument at some point about what is and isn't offensive. I'm curious to see how this plays out.
  2. Ah, ugh. Well, that's life my friend. Fairness is always hypothetical and you 'll never completely escape some version of this type of stuff. It's all about how we respond. We can play the victim card or the motivation card and it sounds like you are on the right track.
  3. The sliced up leather Heaton pad just looks like the making of a badass motorcycle racing jacket that I would totally wear.
  4. Wow, that's neat. I never thought of doing that before. Thanks for sharing. I also didn't know he had a concussion. Was that known on here already? If so, I'm sorry I missed it.
  5. All the torsos of these seem very long, longer than most chesties. And.......go.
  6. Whoa. People still fax?? Nice.
  7. The logo is neat...it looks like it should be on a structured trucker hat that I would wear if it wasn't structured.
  8. Absolutely, I second this. I have 2 intact CR1s but was in a hockey shop recently and couldn't resist the temptation of the V1 Pro+. I got to shift back and forth last pick-up game and it was quite a difference in weight and responsiveness.
  9. A good general rule is if you ask them the design and make and attach something different than their current model, you're going to pay extra on top of what the base cost is for that current piece. For example, I recently ordered a custom glove . I had the base price which is the exact price as the retail stock glove and this covered all my color choices. But, I had them design and make and apply a completely different wrist strap than what is on stock, so that added $35. This was through Vaughn and they also charge extra for embroidery, but I think they are the only company to do that.
  10. Sorry Max, I was hoping the best for you. But, your attitude towards improvement and making it next time is great. The most important save you'll make is the next one. Keep looking forward.
  11. seagoal

    Bauer True Design

    Is that for the 3 piece set? What about per piece?
  12. A tight boot strap pulls pads down for sure. A lot of goalies, myself included, who start using a professor strap end up ditching boot straps all together. These two straps can not work properly simultaneously because they contradict one another. Professor straps "push" pads up, boot straps pull pads down. Depending on the strapping on your PVEs you could also try tightening the lowest calf strap so that the bottom, boot of the pads don't sag and droop off the bottom of your leg/top of your skates. Another strategy (that really well with professor straps) is to invest in some bungee toe ties instead of skate laces. Bungees will keep the bottom of the pad closer to your feet/leg and prevent sagging but will still give you the ability to flex and stretch your toes out when needed. I am a huge advocate for the no boot strap + professor strap + bungee toe ties combo.
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