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  1. The "Flames logo" on the side of Markstrom's mask looks like a flaming donut or a kid's floaty, but on fire. It's so weird. Almost anything else in the world on fire would look awesome, just not a sideways, upside down logo.
  2. Nice to see Greiss and Pickard just picked out their gear at their local Goalie Monkey. Way to be original, fellas. I freaking love the Flames word down the crest on the top. I think that looks awesome and generally love when masks are cut in half up top by something. But...the upside down C logo on the mask's right side drives me crazy and it ruins the whole mask.
  3. Nice, good to know. @GOAL92M this young fella can give you good insider info on junior gear.
  4. Hmm, I'm not certain about the difference in quality, junior to senior. My guess would be that there is no difference other than size. Maybe those who work in retail can chime in. I haven't seen much designation like Pro vs Senior in jocks and if a jock is good enough for an 18 year old in the CHL, then doggarnit, it's good enough for adult beer leaguers. There may very well be some differences in the width across the front, as in the horizontal coverage, from junior to senior, but I'm not sure.
  5. If I could screenshot a text thread on my phone about these jerseys, you'd see me saying "Minnesota and Winnipeg are gorgeous, by far the best." Absolute agreement on those. It's sad that NYI, EDM, NSH, PHI, and TB upon a quick glance all look like they chose not to participate and just said: "Meh, let's just do this." Biggest winners: And biggest losers....these are barf inducing for me:
  6. I remember thinking he was an awkward looking goalie, he always looked like he stood like a Ninja Turtle to me, kinda hunched over with his shoulders forward and his hips back. He moved very ungracefully, in my view. He always seemed super strange to me, very good, despite being not very athletic or goalie-like in the textbook sense
  7. Your resignation is accepted, with a heavy heart and fond farewells It is so strange to imagine in something other than gray and black.
  8. Fair enough. Are you a Vaughn goalie?
  9. Nice. How come? What is it you are looking for in terms of function? If it's just a tribute set, then kudos to you. Make sure you get the pads stuffed with cotton candy like Quick, too
  10. Here are more recent photos of his straps. He's definitely one of the more pre-modern goalies in his gear choices. and just for fun, one my favorite photos of him. I'm a big Quick fan. I'd love to see him in Seattle next year.
  11. Yeah, I was always really annoyed by this on my past custom orders with Vaughn....4 total. I chose not to do it twice and opted it for it twice. The times I chose not to get it was because I was literally scraping together pennies to place my orders and couldn't swing it. Now that I think about it I have ordered custom on all the even numbered gear: Velocity 2, 4, 6, and 8. I have serious doubts I'll order Velocity 10.
  12. Is Vaughn the only company that charges extra for name embroidery?
  13. What do you regret? Why do you want to change it?
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