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  1. Ha, yes. I bought used gloves from NCAA Div 1 goalie who didn't tell me they'd been in a closed bag for several months. I opened the box in my work office and it literally gagged me and I had to do some damage control in there for the smell. I couldn't use them for too long. One of my relaxed postures while playing is butt of stick on ice, trapper over the toe of the blade, mask forward into the glove. Yeah, I couldn't do that with these mitts. No way. They now live in our garage away from my good gear in our basement. This thread has inspired me to soak these used gloves since as they are now they're useless to me.
  2. Man, I admire you guys for doing this I just don't think I could do it. I keep thinking of a pair of jeans that are super crisp and stiff off the rack and then after every wash they get softer and softer. Soaking in water changes things on some level. I get that some folks say they've done it for years without problems, but in my mind I always fill in the ...I hear with "...that I notice or care about." Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming soaking causing problems, just saying I'm too much of a cynic to do it. Cheers
  3. Nice, that sounds ideal. Where are you? I had to do some pretty deliberate searching and was in conversation with 4 or 5 artists, 3 of whom do NHL masks. There were some logistics complications involved with working with artists in Canada, being in the US myself. Other complications were with timing, as many of the artists I was in conversation with were booked out for a really long time, longer than I was comfotable with. It all came together with finding an artist in the US with a reasonable booking time. Pretty pleased with how it all worked out, so far.
  4. Ah, ok. I've done that before without soaking by just putting soap in my hand, warm water, hand in blocker, and then just squeezing repeatedly.
  5. Do you soak the blocker too, all in...board and everything? My stuff has started to acquire a "fragrance" that my partner ain't too amused with.
  6. I will , indeed. I have a whole detailed post planned about the entire process of seeking an artist, working with the designer, inspirations for what I wanted, timeframes, updates along the way, and lots and lots of photos. I saw the final pics just today and although it hadn't yet been assembled, it was clear coated, shiny, and amazing. I'll get final assembled pics tomorrow morning and it'll ship to me tomorrow. Once I have it in hand, I'll write my post.
  7. Yes. Precisely why I will use blue cord . I have blue laces already but want to reduce the thickness of the hanger.
  8. Sweet, thanks, especially the pic. I have to run to Home Depot anyway.
  9. So my new painted mask is on its way back to me this week (more details on that once its in my hands) and I'll be attaching my dangler to it right away. I have my car door liner ready for the chin perimeter. I have always used waxed skate lace to attach the dangler to my masks, however, with @stackem30 advice and considering that I will want to minimize how much of the paint job I want to conceal with the dangler hangers, I am thinking I want to use cord from here on out. What types of cord do you think are best? Is waxed cord available or needed? Any tips on where to find good, quality, durable cord online? I have some paracord around the house...just so happens in navy blue which would be perfect for my mask. Would paracord be okay?
  10. Wow, those look so good. What does your gear/jersey look like?
  11. @cwarnar the white grip looks great on that , would pop more with WARRIOR in red.
  12. Well...it wouldn't be 2 decals, they'd just have to add the outline to the design of the existing decal. It would still be 1 decal with an outline. I am definitely grabbing one of these as soon as they are for sale in-stock, see how that goes, and then likely getting a custom 3 pack. I can't imagine a CR1 being improved but if this stick is in fact that, then I am sold hook, line, and sinker.
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