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    Cut all of the crap off, so they're very light
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    Tried everything - these are the Holy Grail
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  1. My experience with Grafs and Bauers over 20+ years: Bauers are a 1/2 size larger and slightly narrower than Grafs. Keep in mind that Bauer toe boxes are very roomy, Graf has always featured a more tapered toe box.
  2. I couldn't imagine that Hasek weighed anymore than 150-155 lb. when he was with the Hawks. He's one of the those guys that made a track suit look like a parachute.
  3. dualshowman

    NHL 2021 Season

    I spelled "Canucks" wrong, didn't I?
  4. dualshowman

    NHL 2021 Season

    Yeah, I'd always rather play hockey than watch it on TV. The Canadian division is only convenient for the one obvious reason. Other than that, I would be pretty pissed off if I were a fan of a Canadian NHL team and had to slog through 56 games that are less meaningful than they were in prior years. Maybe the Oilers and Jets are playing meaningful playoff games, but it looks pretty bleak up north. I make it a rule to never talk about the Leafs: The rest of the hockey pontificates have that covered in spades.
  5. In every photo I have seen, I swear that Don Edwards was 100% committed to looking like he's stepping on the ice for the first time. Film or video, though, he gets the benefit of the doubt, but boy does he look helpless in still-frame.
  6. dualshowman

    NHL 2021 Season

    PTO is Professional Tryout. So, getting paid to tryout for the club. And, yes, long-term injury reserve, the great cap-skirting measure of our time.
  7. dualshowman

    NHL 2021 Season

    Off the top of my head content: Craig Anderson to Washington on PTO Scott Darling to Florida on PTO Anders Nilsson to Tampa Bay (LTIR) ...
  8. dualshowman

    NHL 2021 Season

    Have a strong feeling this is still gonna get worse in the States before it gets better... Looking forward to parking my ass on the couch for a handful of games when I can. It would be a true pleasure to end the season with in-person attendance playoff games, but I'm not putting money on it. As a Blackhawks fan, there's nowhere to go but up, really. Playing the Lightning eight times should be a fun. Let's go, indeed.
  9. Forward pitch is the way to go. I skate out, too, so I much prefer a slight forward pitch. This can always be altered slightly with rockering the runner and/or selecting different insoles. Once you feel the benefits, a neutral pitched goalie skate seems antithetical to the requirements of goaltending. I have always pitched forward the rocker on every cowling skate I've used, but it would change over time due to sharpening.
  10. They were certainly comfortable to me, but not close enough to 750s for me to take the plunge. In retrospect, I should have made the attempt. The path I took brought me to Pro/Gs, so I'll take it.
  11. While a possible and the most likely cause, it is not the only one. Lace bite can also be the result of poor, no, or too much tongue flexibility relative to the flexibility or inflexibility of the boot. The mechanical influence of the tongue and boot are not static; As one thing changes, so does the other. Also, lace bite can result from the tongue or the boot breaking down too rapidly, likely due to moisture retention of either, although both scenarios seem to be much less likely than in days of yore. @TheGoalNet Can you describe further: Where is the symmetry? Where is
  12. Acetone (nail polish remover) or heat are the typical solutions for Loctite
  13. Yeah, their drop shipping deal is the way to go. No shame in the DM1080s. I loved everything about them except the fit. It was as if Graf changed their fit profile for the DM series and then went back to their original profile with the PeakSpeeds. Maybe they were attempting to reach out to a broader market.
  14. Third Update I feel like I have a solid amount of ice time in these now: Perhaps 20 hours or so. A few of these sessions have gone 90-130 minutes with no breaks and I've done some back-to-backs. For me, this amount of consecutive playing minutes is usually the acid test for gear like skates, masks and chest protectors with regards to weight and comfortability. These skates are, with no doubt, the most comfortable and lightest skates I have ever owned. That they are so comfortable without getting soft after an hour or more is revelatory. Being completely unaware of my feet due to zero nega
  15. @coopaloop1234 @CJ Boiss I am reading and contributing to all of this from the perspective that the views expressed are not so much fundamentally different as they are semantically (goddddddddammit) different, my contributions included. Ultimately, I am reading what appears to be a group of folks that are truly striving to be the least incorrect about what is best for humans. This is an admirable pursuit, one that is made better by your efforts in understanding and action. The gradient within the conversation feels like banal argument; it is all part of a larger, comprehensive discou
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