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    Vaughn Ventus LT98 Pro Carbon
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    Cut all of the crap off, so they're very light
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    2x Brian's Heritage
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  • Blocker
    2x Brian's Heritage
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    Hot rebounds
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    Vaughn pro return V3 & Passau Gen.2
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    Too protective, so I cut some stuff out, Passau is great, but arms are stiff
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    Vaughn V4
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    As comfortable as my underwear and nearly as protective
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    New Image Shark 954
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    Warrior R/CR1 pro return Mzarek
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    Graf PeakSpeed Pro/G
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    Warrior Pro
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    Tried everything - these are the Holy Grail
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    Reebok 8k under a Warrior SR
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    All accounted for

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  1. Yes. They did not go out of business. Quite the opposite, actually. Their website has always been poor.
  2. @bunnyman666 Same. I never pay full price/buy new gear. I modify everything. Even my two jocks are modified. Recently bought new pads that were marked down to 1/2 retail, opened the box, and started cutting and sewing. Probably wouldn't feel as good about that had my name been embroidered on them. The one great thing about hockey becoming an ever-wealthier sport is that used gear isn't so used up any longer. All of the used stuff that I've bought over the last 5 years is in far better condition and the used stuff I was buying 15 years ago, and the price of used stuff has remained fairly steady.
  3. I work in the electronics industry. It seems like every material is in short supply, and the consumer has been, and will continue to, pay for the demand. Economies of scale will win, so we'll continue to see smaller manufacturers get squeezed out by or absorbed into larger ones. The cycle of post-industrial life in a capitalist society with an ever-eroding democratic general ideology. I recall some big conversation around here in early 2020 about how Lefevre's pricing was much higher than every other manufacturer, and therefore ridiculous. Um... sure... Funny how things keep normalizing regardless of how much bitching humans do.
  4. I once pushed back against people like this. Now, I say nothing or 'uh-huh' and continue to do whatever I was gonna do anyway. If I can have a private moment with the idiot, I may dispassionately tell them that he's acting like an idiot, but I would never go outta my way to do so. I won't spend one more second of my life meeting people on whatever lower intellectual plane they're on. My Dad used to say, "Scrape 'em off". I never really did get the hang of doing that until my mid/late 30s. Once I started habitually scraping off the hoards, I freed up so much more bandwidth for every other good person, good thing, and good moment in my life. Everyone deserves compassion. Sometimes little or no interaction with largely innocuous knuckleheads is an appropriate amount of compassion. More importantly, show yourself compassion by not feeling one ounce of anything for the idiot. You first - for you, your family, friends, people that rely on you. Idiots come in a distant second, third, or maybe they never show. Free up that bandwidth.
  5. Regarding getting 'zip', Zip... Twist your top wrist. Underhand, Turco-style, even backhand - it doesn't matter. Just twist that wrist. I promise you, your problems are solved. https://ingoalmag.com/technique/shooting-the-puck-a-progressive-learning-sequence-for-goalies/ - Step six
  6. KISS was required to change their logo for the German market specifically due to the stylized 'SS'. From what I understand, the German government is (rightfully) sensitive about citizens making any positive or sympathetic reference to Nazi insignia, let alone ideology. The lightning bolt 'SS' is absolutely a known Nazi insignia in Germany. I would bet you'd be hard pressed to find any German citizen over the age of eight that isn't aware of this. Greiss is a German citizen. 2+2 = 4.
  7. Definitely looks like a Wilcox/Kenesky glove and blocker. Not sure about the leg pads.
  8. Man, stock knee protection these days is so damn good. These look well designed. Interested.
  9. http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/goaliehelmetparts.htm
  10. @RichMan Dennis also flattens the finger tip curl on when he modifies gloves. He does so in order to maximize the glove's surface area and to promote a full closure with the least amount of gap between the mating surfaces of the glove. My observation over many gloves is that 'how, where, and how tight' of the base of the T is of significant influence. All of this works in conjunction with where the glove break is located, as well. My first new glove was a Brian's Hook with an 'Anchor T', and it certainly promoted the most U-shaped closure of any glove I've had since then. Contrast that with most Vaughn gloves with a single T - prior to any deformation of the finger plastics - and they always have a long period of their life where they are pancake flat. Over time, however, I've noticed that gloves simply loosen up and become influenced more by your mechanical input and less by their design and initial construction.
  11. If you contact Graf/Vaughn directly, they will answer your first question. Graf has been and continues to be very responsive. I went through HockeyPlus/GoaliesPlus, and they will likely help you getting these done for you. They are not tall skates. I find this beneficial, however.
  12. Funny this comes up right now: Always paying the price for Vaughn arms, and I took a absolute laser off the right shoulder last night that put me face down on the ice for three seconds, and this is a pro-return unit. I got up when I reminded myself that this is what I wanted, what I conceded, when I chose this C/A.
  13. My pleasure. If this carries any weight for anyone: These skates are my favorite piece of equipment. I've had multiple 75 to 120 minute ice sessions in these, and I don't even think once about my feet. The mental and physical relief of NOT thinking about the potential pain you're gonna feel is priceless. All of the maladies that my feet and ankles were experiencing when I was skating in the 1Xs have disappeared. I still have a tiny bump from lace bite, but it is slowly going away and isn't painful any longer. Now I'm thinking of replacing my forward skates with a pair of Grafs. I've been made aware that Canadian buyers DO NOT receive the new Graf heat-moldable orthotic that American buyers receive, so take that into consideration. I've ditched my custom orthotics for the new Graf versions because they're incredible.
  14. Here are some photos of measurements of the Graf runner, A Bauer Vertexx runner, and a Tyden DLC Vertexx runner. Not deadly accurate measurements, but at least there's some scale. Graf runner: Bauer Vertexx Tyden
  15. There is nothing about printed graphics that I find appealing. That said, there's pretty close to nothing about any graphics on goalie gear that I find appealing. The 'neatest' thing I've seen recently are Shesterkin's ceiling-of-MSG graphic pads, and that's only because its pseudo-Art Deco. Heaton really started the trend that was, in theory, distracting for shooters. Unfortunately, I find it generally distracting.
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