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  1. Boy, that sounds like a few C/As I've had in the past. Arms are the worst, in my opinion. Consistent pain from shots to the arms suggests that your C/A is outclassed. I attribute all of this to a materials issue - a Brown, by example and all things being equal, with plastic over the foam blocks would likely guarantee that you wouldn't get the wind knocked out of you. I would bet most pro models would accomplish this, as well.
  2. I suggest you find something that will be enough protection a year from now and gradually work it into games over that time. Did you have a growth spurt yet? If so, I think this is the way to go I want to feel shots to my arms, chest and shoulders, but I do not want to feel any pain associated with those shots. Still, I'd rather take an occasional stinger than a constant numbness. That goes for all of my gear except the jocks. Having recently broken in a new Passau C/A, I was infrequently treated to a weird rebound off of the chest due to not feeling a thing. After a few months, it has settle down a whole bunch. +1 on not tucking. I have gone back and forth, and have always enjoyed the feel and protection associated with the air barrier created by wearing the C/A over the pants but tethered to them not rear and front. Best combination of coverage and agility, too. And, take no offense, but anyone under 25 years old likely has little to no idea about the lack of protection offered on 'pro' equipment as late as the early 2000s. C/As from 'yore worn today in a high-level beer league game could easily help you miss a day of work or much worse. I stuck with old shit until I realized any knucklehead with a composite stick and borderline obesity could generate a hard, heavy shot.
  3. I know that it had become de facto conversation to dump on Simmons for this and that, but to have such an effect on the industry through many generations without being a massive 'nameplate' is an extremely impressive accomplishment. Although I cannot recall what exactly, I know that I have had a few pieces of gear in my life that came by way of a phone call to Simmons and a UPS package a week or two later. Without first-hand experience, I cannot comment on their house brand items or Boddam-built stuff, but I don't believe for a moment that they would have lasted this long in such a finicky community without offering a quality product.
  4. My sense of humor often doesn't translate well. I believe this is one of those times. I get that, and I believe that the performance benefit is palpable for those at all levels. Having broken multiple toes over the years (although many years ago) and an ankle, I'll likely be a late adopter
  5. I appear to be involved in debate, argument or friendly conversation in which I have taken a stance on something... which I haven’t. There once was more obvious ‘protection’ on the outside of a goalie skate as a result of the cowling. That has clearly decreased over time to the point were we have cowlingless skates. My follow-up posts demonstrate the progression and the precedents set by cowlings. I never stated that a cowling was offering more protection or that I was loyal to cowlings. I have to reference with which to compare. I made a snide remark about Vasi adding protection to a cowlingless skate, nothing more. Attack angle, weight, no gaps? I didn’t realize I was obligated to address those in an argument I wasn’t even making...
  6. Well, I was offering my snide comment as tongue-in-cheek, but there were cowlings that largely 'went there', like the ICM cowlings of my youth: Wait... he added what? Am I to understand that our skates are once again being used to stop pucks? So when that asshole at a pickup/rat/shinny is yelling at me to 'Stand up!!!!' I should follow his orders? I'm about to cut the cheater off of my gloves. I'll be right back...
  7. Excellent footage. I take issue with placing Patrick Roy at #2 - too much cult of personality surrounding Roy to separate fact from fiction, even 20+ years later. Hasek is the undisputed champ of 90s goaltending, whether or not one appreciates his 'technique'. Hasek simply stopped pucks, regardless of the team in front of him. Belfour played on some up-and-down Blackhawks teams in spite of the fact that they were a perennial playoff club. HIs 97-98, 98-99 and 99-00 seasons with Dallas were unreal - he finally overcame his lingering back issues and became a stone wall in net.
  8. While I have only recently purchased my LT98s (34+2), I can say that these are in no way similar in construction to a Vaughn pad of yore that was known to shrink/settle. I can’t image the construction of the SLR is much, if at all, different from the LT98. I know the strapping setup is, but that’s about it. For what it’s worth, these LT98s measure up exactly the same as my Reebok Premier IIIs (34+2). Back when my PIIIs were new, the we’re markedly bigger than any Vaughn pad I experienced with the same listed measurements.
  9. Well, regardless of Bauer's lack of logic in their approach, I appreciate the clarification and diligence on your part.
  10. I figure I'm not understanding why Bauer would have such drastically different fit profiles between goal skates and player skates. Kinda infuriating, actually.
  11. Interesting, but could you possibly unpack this a bit more?
  12. Cordura. A proper Vaughn Legacy had Cordura on all the non-ice-contact surfaces. Contact surfaces are Jenpro.
  13. Please tell me the other three corners of the room look the same...
  14. ^^^ This is every cateye I have ever used. The only issue I have ever had with the cateye is that any bend is noticeable to me while wearing them - quite infuriating. Having used and currently using cheater cage, this is not so, and I know it is bent in three places. Regardless - and given time and shot placement - think they're all bound for this fate. While the powder coating is cracked, I doubt any welds are broken. I have tested this by taking the cage off, taking the clips off, and tapping on the cage in different spots with the handle of a screwdriver. You're attempting to listen for any small rattle or dull sounds. This is A test, not THE test. I've always gone the dum dum route and pounded out the dent from the inside. Usually gets the desired effect.
  15. No, just mental and physical restrictions.
  16. 34+1?!? Martin Jones is listed at 6'4". Is this for real? I'm 5'11", ATK 17.75" and wear a 34+2.
  17. I would recommend a two-part epoxy - strong, self-leveling, easy to use, water-resistant, quick drying.
  18. I see no need for the middle calf strap that couldn't be addressed with a slight modification of the calf wrap. I would love to know the thought process here.
  19. His name is Big Bear. 1986 Toyota Pickup. This was the era when Toyota didn't apply a model name to their pickup line. Simply 'Pickup' - not Hilux, not Tacoma. Currently has 188k miles. 2WD, 4 speed, carbureted, no power steering, no air conditioning, no real maintenance required. The only safety feature is that it's red in a sea of grey and black vehicles. Throw gear in the back and motorvate.
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