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  1. So this beautiful piece of metal wire came in the mail yesterday. I'll probably still suck, but at least I'll look good doing it! Seriously, I think it complements the rest of the kit just perfectly.
  2. So I haven't posted in forever, didn't mean I stopped. New to me set of Warriors. I think I finally found love! I got those for super cheap, yes they are well used but still have plenty life left in them and the good thing about Warrior is that, all the breakable parts are replacable, yay. Never have I ever seen so much engineering put into goalie gear, it's amazing the level of thought that went into creating these. Cheers.
  3. Math.

    I Need Your Opinion

    Personally, if you want to keep that design, I'd swap the tan with either Columbus, NYR or whatever darker blue the second jersey is. Otherwise I'd go with just a white base with red accents, matches both.
  4. Just saw that on FB, that thing looks like a total beast!
  5. Yes please, was gonna comment on that too!
  6. Alright, so you ready to feel better about your defensive system? That was two weeks ago and let's just say that, again, although I still struggle with the new pads, the defense was....well, it wasn't really! Just for fun I decide to pull out some numbers, and they go like this: Breakaway : 11 2 on 0 : 1 2 on 1 : 7 3 on 1 : 2 Because I wanted to see the straping and the new pads in action I made a net video too. Didn't made a special edit for the net camera, just synced them and kept the same markers so it doesn't always makes sense! Enjoy.
  7. Yeah they usualy did, especialy since I used to mount my camera outside the glass so I couldn't change it if I moved.
  8. Team building or team: get outta my fucking paint? Agreed. Just like Fleury! I imagine someone else in the show did it already, but I can't remember who. Maybe someone on here can point me some example. A lot! That being said that set-up looks like it would be pretty bad ass up close, especialy considering you are playing a real league with jerseys and socks and pants.
  9. I always Jones struck the perfect balance of color with his gear. And lets be honnest, going orange for the toe bridge and cord was a strike of genius.
  10. @southpawtendy48 @Fullright @Colander Thanks. Looking back at the video it's true that, although this hasn't been my greatest game, the slot and bang bang plays were pretty poorly defended against. The majority of these guys having played higger level of hockey meens they are better at picking corners and recognising/exploiting flaws faster, the moment it is not properly defended against, the goalie doesn't stand much of a chance. Colander: that's not an actual league, just a bunch of pals that have played most if not all of their hockey together and still meet up to play. That game wasn't even scored (thankfully!). That being said, you are right they haven't put up much of an effort in establishing an actual defense. At least I now know what to expect if I ever get the call again with them. Speaking of poor defensive effort, the next video(s) is probably the epitom of players not even interested in being on the ice bellow the red line. Keep an eye out later on today, it's honnestly epic, in a bad way I mean!
  11. They're usually refered to as Luggage scale, Amazon has a sh*t ton of them in the 5$ to 15$ range. Side note, how much is your new GFL Pro weighting?
  12. Bauer Profile 940 comes in at 3.56 lbs. Stock padding, cage swapped out for a Bauer profile cateye & dangler. That's the old 940 (or has I like to call them, the good 940), back when they were all fiberglass and not polycarbonate.
  13. So has some of you might have seen on another thread, I got new gear. Lefevre design KOHOs that are 33+1 instead of my usual 32+1, and I took a really bad decision and debuted them on a night I was playing with a group I had never played before on a facebook sub. Combine that with a missunderstanding of the calibre I was going to play and I was way out of my league in unfamilliar, untweaked gear. Yes, they picked me appart. It hurt.
  14. Hey, thanks a lot. I really do try to make a conscious effort of not moving out of position has much has it's the one thing I noticed costs me the most. If I look back at my previous videos, I'll often be in perfectly good position and then the shot is released and for some reason I move out of position and get beaten. I noticed it happens more on the far side, whatever way I'm moving. Thanks for the comment!
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