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  1. Little 3 on 3 of forever ago that I never posted here. Figured it might keep some people entertained. Cheers.
  2. True story. When I started I only had 1 mask so at least a spare cage in stock was mandatory. Since then my hoarding "skills" took over and I'm running a multiple unit fleet. Offers the opportunity to change things up a bit every skate and definitely helps with back-ups.
  3. Always have a spare or a backup mask in stock!
  4. Those retarded knee rolls though, just can't see past them!
  5. @ser33 man, that's what you call "In general working condition"?! Those arms look thrashed. Tell me you took a knife to it before taking the pictures!
  6. Can't really say has we don't know what your Jr size cup is, how old it is and I haven't looked at Jr cup construction quaity lately but one thing I would assume is that the Jr cup doesn't cover nearly as much surface area as an adult model would. Then again I may be wrong, but the one thing I enjoy about my Warrior is the surface that it covers, on top of the standard "balls protection" duty. Also, like stated previously by multiple people, most of us double/triple cup, I would assume fitting an adult standard players cup underneath a Jr goalie unit would feel awkward.
  7. Honnestly, I had never seen WTB before, I just went with what I knew. Looking back, I should have just went : Looking for...
  8. Hey guys, So I may or may not have bought another mask and am currently looking for an Eddy Pro small cateye cage. Let me know if you have one you'd like to off load. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Still debating on which jersey to get but I have some options. So far the KHL Amur seems to be winning. Either that or the ECHL Komets.
  10. If we're gonna highjack threads, I'm sorry but I think I have one of the best looking Flyers colored set of gear! Yes, this picture was taken with a potato, but you get the vibe.
  11. And then if we're going to go overkill, why not go the extra mile right?! Added extra padding to the throat protector. 1/4" foam, held in place w/ 3 patches of velcro. Probably should have punched holes in the foam to help w/ ventilation but I tought about it afterwards and I don't feel like unstitching and restiching the thing, I'll see how it works once on the ice. The good thing is I planned this much ahead and put the soft part of the velcro on the existing bib, so can still be used as originaly made w/out tearing holes in my base layer.
  12. Biz from spittin chiclets put it the best! You must be the first person rooting for Detroit not bashing the jersey. Personally I'd be pissed, I think they missed a great opportunity, I feel like they just decided to submit their practice jersey.
  13. They've been there for years and never moved. Those are cheap boards that came with cheap pads and the attachment point was made w/ velcro. I bascially just stuck the sticky side of the velcro to the mesh type fabric on the upper arm. The soft side of the velcro being up, it helps the inner elbow pads sliding onto it and not interfering. Honnestly, I couldn't have designed it better, it really worked out good the way they were made.
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