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  1. I've been playing catch up on my GoPro videos. I'm almost all caught up. Here's my teams latest 4 game losing skid.
  2. I've been behind on my Summer Season videos. Here's another instalment. The Cubs were able to come up with the dub on this night.
  3. Game 2 of my Summer Season. 5-1 Win. Our opponents only had 7 or 8 skaters.
  4. I also have wear on my Ritual G4s in the exact same spot. Its really disappointing that after 1 ice time, it's already began to show wear. I expected some wear over a longer period of time but after 1 ice time... really dissapointing. I got my hands on some red padskinz and I'm going to patch it up tomorrow. I had my G1s for over 3 years before any wear appeared in inside top corner of the thigh rise. I really loved my G1s and their durability was top notch. Not a loose stitch at all. So far, I'm a little bummed out with the build quality of my G4s. I have had a view other issues with my Ritual G4s that I plan to contact Warrior about.
  5. Here's my first game from my summer season. Im still getting use to my G4s. This is my first game using Pro Laces Armor Hybrid. In the a few instances the pad didn't rotate for me so Im still tinkering with the strapping setup. Any views, comments and advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for watching! I felt like I could have prevented all 3 goals. On the first one, I should have slid over in a reactive butterfly instead of a blocking butterfly. On the second one, I should have been on the white ice and on the last one, I should have covered my post better. My mind was caught between going into a butterfly, RVH or VH.
  6. Anyone have some left over padskinz in red? I need a small 5 x 5 square to prevent further rub damage on my G4s
  7. I'm glad this thread was started. I'm interested in getting a custom skate and I was debating between both these brands. I've read mixed reviews on the trues so I'm a bit reluctant to drop over $800 over them. On the other hand, I haven't heard anything about ccm custom skates. Any know which skate has the higher attack angle?
  8. Incredible setup! Gotta look good when stopping pucks.
  9. Thanks man. Yeah that's my set on Warriors instagram. The glove's closure out of the box was pretty good. I've been breaking it in by keeping it closed one day using a baseball glove wrap and opened another day with a piece of wood. I've only had 2 skates in the pads so far. The second skate was better than the first but I'm still tweaking it. My summer season starts in May so I have to wait a little longer than I would have liked.
  10. Thanks. I just finished reading the pro lace thread. I'll probably end up ordering this weekend. Just need to decide if I want the hybrid or original prolace.
  11. Alright so I had a chance to use my G4s tonight. I used both the ARS toe and boot. The pads sit really high on me and the top inner corner of the pads were constantly touching each other, even when I wasn't in my stance. So my next question is, how can I get my pad to sit a bit lower and stop the pads overlapping each other so much. My G1s were 34 + 1.5 and my G4s are 34 + 1. Bummed out that the red is already flaking away...
  12. I picked up my custom G4 set over the weekend. They look fantastic. I'm debating on using them for my team's playoff game tonight. I have a few question for those of you who have been using the G4s for some time. 1) Have your G4 pads broken down and settled at all. My G4s are 34 +1 but they are the same size as my 34 + 1.5 G1s. 2) Do you use the nylon strap on the sling wrap or did you remove it altogether? If so, why? 3) Did you ditch the active response toe strap for traditional toe straps or sliding toe bridge? If so, why? 4) Did you ditch the active response heel/boot trap? If so, why? Thanks in advance!
  13. Five Hole Inc also makes them for $30 per pair. Check them out on their Facebook page.
  14. +1 for this. Just used the hair dryer and it worked like a charm.
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