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  1. Some G5 pics from Instagram...
  2. Which type of thread did you use? I need to repair my G4s soon.
  3. I made it. Its a blank reebok Habs jersey. I removed the "Reebok" embroidery on the upper chest and then found a Habs crest on eBay. Paid a seamstress to sew it on.
  4. Not so much action on these pics but its the best I got.
  5. I haven't been keep this thread updated but here's my first game Mic'd up. Hope you enjoy and any feedback in always appreciated.
  6. Where's the weekly drop in around Brampton? Thanks!
  7. Any chance you can upload a pic of how you packed your gear? I plan on getting a new bag in the next few months. Thanks!
  8. I managed to edit and post the remainder of my regular season games. The links are below. My best game is game number 11.
  9. Anyone know of a place in and around the GTA that can replace the elastic straps on my Reebok P1 C/A? Thanks!
  10. I've always been a fan of the redbubble tough cases. They are super protective and don't add too much bulk to the phone. Also, there's a ton of cool designs to choose from. Here's an example. Redbubble goalie case
  11. I've been playing catch up on my GoPro videos. I'm almost all caught up. Here's my teams latest 4 game losing skid.
  12. I've been behind on my Summer Season videos. Here's another instalment. The Cubs were able to come up with the dub on this night.
  13. Game 2 of my Summer Season. 5-1 Win. Our opponents only had 7 or 8 skaters.
  14. I also have wear on my Ritual G4s in the exact same spot. Its really disappointing that after 1 ice time, it's already began to show wear. I expected some wear over a longer period of time but after 1 ice time... really dissapointing. I got my hands on some red padskinz and I'm going to patch it up tomorrow. I had my G1s for over 3 years before any wear appeared in inside top corner of the thigh rise. I really loved my G1s and their durability was top notch. Not a loose stitch at all. So far, I'm a little bummed out with the build quality of my G4s. I have had a view other issues with my Ritual G4s that I plan to contact Warrior about.
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