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    Old Reebok model
  1. Some photos from the South Wales in-line league.
  2. For what it’s worth, I’m a UK goalie that bought a new set online 2 weeks ago and I feel your pain! Almost got G4s but opted for Bauer S29s on a bit of a whim. The fact that I can’t see anything in person let alone try anything on made trying to pick between the models an absolute nightmare! Hope you have more luck with the GTs
  3. Vaughn’s velocity line are some of the softest pads available. I would do some research on the VE8 pads and try and watch/read some reviews. I have no experience of CCM so I can’t comment on the Eflex line, but I would guess the VE8’s are going to be softer.
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking for a few weeks and have really found the forum posts useful/interesting. Decided it would be good to have an account to speak to fellow goalies as there's not a huge hockey scene in Wales! I've played inline on and off since 2005 (off from 2012 to a couple of months ago). I've moved home and reconnected with my old teammates who are all still playing and I'm so hyped for this season. Realised how much I missed hockey and being a goalie, sad that I have wasted possibly some of my best development years from 18 to 24. I have tried ice in the past but have never had the funds to get into it so I'm back playing on Cardiff's new purpose built roller rink! I played at a high standard (relatively speaking, it being inline and in the UK) and I'm looking forward to working hard to be even better than I was as a kid. As I've gotten older I'm enjoying keeping up with the pros more and am loving the gear siting thread. Thanks for having me!
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