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  1. How long u have them? Whats the pros and cons? Do you ever tried other brand?
  2. I dont have the pro gear but i tried my friendd chesty. It feels more rigid and give me more confidence on stopping hard bomb from my friends
  3. I can only order it online but only goaliemonkey have the option to ship them to my country
  4. Couldnt get it here. I only can buy gear via goaliemonkey.com and they dont sell brown...
  5. I'm in the national team level but still wearing my old browns c/a (love them) but it started to tear down after i felt some shot at the stomach area. I want to get a new one but still in between 1x or g4. Does anyone has them? Can you share your story? Pros cons? I live in a country where no goalie store available so i cant try gear around and have to order them online. Different brand accepted tho
  6. From the day i became a goalie, i only wear bauer core mesh jocks and after years i think its time to get a real goalie jocks. Im still confused which one should i choose over Warrior X2 or Bauer Supreme S18. Please help me choose and the reason (i live in South East Asia and there is only 1 store in my country but they dont sell goalie jocks so i only can buy it over goaliemonkey)
  7. i cant because i live in Indonesia and we dont have hockey store that sell goalie gear
  8. currently i wear browns 2200 custom. but i need new c/a asap and im in Indonesia, i dunno how to order from those brands except i go to their place so goaliemonkey stuff is my only option
  9. hey all, i need your help. im 173 tall and i want to buy C/A thats huge but with great mobility. 1x, 1s, and premier pro 2017 are seems good to me. what r u guys prefer? and why? or did you guys have another option? any reply will be much appreciated
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