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  1. From the day i became a goalie, i only wear bauer core mesh jocks and after years i think its time to get a real goalie jocks. Im still confused which one should i choose over Warrior X2 or Bauer Supreme S18. Please help me choose and the reason (i live in South East Asia and there is only 1 store in my country but they dont sell goalie jocks so i only can buy it over goaliemonkey)
  2. i cant because i live in Indonesia and we dont have hockey store that sell goalie gear
  3. currently i wear browns 2200 custom. but i need new c/a asap and im in Indonesia, i dunno how to order from those brands except i go to their place so goaliemonkey stuff is my only option
  4. hey all, i need your help. im 173 tall and i want to buy C/A thats huge but with great mobility. 1x, 1s, and premier pro 2017 are seems good to me. what r u guys prefer? and why? or did you guys have another option? any reply will be much appreciated
  5. Can you teach me? I dont understand how to use that site
  6. i live in a tropical country and its hard to buy goal mask so i can only order it online and of course without graphic (stock) full white. but now i want to repaint it, so do anyone have any idea how to paint the mask and how to design it? any advise will be much appreciated
  7. my g4 pads just came yesterday that i bought from goaliemonkey.com. i went straight to training and i feel not comfortable enough. do you know how to break in pads properly? previously i used CCM Premier R1.9 pads for 1 year
  8. do you have any recommendation of c/a that is huge but great mobility? currently im playing in senior league. i am 173cm tall but thin. my current c/a is brown 2300 custom but lately i feel that its just too small rather than my friends.
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