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  1. I like the dark colors on the back, that material stains easy so the black there should keep these looking fresh for years. My next set will have dark colors back there for sure, my eFlex 3's have some nasty yellow stains now
  2. jayluv54, BadAngle41 I took a look after my last game to see how they bunched/moved after some time on the ice. There was a bit of bunching around the knee but I didn't notice it during the game, I wear my knee pads without a strap directly over the back of my knee so there isn't any pressure there so that's probably why I didn't notice the bunching.
  3. These were exactly what I wanted, so I ordered up a set of the KX2 Hockey pants. I used to wear knee sleeves over my regular base layer. I've had two games in these now and wow they are awesome! Love the amount of compression these provide and the little bit of extra padding they provide when going down. Not sure if its a placebo effect or what but I don't feel the fatigue as much during the game and after the game not nearly as sore.
  4. I usually talk to myself, and I find the most effective thing to say is: "Make this save." When the opponent comes in, or its a faceoff in the zone or the puck goes out to the point. I say "Make this save". Helps with cheating too I find if I am "making this save" I'm not cheating the pass or something. Seems like some of you guys have a similar method.
  5. Hey everyone, new to the forum. Figured a post in here was a nice way to say hello.
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