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  1. Revokes were supposed to play closer to the leg than the premier series and offer more flex zones and overall customization. It was a butterfly pad that was designed to feel more like a Velocity or similar "hybrid" type pad. The P4's were typical Premiers but with the new Max coverage design and softer boot. So bigger knee blocks and a very wide leg channel, especially in the knee. They were designed to hang down into the 5 hole for a faster drop.
  2. Similar to the point made earlier about planned obsolescence...manufacturers simply don't want us to keep anything for a long time, so they will come out with a new product that is "lighter, faster, more protective, all-new, innovative, etc." even if its really just the same shit as last year or innovative means more elastic, velcro and foam. Hey Carey Price is wearing something that at least resembles it, so it's got to be good right? Either way, we need to try it because it will improve our lives, our game, whatever. Everything is a "game-changer" so we have to have it because it will make us better. The reality is...no it won't but its fun to spend money and try new shit while trying to look like NHL superstars. I learn this lesson every once and a while when I take my latest and greatest equipment and get out played by the guy wearing V2's and skates so old they look like some kind of leather shoe from the 1940's. Yes its humbling, but I take pride in knowing I looked better than that guy in my loss. However, it could be the pads fault that I lost and maybe I should look at those new Brian's because everyone says they are an innovative game-changer or maybe I need $1000 skates to better transfer all of my explosive energy better than these $250 pro skates I got on clearance 3 years ago. Take my money!
  3. Your thinking too much which slows down your reaction time. In practice and scrimmages there's little to no pressure, so you just relax and play your game. When you play against better players like your friend, its likely at a much faster pace. That results in you just moving and reacting, not over-thinking or over-analyzing your play while on the ice. What I did years ago to help myself was take some tape and write little notes to myself on the handle of my stick. Stay Square! Hands Forward and Active! Stick Down! Stop the F***ing Puck! They just served as reminders to just play my game. One day you'll play beer league and you'll wonder why you can post a shut out in A/B league one night and get completely lit up in Lower C the next. Its the speed of the game. The faster it is, the more we are forced to just move and react to the puck/play. As the pace of play slows down, we end up with time to think...that's a bad thing. Funny thing about myself is I've played some of my best games when I'm tired and/or hungover. Why? Because I'm too tired to think. Physically I feel like shit, but mentally I'm turned off, so I just react to the puck...lol.
  4. If I'm going to use any Sr level gear, its Warrior. I can honestly say that there is little difference in quality and durability and I've found it to be the best bang for my buck in recent years. $1,000 for a new set(exchange rate), use it for 1 year with no issues and then sell them for $700. Having used Sr. G3's and R/GT2's compared to Pro R/GT's and G4's, there is little to no noticeable difference within that time frame and beyond depending on how much you play. And that goes for each piece of gear, not just pads. Most Sr. level gloves are throw aways unless you like stingers, but Warrior's are very usable at fairly high levels of play. NOTE: Mods split this thread
  5. Might want to try a pro level pad going forward...they typically last longer
  6. I think the issue with the 9000's was timing. Bauer was already well into the OD1N project at that point and gear was changing rapidly. The 9000's weren't going to entice the Bauer faithful at that point because everyone was waiting for the 1S to hit and certainly weren't going to steal any Velocity users. It was really just the end of the line for Bauer's traditional JRZ gear. Still one of my all time favorite "soft" pads though(I liked them better than the Velocity line). The blocker was awesome and is still carried over to this day, but I thought the catcher was awful...at least compared to the supreme line.
  7. Might be Interested. Where are you shipping from?
  8. I tried to go cowlingless with both 1S and 1X, but just found them both to be really uncomfortable for some reason and hated the 3mm blades. I prefer my Reactor 9000's with some Step Steel. With the taller blade I don't find that the cowling hinders me at all and when I weighed them compared to my 1X with Step Steel, the difference was only like 3oz. The 9000's are curv composite, but not as stiff as some of the newer stuff. Not a bad option if your looking to go more modern, but not quite jump into the latest and greatest.
  9. I would say about $400 USD would be reasonable for the condition. There is a little bit of a cult following out there for the Reactors...they are still a great pad.
  10. jayluv54

    New leg pads

    he wore his pads VERY loose on top. I've seen some pics of him stretching and his leg doesn't even look like its touching the leg channel. I bet he had them cranked down at the bottom though. Reminds of how MAF wears his pads. Tight at the bottom, but very loose at the top allowing the pads to fall inward when in his stance.
  11. jayluv54

    New leg pads

    FWIW...I'm a 19.5 FTK and I typically wear 33's in CCM. I can get away with 34 in Warrior and Bauer, but not CCM or Vaughn. Strapping setups are simpler now because pads are lighter...if we were still using 7lb leg pads, a couple of elastic straps probably wouldn't cut it as the weight of the pad would pull it away from the leg in certain situations. I've even had moments in "modern pads" where I've been in scramble mode and pulled completely off the knee block because the pad stuck to the ice and the elastic couldn't hold me in. Those moments make me wish I still had a firm strap there. Lets face it, elastic and velcro are not new innovations, but just a better alternative when the strength and durability of leather is no longer necessary. I've used the quick motion strapping on a pro return set of EF3's and on P2's. It works well. I did find with both sets that I had to keep the knee lock fairly tight to keep the pad from flopping around too much though which I don't particularly like.
  12. bending happens...however I'd definitely take issue with broken welds..that's a safety issue and is typically warrantied against by most manufacturers as a defective product. The cage should dent on impact but also should stay together.
  13. Please for the love of god don't order anything from Monster either
  14. jayluv54

    JRZ gear

    I think that was just a personal move by that goalie. These look like any other bungee toe tie system out there now. I've been looking into these quite a bit over the last couple days and they appear to be very Optik like in design
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