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  1. Phenomenal skates. I have been playing for over 20 years, so I am not at a point where I am ready to completely ditch the cowling. I’ve had Graf 750 and more recently, CCM U+ pro. I bought another pair of Graf bc I was ready to go back and then I fell into an offer for AS1 I could not pass up. I’ve since sold the extra Graf I had...AS1 are that damn good. I truly love these skates. They were broken in and ready to go after one bake (tied at 75% of tightness during). I replaced the insoles with my insoles of choice (before baking). I’d say the insoles they come with are not very good compared to the custom fit CCM ones. They fit as if they were made for me. I knew they’d fit bc I was skating U+ beforehand but at the level at which they molded and all the support they provide in the right places, I was surprised about. Construction seems perfect. I normally replace the blades with Step but even these coated ones have been good so far (I play around 2x a week and have had these since early summer). I would not hesitate to buy these if you can get them below the going rate. If you are ready to spend True money, I’d Go CCM way before that. If you’re on a budget, I’d consider the prior Tacks but AS1 are one piece carbon construction so the Tacks might be ever so slightly different. 10/10 for me after new footbeds (go to store and stand on the machine if they have one)
  2. Hmm...I use a large Vaughn (with nothing wrong with it)....need confirmation on fit 3 lol
  3. There is an XL CCM, new, for a good price on bay/swap. Not mine but I’d be all over it if it were smaller
  4. Never really saw the mask fly off of Roy’s head (he had a strap). Many other users of the sling in NHL lost their helmets here and there and I never noticed an additional strap. Yes, keeping the harness tight is key, but you can have it be a little loose and more comfortable if you rock the chinstrap too. I have owned two Protechsport masks with sling, one Roy and one Potvin. I haven’t felt comfortable with going with just a tight harness - looking down at my feet was enough to shift the mask when I didn’t have a strap attached. You must be a god 😀
  5. Meh. No knock on the builder, but just not feeling it.
  6. If you are using a sling, you will have more security if you ask for a chin strap. He runs most of his thru temple holes. I have changed mine from nylon to be a skatelace with knot on the outside for comfort since everything was tight fitting. No chin strap and a sling is why you see helmets (equipped with slings) flying off ppls heads.
  7. Cool. Don Simmons didn’t sell these exact ones, I used to look at the catalogs every day as a kid. They did have the split roll ones, the shark ones, and then some limited Heston series for Olaf Kolzig.
  8. I have a feeling that Felix Potvin used a Lefevre-built pad as well (for a short time anyway). If you really wanna flex the detective muscle... my reasoning is that there is a definite difference between the Heaton-built 510 with the split roll and the ones he was wearing that had the knee swooshes like Thibault’s 530 set.
  9. Oh sorry! I was specifically referencing the pro carbon one (figured most everyone here buys pro chest protectors for the most part). I personally use the LT98 orange and grey - seems that they only added shoulder suspended straps and changed the elbows to mesh.
  10. The Vaughn Ventus doesn’t suck. I’ve had a stock unit for ~4 years of 2ish nights a week and have faced all level of shots with no stingers. I tried on the Velocity at the store and it felt thin comparatively. I’d not hesitate to buy a new model Ventus off the shelf.
  11. Depends on the model for the cages. He has clones or special types of mask that only have one option, then others like the 00’s 3-earhole Lefevre with several types of cage Black foam is softer than the cream foam. I’d go that route, but the foam does wear down faster. Strapping is either black or white (cream) but he can put it outside or inside the mask for back plate painting.
  12. I am not with Warrior, but i'll offer a generality: the most expensive sticks are expensive because they are designed and built around high performance. High performance often (not always every time) is usually associated with lighter weight. Lighter weight usually means lesser durability. I'd expect the less expensive stick to be more durable at the cost of weight.
  13. You have to initiate with Paypal or whomever. When I did it ages ago, they did not resist and after the waiting period, Paypal forced it back on to my account.
  14. Otny makes his cages, so you could order from goalieparts. It’s a slightly better deal to get from him direct since there’s a fluctuating conversion rate. If you get a random cage, you could probably send it to him and he could make it fit with custom hole placement. As for sending the mold off, I packed it with a ton of empty grocery bags.
  15. Is it just the chest part or the arms too? huge believer of not tucking in. It creates an air pocket that kills pucks and protects you. You still need to tie it into the pants though. If you’re getting killed in the arms consistently, then it’s time. The small senior is a good option. It’s tough, you are prob still growing and committing to an expensive unit might not be wise. You could also try a padded shirt?
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