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  1. Any reason you're going for True skates over off the shelf skates? I have a pair of True and while I do like them I would recommend going off the shelve with a proper sized skate that fits your current foot size. I only went with True is because I had fitting issues with anything available off the shelf. I would advise against spending your money on something that might never properly fit you, since you mention your foot may not grow. You're better off saving your money and buying a new pair when or if your foot does grow.
  2. Shouldn't a wax lace be able to hold itself up a little bit at least? The ones from Howie's is just limp, there is no stiffness that should be expected of waxed laces.
  3. Anyone have a recommendation of good waxed laces? I just bought a pair of Howie's Waxed laces on Amazon and this thing is a joke, I can't feel any wax on these laces. I've had Elite Hockey laces and those have some wax but still not much. I remember laces from 10 years ago that had wax on them that would last for seasons. These new laces all look like they are made by the same manufacturer which doesn't properly wax the laces.
  4. I'm still using my Brown 2100 CA, which is similar to the Brown 2200 out now, and its still awesome. I've had it for over 10 years and haven't had a single stinger. I've even had a chance to practice with NHL players. I also have the Brown pants, but don't recommend the square face with new pads. I feel my CCM P2's keep getting stuck on the corner of the pants. Aside from that its great and never had a stinger with that either.
  5. What if you just create the slack between the toe bridge of the pads and prolace bridge? The part where you're attaching it to the pads.
  6. I recently purchased the True 2 piece moving away from my Bauer Supreme 7000 skates. The only reason I went with True was because of the bumps on my heels and nothing on the shelf fit me. I originally purchased the Bauer 2S and they were very comfortable but then realized my ankles were too thick for the boot which wasn't allowing my leg to lean forward. My suggestion would be to try off the shelf skates to see how those fit you. If you have foot problems like I do, then True skates are amazing. I couldn't be happier. However, I don't think these will last as long as my Bauer Supreme's did.
  7. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2

    I agree. Unfortunately, I think most of this stuff is done the old fashion way on paper. I forgot which company posted it, but they had baskets with the order details and the materials needed to create the product stacked up. I'm sure nothing gets inputted back into a computer until its done. Even then it would be nice to know when the product actually ships.
  8. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2

    It took 10 weeks to get here. You know how many times I opened the front door to check for a box the past two weeks?
  9. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2

    Speaking of red laces. Here are my pads that just came in.
  10. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2

    Nevermind, they actually came in a few minutes ago.
  11. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2

    Is there anyway to contact CCM for an update of when my pads will arrive? I'm on my 10th week already.
  12. Anyone in this forum names McManus? Looks like I received your Pro Laces and you may have received mine. I already reached out to ProLace about the mix up. On a side note, the quality looks awesome and I can't wait to try them out when the correct ones arrive.
  13. I recently switched to the old Bauer Supreme 7000 to True Skates and I was blown away. I even went back to use the Bauer's during our playoff game and it felt sooo crappy after skating with the True skates. Before I switched to True I even tried the Bauer 2S which was also night and day vs my old skates. I just couldnt keep them because they weren't the right fitfor me.
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