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  1. BMW11190

    Warrior G5

    Great information from @Kirk3190 about the G5 gear and breaking down product and mind-set behind the equipment.
  2. BMW11190

    Warrior G5

    Customizer goes live this upcoming monday at midnight EST. Excited to see what I can get custom on this pad (colors, weaves, and any customer options like the professor strap or getting the internal foam even more stiffer than what comes standard on custom orders and pro retail model).
  3. @indykrap when you say 'stored upside down', are you referring to have them stored upside down where thighrise is on the ground vertical and the weight of the pad is push down on the thigh rise or are you hanging them upside down from a closet or something?
  4. @coopaloop1234 did you wear the strap around the knee or on the upper calf? Did that strap it self being of some elastic base, stretch over time? If I went to warrior would they sell me replacement elastic straps if needed or is there a place online that would sell that kind of stuff?
  5. @Nohtaram Can you give me some more insight on how to changed out the velcro on the strapping system? Did you have remove the threading around the current velcro on the strapping system, remove the velcro and then place new and sew back on? I have never done a mod before except adding pro laces so unsure of how you went about this. Pictures would be helpful as well to see the after pictures of the changes you did.
  6. BMW11190

    Warrior G5

    @Kirk3190 will G5 senior and pro senior comes as retro tan with the retro graphic and knee rolls like the G4 had for store retail versions?
  7. BMW11190

    Warrior G5

    Has anyone had issues with their current warrior G4/GT2 Velcro strapping? Curious if anyone has had issues and if with G5’s warrior is going to fix that. I currently have an issue with my glove on the outer cuff where the Velcro sticks but only for a short period of time and then the at outer cuff start flapping in the middle of a play. Looking at getting warrior pads but am wondering if there are Velcro issues on the pads.
  8. For all the guys who are currently using the G4 or GT2 senior and pro pads. the Velcro strapping around the calf and knee, had anyone had issues with the Velcro starting to not be as sticky as it once was? My G3 glove I currently use where the external cuff meeting the side of the glove with Velcro, the Velcro doesn’t keep it locked for long before it start flapping during play. Wondering if there is an issue like this with the strapping system. I know the pro pad for the knee wrap had the buckle but would it be worth it to go for the pro pads just bff or the buckle if there were Velcro issues.
  9. I just sent and email and received a response in about 15 minutes.
  10. I am new to the forum. How do I get a hold of Michel. I have a few questions about the colors to see what they actually look like.
  11. I love the G2 classis C/A. When I bought if from goalie monkey, I took it in after a few games and compared it to the senior and pro G4 and GT. The G2 quality is very comparable to the G$ and GT pro. The foam upgraded in the arms and and shoulders are of higher standard than the senior models. Also you can feel the weight difference. The only issue with G2 is some of the threads are coming undone but I simply cut them and burn with a lighter and it stops that. NO issues with the chest protector at all. Took a few shots to the arms, chest, heartguard and stomach without any bruises and didnt feel much from the impact. The foam allows the puck to hit the shoulders and deflect away from the body of it the puck hits the C/A square, it just deadens right in front of you to make an easy recovery and save.
  12. Thank you guys for the replies. I will look at Ice Kream or Passau sliding polish since those are made for goalie jenpro pads!
  13. After having my CCM EFlecx II 860's for 2 years now, I feel the friction on sliding is getting more and more as time goes on. The ease isnt there anymore like it was when they were new or even 1 year old. What do goalies use to put on their pads to help limit the friction on the ice and help the pads slide with ease again. I heard Sno-seal, Armoral, and other leather applicators but I dont want to damage my pads as I do not buy leg pads often. My pads are all white so I would also want to limit the discoloration on the pad as well from using a thrid party product to make my pads slide with ease again. Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Leaning on your pads as shown in your picture while the play in on the other side of the ice, will it help create the pad to curve towards the five hole when in butterfly to help eliminate any openings in the five hole? like the picture I have attached? I have the CCM eFlex II 860 pads -step below pro. Not sure if getting pads to curve at the top of the pad is due to the type of foams you have to ask for in getting a custom pro pad, or if this is something that can be done with stock retail pad? I have used my pads for 2 years and dont have as much curve as I want at the top to help me close the butterfly more like the attached image. The attached image is not me but what I want to achieve with how the pads look like a perfect U at the 5hole.
  15. Tim regarding #4. Trav's comments are in a youtube video that shows him going into the True Hockey headquarters in Winnipeg and getting his new skates baked and put on for the first time with a rep right there from True in the place of business helping him out. He had an exact pair a month prior that had an issue and then had them completely replaced for free. I am pretty sure Trav did not put out $400 on Bauer holders when the old ones are shown side by side with the new pair both having Bauer Vertexx 3mm holders still on the skates.
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