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  1. The AHA recommendation is 30-2 compression to breath ratio for 2-rescuer CPR. That being said, if you dont have a pocket mask and dont know the person, are you going to do mouth to mouth? Most people dont and that was one of the original ideas behind hands only CPR, because there is one certainty in CPR, when you ventilate, whether mouth to mouth or mask, or even a bag-valve mask we use, they will vomit. So AHA decided why not remove one of the reasons lay people dont do CPR and hopefully when someone near you goes down, you'll do something.
  2. Yes this is true, the science being that the blood is oxygenated enough to keep the brain and heart alive long enough. The reduction in cardiac output from pausing compressions is much worse.
  3. I have been a paramedic for close to 15 years, I can tell you this, all of the true cardiac arrest saves I have worked, meaning they walked out of the hospital neurologically intact, had one thing in common, quality bystander CPR. Push hard and push fast, even if you dont have an AED, CPR really saves lives.
  4. It has nothing to do with drag, its the soft lower portion and the stiff upper rib. Plus with tape any drag advantages would be gone. I do agree that the shaft geometry could maybe be used on a goal stick. IIRC there was a Reebok O-Stick that had holes in the shaft to increase swing speed and it was a colossal failure.
  5. That Maine setup is pretty much perfect.
  6. God that was a great blocker. One of the best designs ever IMO
  7. id be curious to see if that date is replaced by the company working with Lefebvre. Seems interesting as it is the same way it's written on the CCM's, where it says CCM by Lefebvre
  8. Vaughn 8000 Epic catcher, ordered it as part of my 1st custom set, V2's with Epic gloves, sold it and got a 5500 within 2 weeks
  9. Wow, that is awesome, former skate rat too, and this hits all the feels, esp the old AW stickers
  10. Great player sticks and gloves. With Lefebvre on board, can imagine their gear might be cool.
  11. I remember that LOL. He came in during the lockout and bought a bunch of stuff then too, but IIRC he had to pay for it since the players were locked out from the team.
  12. I wish. Work Sched doesnt allow for a team. Pickup every now and then. Coached my kids roller team but he's playing ice for the Jr Reign in Riverside now. Looks like you still play a lot.
  13. Hey, looking for Prolaces or HAL's. Ideally 2 pair and maybe a 3rd for the boy's pads if there's any JR ones floating around. I know they're not that expensive, but i just bought 2 pairs of used pads and new ones for the boy, wife may stroke out if I spend much more. Thanks.
  14. Hahaha, that's gotta be Eric. What's up buddy ??
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