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  1. I have the matching trapping, same colors, also unused. Will sell to whoever buys the pads! Who has the blocker?! then we need a photoshoot!
  2. Really cool to see that a PC cage can be mounted on a 960/961. Always loved that tri-cat cage. Excited to see how this turns out for you. I have a similar mask, 961 3-stripes model, that i may refurb like you, but then turn into a showpiece model. Do you know if the PC cage would fit on the current model 960xpm? I have the M/L size and its got a few dents in it.
  3. I transitioned from Reebok P3s to the Bauer 2S. It’s been an awesome change. I’m glad I stayed with the stiff profile (stuff to Reebok to extra stiff with 2s) than going to a softer pad like a Vaughn. The rebounds literally rocket off the pad. Sometime it almost seems like the exit velocity is faster than the shot itself. Doesn’t hurt that pads are 20% lighter these days so you probably can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for the least possible difference, I’d go CCM Premier 2, but the eflex line would feel familiar too. If you want to keep the really stiff profile and open to trying something new, go with the 2S. If you want to try Vaughn for a more traditional, softer pad, go for it. These are all amazing pads.
  4. I was told 13 weeks for custom SLR2s right now
  5. Here are my before and after pictures. I wear about an 11.5 / 12.0 in Nike sneakers. Not sure what the skates are technically (maybe 10 or 10.5?). Needless to say, the difference was startling. I was thrilled to drop more than half a pound on each skate (~25% improvement). Night and day. Attack angle is best benefit tho of cowlingless. Look how antiquated the kohos look haha. I do think the Bauers are even lighter than True. - Koho: 2lbs 12.6 ounces | 1265 grams - True 2-piece: 2lbs 1.8 ounces. | 958 grams Before (circa 2004?!): After:
  6. Pretty impressive on Warrior's part. Good to hear. @cwarnar @ZeroGravitas Were these full blown custom with multiple changes? or simpler, like color zones?
  7. Wait times suck! The idea for this thread is to create a central repository of wait times for custom gear (any and all manufacturers welcome) and, in the process, give transparency to the prospective customer. My personal POV is that the wait times in our industry are just way too long on average. I hope this thread can bring awareness to this issue and also give back some knowledge and/or leverage to the customer. Please post whatever wait times you've been quoted for custom gear that you've ordered or discussed with your local retailer / sales rep., or with the mfg directly. Obviously, wait times change all the time based on demand for the product, time of year, whom the retailer is, level of pro orders, etc. For this reason, if you can remember it, please include the details of the time of year of your order! I'll kick it off with a couple (not so recent anymore) examples: True Skates - Spring 2018 order. Was told 6 weeks by the retailer, but that they'd been receiving them faster lately, in about 4 weeks. The 4 weeks turned out to be a good estimate. Protechsport Mask - Jan 2017 order. Michel is a bit notorious here, but at least he is up front about it! He quoted me 19 weeks before he could "start the process". In reality, it was 17 weeks before he started it, but by the time the mask was finished and ultimately shipped/delivered to me, it was closer to 25 weeks all-in. The mask is great, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I can put myself through this again, haha.
  8. Goalline

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Yeah, thanks. that's exactly what i was looking for. I'm a 34+2 in reeboks, but the 33+2 slr felt good.
  9. Goalline

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Has anyone been told that the slr's run slightly larger? For example, I was at a retail store looking at mainly 34+1s. I'm currently in a 34+2. When i tried on the SLRs, they told me it runs a little large, and i should try the 33+2. I did, and honestly it felt like the right size. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with the SLR in particular and if the same applies to the SLR2.
  10. Goalline

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Curious to hear a bit about your experience and how the soft pad helps with the hips. What kind of hip pain are you experiencing? how has the stiff pad made the hips worse?
  11. Does anyone know if the Vasilevskiy foot injury is from a shot he took to the foot, or something else? There's so much less foot protection from the way pads are strapped these days, the shallow boots, pads sitting higher due to the lundy loop or no boot strap at all, how loose the toe ties are...Condon comes to mind (below). Usually it's a non-issue due to the angles, and granted much of the prior protection was superfluous, but I'm wondering if maybe Vasilevskiy opened up for a second and took a puck off the skate...? Condon example:
  12. Never used soakers. Good suggestions, guys. i will experiment. I do think there's just something about the steel itself, as I've never had this problem before. Looks like others on Reddit have had this issue come up as well, and with Step Steel specifically. this is the thread.
  13. I am just 3 games in on my True 2-pieces. Loving the skates, but holy rust on the StepSteel! Anyone else experiencing this? Never had a skate rust so quickly. I am wiping the blades down after playing, then once again at home, then air drying. It's not working. Anyone have a similar experience or ideas how to fix?
  14. wow, first combo paint job on a mask i've seen. We've all seen the cheevers mask on a mask concept, but this is an interesting take and evolution of that idea. came out really nicely! love that he included the old CCM logo too.
  15. what about them are you not comfortable with? I'm having mine remade (true was cool about it). Found they were way too small in the toe.
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