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  1. Anyone have a picture from his Soo Indian days? I remember seeing him in USA Hockey Magazine back in the day. He had Heaton Helite 5 gloves and I thought it was so cool.
  2. Thanks for doing this! Huge discussion and love hearing from the artists/makers directly. IP issues aside, GMC has bothered me for a long time, even just as a fan. Most of the replicas simply don't look right. For example, they put a Marty paint job on a 961 ripoff shell. I just hate that the customer is getting a shitty quality shell, with a low quality replica paint job, but sold at a premium price point. It's really for the customer that doesn't know what they're getting. They are duping customers. And being worse to the artists. And the former players that autograph these rep
  3. Anyone tried to order something recently? any data points about how the virus is affecting wait times right now?
  4. Pads looks great, but very traditional. Guess they need their flagship pad everyone knows. Love seeing the 580 trapper. The font they chose is HORRIBLE. Hope they other models are modern. They’ve been innovators historically. Hoping to see that continue. I agree with (whoever said it) the earlier call that Bernier is the most likely to wear this stuff from the get-go.
  5. Clearly it’s just the notch where they put the cameras
  6. Practically speaking, what exactly does “reinforced” entail compared to stock? How is it different, the T, or the spine of the T? Does this help with closure, durability, both?
  7. I was super excited to get a 1-piece. Then i did. Played with it a dozen times. Quickly went back to 2-piece. Just more comfortable, and I didn’t realize how much I’d grown accustomed to the feel of the 2-piece. 1-piece just always pushes forward. Sometimes i felt like i wasnt closing gaps the right way. The 2-pieces just moves with you differently.
  8. Baseball catchers use similar gloves under their catching mitts. I’d look into these, as most of them have padding in areas that would also be useful for a goalie. Been meaning to try some of these, and they aren’t very expensive.
  9. Wow, it’s incredible. Wish this mask would make its way back to the NHL. You can see a lot of their influence in the Pros Choice style. Many questions for you. Why do you have so many masks? How many do you have? Do you have a favorite? Which one fits the best? Which one has the least ringing/best sound protection when you get hit? And importantly, what’s going to be next now that you have the Harrison locked down?!?
  10. I would echo the VE8 2-piece that someone said above. for background, I've had 3 5500s and 1 bauer reactor 6000 (plus a bauer 2s, 590 breaks, etc). I just keep coming back to the 5500. It bothers me when people lump 5500 and 600 and 2s together as similar, as they are not close at all. these gloves have a much higher thumb angle, and the break point is at the base of fingers, which is really different than the 5500 break, which is diagonally through the palm and feels conical. The closest current stock glove, in my opinion, to the 5500 is the VE8 2-piece. none of the other vaug
  11. Yeah, I noticed spencer knight also in new SLR 1s at BC. Murray got the 2s so fast tho.
  12. What is Greiss doing? Last gen SLRs, v7 blocker and PVE gen 1 trapper? You’re in the NHL dude, get it together
  13. I spy ccm gloves and what appears to be a Vaughn glove in Bishop’s stall, maybe that’s dobby’s tho.
  14. I have the matching trapping, same colors, also unused. Will sell to whoever buys the pads! Who has the blocker?! then we need a photoshoot!
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