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  1. I’m bringing back my favorite thread from GSBB. Starting off in the first picture are my white 298 and black sk2000 are both made by Olympia Composites along with my red Ray.
  2. Waldo

    Ritual X2

    Custom smu, part g4 part gt
  3. True has a dealer website that is set up to give both the customers and the store updates on production, completion, and shipping. Most stores that sell true should have access to it. I would contact both true and the store about it. Also your card should have been charged as soon as the order was placed
  4. Same ones he used against Winnipeg. Just better picture
  5. Stalock was wearing them for the playoffs last season. I don’t remember anyone else though
  6. I’ve had the vh version for almost 3 years now. They haven’t lost their stiffness at all. I’ll probably replace the tongue and steel soon but the boot is still solid.
  7. I know the recall on all of the certified titanium cage hurt both the nme 10 and the c1. Any thought of the cage blowing up tends to make people stay away from it
  8. To my knowledge it wouldn’t apply because I believe they are being treated as custom skates instead of stock retail, but I’m not 100% sure
  9. as1 full custom 979.99 as1 3d mold 779.99 Stock as1 679.99
  10. Waldo

    Vaughn Gear

    Jared Coreau switched recently
  11. I don’t recall any full rights for Iowa or Minnesota wild
  12. Crawford’s now in ccm’s supertight leg channel option and forsberg is running his boot strap through his calf wing
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