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  1. I just bought a John Brown neck guard like the one Ilya Samsonov wears and it is great. It has tons of coverage and is really heavy duty, yet at the same time it does not hinder movement. I took a shot up high right below my mask and didn't feel it one bit. John's customer service is also top notch!
  2. I like the way the AHL does the Skills Competition, I stopped watching the NHL competition when they had that breakaway where the goalies wouldn't even try to save the puck. I thought that was extremely silly.
  3. By undone, I mean the tying on the top of the skates unties, and I've been doing double and triple knots, like tying a shoe, lately.
  4. I've never went around the back of the holder, but I will try that............The only thing I think is the cause is the smoothness of the holder, and the laces are sliding as I'm moving around, its strange, never happened with my Supreme 7000s, Grafs, Reeboks, and Bauer Reactors, that is why this is puzzling to me, but I think now I have some good ideas. I really cannot see going back to older skates now that I have experienced the pushing power of no cowling.
  5. I cannot figure out why my toe ties keep coming undone during games. I've been tying them the same way for 15 years and never had this problem with any other skates. For the life of me I cannot figure out why this happens....I've worn them 6 times and every skate they came untied and I end up stepping on the laces. I've tried different weaving through the holder, I taped the laces, and I tried using wax laces. I just don't get it.
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