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  1. Although it's not good news, I appreciate the consistent and timely replies and messages from John regarding my order. He had the unit made very quickly but the delivery is being delayed by the courier, which is out of John's hands. The courier needs to wait until there is enough items to ship it since there are less deliveries coming this way these days.
  2. Here is a photo of the lockers at the rink that I now play at. The equipment is dry by the next night.
  3. That's a solid routine you have there. I'm lucky in that I am not a strong odour guy. I think I will be fine with the once or twice each year rinse even though my equipment is stored in a locker at the rink. I will see what the new locker will be like but the one that it is in now is completely wire/cage enclosure so the ventilation is as good as can be. The new lockers are way bigger but is shaped like a morgue where only the front door is wire/cage. I'll get a photo of the locker when I get the chance. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. That's good to know and hear about your experiences. Here in Hong Kong, the summers get very humid. I keep my equipment stored in a locker at the local rink. By the way, I'll need to show you guys some photos of the new rink that just opened up near to my home. More on that later. Do you think it is ok to bring it home to give it a rinse in the shower without using any detergent? Just to rinse away some of the sweat that has built up over time.
  5. Ha! I think I will give ArdeFIN's recommendation a try first and then I will consider your suggestion. 😅 I will fan dry it after but if I am just soaking up in the shower with it and not sweating it up, will it actually still stink afterwards if it were not fan dried? I didn't think just water would do that but I don't know for sure because I never tried that before.
  6. Thanks so much for your response. It is GOLD! I like the recommendations that you made but more importantly, the reasons and understanding that supports them. It makes total sense to me and will be exactly what I will be doing when I receive the 2400CA.
  7. Hong Kong has a national team in the IIHF. Need to have a Hong Kong Passport in order to qualify to be on the team. Unfortunately, politics in the game here have prevented the team from being the best that it could be. Barry Beck is one of the coaches here. Hopefully it will start moving in the right direction soon. I think China has a national team too. They built a record number of hockey rinks throughout the mainland country when they won the rights to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. It will be exciting to see Olympic hockey next year.
  8. Ok. I'll do the warm/hot showers trick but not sure how long I will be able to withstand hot showers here in Hong Kong. It's still fairly warm here now. I guess it will still have some breaking in effect if I just leave it hanging on something in the shower with the hot water running? I'll try the skate laces trick to but maybe it would be better to use some kind of thicker ribbon or belt like strips to keep the arms bent up to spread the tension out more? I'll keep you posted on how this goes. Thanks!
  9. I was on a secondment to work in Ottawa way back when I was still working for the government. It was the coldest winter that I ever experienced. There were a few days where it was -50 something. I can't remember if that was with or without the windchill. 🥶
  10. Just received an email today that my 2400CA is starting its way to its new home. Here are two photos of the finished product. I love the protection on the biceps because I've had multiple bruises in that area and on the outside elbow area in the last two months. This will give me the confidence of protection when facing the guys coming in and winding it up from the slot. I can't wait. I've heard about some tips of working them in quickly. Since my season has already started, if you care to share your ideas here again I would appreciate it.
  11. Are you in Toronto? If so, where do you tend to play? I was playing regularly with friends at East York Arena on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes I played on Wednesday nights at Seneca College (on Finch).
  12. I had a big interest in getting some Smith gear but I don't recall pulling the trigger on it. My colour combos have typically been white with silver or white with red. Lots of Canucks fans here in Hong Kong though.
  13. I just got an email from John. He sent me a photo of the cut out pieces that will go on my 2400CA and that it should be completed by the end of this week and shipped immediately after that. I've been taking this lightly and not thinking about it too much since I have no control over it but seeing these basic cut out pieces in the photo has me thinking about it some more now and getting a little excited.
  14. No dreadlocks at all on him. I recall he had wavy, medium/longish length, dirty blond hair. lol
  15. If you have ever been in the shopping malls in Hong Kong, heat is never a problem. You need to bring a jacket to go into the shopping malls, movie cinemas, and restaurants. You go to the rink to warm up. lol
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