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  1. You shouldn't have any fitment issues as the tires are pretty close in size, and typically fitment issues would be caused by sizing up rather than down. The 195/60 are a slightly smaller diameter, so one thing to be aware of is your speedometer is going to be slightly inaccurate, when the car shows 100km/h I'd expect your GPS speed to be about 96 or 97km/h.
  2. My gear is packed away in storage and could very well end up staying there until next winter. But the stick is exactly like it was in the photos, only now it has a wrap of tape over top so the added plastic piece so I'm not relying solely on the VHB tape to hold it on. As far as weight goes, that plastic piece weighs next to nothing.
  3. I've been a trigger grip user for years. A few years back I was looking for a solution that would work without having to cut a composite stick. This is the end result: After going to VHB tape and taping over it, I've been very happy with the result. While the grip is a bit different than I'd been using, it is still comfortable and gives me the increased control I'm looking for.
  4. It is pretty insignificant, IMO. I just put 25 cages on my kitchen scale. I'll admit, the cage variety isn't great. I did observe a 112 gram difference between the lightest cage I have versus the heaviest. The lightest cage was an old Olie cat eye. They have thin perimeter bars and are a relatively small cage. It was 232 grams. The heaviest was a cat eye that was on my CCM mask. It was actually a Bauer cage, I can't remember which one it was that fit on the CCM, but I'm leaning towards it being a profile cage rather than the NME. Anyway, it weighed 344 grams. The majority of the cert
  5. I've used both, but am partial to cheaters. Straight ahead vision on the cat eye is slightly superior to the cheater. Downward vision on the cheater is superior to a cat eye. To me the big difference is in the durability. One shot in the eye area can compromise a cat eye to the point where continuing to use it is risky. A cheater is less prone to bending due to closer, more consistent bar spacing. I'd have no issue running a cheater that is a bit banged up. If money were no object, or my gear was free, I'd probably want an open mouth cat eye.
  6. Do they have a different set of league standards other than what Hockey Canada uses, or does it just come from a lack of understanding on the official's part? If it is the latter, it might be worth downloading a PDF of Hockey Canada's rule book to your phone in case it ever becomes an issue. Rule 3.6b is the relevant rule here. And having it on the phone would allow you to search terms like "HECC" or "expiration/expired/expiry". "HECC" does not come up and all mentions of expiration pertain to penalties. I certainly don't mean to dissuade Lucky Pucker from upgrading masks if he feels
  7. According to your profile you are from Ottawa, in which case HECC certification is of no relevance unless you occasionally play south of the border. CSA certification doesn't expire.
  8. I don't remember seeing Simmons blanked out like that, but I know for sure that Battram was.
  9. Mine are just the X900. I believe all Bauer's cowlingless skates use the same Vertexx holder, so height should be the same. I found a comparison pic from when I got them.
  10. I had extreme step steel on my Reeboks. Went to Bauer Vapor. Height is almost identical, bite/attack angle is so much better. Single best equipment upgrade I've ever made.
  11. It goes down to 12% total (9% seller fee and 3% payment processing) after 5 sales. I've been tempted to try selling some older stuff on there but didn't realize there was a currency issue for Canadian sellers.
  12. Well this discussion has been somewhat sobering. 3 years ago today at our weekly drop in I managed to bugger my left shoulder up on a windmill save on a pretty hard shot. I didn't regard it as something being worthy of a doctor visit at the time. I'll be honest, I have a tendency to ignore issues that aren't emergencies or have not been persistent problems that don't go away without rest. I played sparingly, but would play if needed, and then ended up taking the last 3 weeks of hockey off entirely because it got to be too much. I don't do anything crazy as far as physical exertion during the o
  13. Minor regret, I wish I would have gotten an intermediate palm in my G-Netik II glove.
  14. Turns out one of my dogs also likes Bracelayer pants. Didn't even get to try these ones because I haven't been playing out at all due to shoulder issues.
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