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  1. Do they have a different set of league standards other than what Hockey Canada uses, or does it just come from a lack of understanding on the official's part? If it is the latter, it might be worth downloading a PDF of Hockey Canada's rule book to your phone in case it ever becomes an issue. Rule 3.6b is the relevant rule here. And having it on the phone would allow you to search terms like "HECC" or "expiration/expired/expiry". "HECC" does not come up and all mentions of expiration pertain to penalties. I certainly don't mean to dissuade Lucky Pucker from upgrading masks if he feels the need at all. Good lids are always a worthy investment. Just wanted to provide clarity as I've seen lots of Canadians mistakenly think their mask is expired because of the HECC sticker.
  2. According to your profile you are from Ottawa, in which case HECC certification is of no relevance unless you occasionally play south of the border. CSA certification doesn't expire.
  3. I don't remember seeing Simmons blanked out like that, but I know for sure that Battram was.
  4. Mine are just the X900. I believe all Bauer's cowlingless skates use the same Vertexx holder, so height should be the same. I found a comparison pic from when I got them.
  5. I had extreme step steel on my Reeboks. Went to Bauer Vapor. Height is almost identical, bite/attack angle is so much better. Single best equipment upgrade I've ever made.
  6. It goes down to 12% total (9% seller fee and 3% payment processing) after 5 sales. I've been tempted to try selling some older stuff on there but didn't realize there was a currency issue for Canadian sellers.
  7. Well this discussion has been somewhat sobering. 3 years ago today at our weekly drop in I managed to bugger my left shoulder up on a windmill save on a pretty hard shot. I didn't regard it as something being worthy of a doctor visit at the time. I'll be honest, I have a tendency to ignore issues that aren't emergencies or have not been persistent problems that don't go away without rest. I played sparingly, but would play if needed, and then ended up taking the last 3 weeks of hockey off entirely because it got to be too much. I don't do anything crazy as far as physical exertion during the offseason, so by time hockey fired up again I was feeling fine. I aggravated it again late last winter, it happened from some slight incidental contact while playing defence. It was relatively minor, and I was having some knee issues at the end of the year anyway so I mostly stuck to playing out and didn't have much trouble. This past November it flared up again while playing defence, in exactly the same scenario as last year but it was a bit less incidental and more of one of those situations where a guy used to playing high level senior hockey doesn't know how to tone it down in a rec tournament. This time, it's bad. Persistent pain while doing nothing. Increased pain caused by regular every day life stuff. Shooting pains. My sleep quantity and quality has probably been cut in half, which is really concerning in itself because my work days already stretch to about 14.5 hours away from home, and I am switching between day and night shifts in the middle of my work week. So, finally, off to the doctor. Had an x-ray and ultrasound in mid-December. I was honestly hoping for some sort of cut and dried issue. Instead, the results came back with mild acromioclavicular joint degenerative changes, supra and infraspinatus tendonosis, a calcified deposit, and bursitis. Had a cortisone shot a week ago. Some improved mobility without causing pain, but all the stationary and at rest issues are still there. Had my assessment visit with the physiotherapist on Friday. Got a stretching routine set up, follow up appointments booked. I have to say, I was stupid for not going to the doctor the first time around. Historically, my experience with the health care system has left me pretty jaded. But this experience has started to change that. Things have moved a lot quicker than expected. And much the same, I was an idiot for continuing to play as much as I did. I've always felt some level of guilt. Like it is necessary to be there when they need me. Our local hockey scene has been in decline for the last 5 years or so, and I've always had a subconscious concern that if a guy doesn't make an effort to keep things going then you can lose it all together. And I think it's entirely possible our weekly drop ins could end up a thing of the past. I know how much it sucks to play posts, and attendance can drop pretty quick. Between this thread and my physiotherapist mentioning that the state of my shoulder leaves me at fairly high risk of a rotator cuff tear, I've come to realize it is time to get my priorities straight. Going to follow the routine religiously. Going to look into similar stretching routines for the rest of my body as well, because it is evident my flexibility has decreased a lot. And when I'm well enough, I have the intention of getting back to the gym at least a couple times per week, something I haven't done for about 5 years now.
  8. Nova

    Biggest Gear Regret

    Minor regret, I wish I would have gotten an intermediate palm in my G-Netik II glove.
  9. Turns out one of my dogs also likes Bracelayer pants. Didn't even get to try these ones because I haven't been playing out at all due to shoulder issues.
  10. I had a couple more ice times today. First one was pretty low effort on my part. I got into the zone for our rec game tonight. Pretty good test this time, lots of stretching out, back and forth stuff in front of the net. Probably a good 4 or 5 that ought to have hurt. I might be a bit stiff in the morning, but again I feel better than normal at this point. I remain really high on these pants. No bunching or discomfort that I noticed. One observation while dressing for the second game, the neoprene in the knee has stretched a bit, its not as tight as the first two uses. Probably to be expected. In light of that I'm wondering if I should have gone with large instead of XL. I was right in between sizes, 36" waist, but I opted for the larger size since my legs are thicker than average.
  11. Nova

    Tucker Tydan injury

    I've got a 2" scar on my inner thigh from a similar collision that happened in peewee, which would have been something like 22 years ago. I used to wear team matching hockey socks back then, the skate cut through those and my long johns. Kinda hurt, but I didn't pay it much attention until I realized the sock was bloody at intermission. Stuffed a small towel in my sock and taped it up. I don't think I ever mentioned it to anyone, but it was probably worthy of stitches. Prior to seeing the incident last night I never really gave any thought to how much worse my situation could have been. It's crazy seeing how much blood Tydan lost in a short period of time.
  12. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/101430/nathan-walker
  13. I actually got in on the last hour of the sale. Glad they take paypal, because I didn't have my credit card on me.
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