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  1. I enjoy the drama, but I totally saw them for what they are years ago. Something was off about them right from the get go as there were concerns posted about communication issues, delivery issues, non-delivery, etc. The complaints got worse over time, making it plainly obvious that they had serious issues on their end. Yet they kept trying to pump out the latest new invention that was going to revolutionize goaltending. And in the end it was never their fault. The customer's expectations were too high. The customer is a moron. The customer doesn't know how to communicate. Lost during delivery. Their email isn't working properly. Their website didn't process the order properly. Supply chain issues. Their supplier screwed them bad. And then when it all really starts coming to a head, the news with their daughter comes out. Just another opportunity to hide from reality and face the facts. I went to bungee toe ties 3 year ago. I was totally willing to spend the money to not have the hassle of making my own. But rather than deal with this dumpster fire of a company, I made my own anyway. Several sets in fact, to share with friends. And in the end it had nothing to do with them being smeared by anyone.....they did it to themselves by being an untrustworthy company. The evidence was everywhere, but there were still a lot of people buying the hype and believing monster when they downplayed their issues. Which brings me to...... Facebook. Their marketing on Facebook was the first thing that made me feel they were a hokey company. All sorts of endless hype. Constant monster bag licking on GGSU. They could have made a monster backpack with Maltese padding and people would have been happy to shell out $200 for it. Somebody would report issues in dealing with monster and in the end the monster brigade would be the ones crapping all over them. Funny to see the responses then versus now.
  2. Nova

    McKenney XPG1

    They have a count down timer on instagram showing roughly 7.5 hours until release. I'm guessing 8pm eastern time?
  3. Nova

    I Need Your Opinion

    I'm not going to play around with the customizer, but I think if you swap the tan for royal blue it would look good and match the team's jerseys well.
  4. Got a chance to give it a try today, held up just fine. The grip itself felt just like my other sticks, so that's great. I used grip tape, but think I will ditch it in favour of regular tape. The stick itself is going to take a bit of getting used to, everything comes off it so lively. Defenseman sent a couple passes back to me and I had trouble catching them, both bounced off my blade. Passing the puck was accurate and had better velocity than my foam cores, which is promising. I've sucked at passing/playing the puck for years. I've made a getting better a point of emphasis this year and finally found a bit of an unusual technique that works for me.
  5. I've got it back on with VHB tape and a tape job over top. Probably won't get to try it out until some time next week.
  6. I knocked the finish down with 220 grit prior to installing. It was actually the plastic that the epoxy didn't bond well with. When buying the epoxy I found all of them said they work on "some plastics" but didn't specify beyond that. I'm guessing it was a compatibility issue.
  7. Well, that didn't last long. The epoxy didn't bond to the plastic well. Took about 5 shots and it popped off. Going to try my initial idea of VHB tape and see how that goes. I may end up having to tape over it to keep it from moving. Not going to give up on this idea yet.
  8. I've been using foam core sticks since I started playing again 6 or 7 years ago. About a year or so into playing I found myself desiring more control of my stick, so I decided to modify the paddle of one of my foam core sticks based on a few mods I came across online. I ended up with a trigger grip/Lundy grip combo. It felt great in my hand and functioned exactly like I needed it to. Over the last few years almost everyone I know has transitioned to composite sticks and have come to prefer them over foam core. I've wanted to give a composite a try, but obviously my hang up has been the trigger grip. I just can't go back to using a normal stick. Over the last few months I'd been giving some thought to how I could make a trigger grip work. I've seen some people have successfully cut a trigger grip into composites, but I was really apprehensive as to how it would change the integrity of the stick. I got to comparing the top of a standard paddle to the trigger grip on my favorite stick and had an idea strike me. Buying a stick with a shorter paddle would allow me to add material rather than remove it. The Sherwood BPM150 deal at PHL that was shared on this forum was too good to pass up, so I grabbed one to give it a try. The stick showed up last week and I finally had an opportunity to try my modification. My initial plan was to shape piece of wood for each side and use VHB tape to adhere it and then tape over it to cover any edges or seams and add a little more strength. Then I remembered I had a spare fish finder transducer mount made of 3/4" thick high density polyethylene, something that would shape a little bit slower so I wouldn't have to worry about taking off too much material too fast while doing the final shaping. I also decided to go with epoxy rather than the VHB tape for a bit more of a sturdy bond. After shaping and test fitting the trigger piece I decided against adding anything on the opposite side of the paddle to replicate the Lundy grip. I'm going to try it without first, as it may not be necessary. The epoxy filled the gaps really well. After doing some final shaping with a dremel I heated the plastic with a lighter to smooth the edges a bit. The grey plastic matches the color pattern of the stick so I decided against taping over it as I prefer a smooth grip. I am going to try it out tonight at drop in hockey. So this is what I ended up with as well as a comparison to what I was using previously: 20190210_140600 by bman32_320, on Flickr 20190210_140614 by bman32_320, on Flickr 20190209_191113 by bman32_320, on Flickr
  9. Nova

    Why Goalie?

    Similar to CG35, I started out with mini sticks and street hockey. I actually didn't play hockey at all until 2nd year novice (playing forward). My brother is 2 years younger and he started right from first year of mites (or whatever the heck they call it now). He's one of those naturally gifted athletic types who is usually a standout in whatever sport he plays, so he was always ahead of the pack in hockey and a lot of that had to do with putting in a lot of hours away from the rink. We lived 2 blocks away from an outdoor rink, ended up having a small rink in our back yard, and street hockey games were a very regular occurrence in our town as well. So naturally I ended up being the guy he practiced against, that's where it all started for me. I slowly developed a fascination with goalie equipment. I got a couple opportunities to play net late in my first year of hockey. Didn't do well, but I was still hooked. I was able to borrow equipment from our minor hockey organization (it was junk!) to take in a goalie school the following summer. I split time 50/50 in my first year of atom, then about 40/60 in second year because suddenly the coaches kid decided that he wanted to be a goalie too despite myself and the other goalie both being pretty solid. First year peewee was pretty average. Second year I made our AA team despite being fairly undersized (started the season at 5'0" while most others were a half foot taller than me). I had a decent enough season, but I choked bad at the worst possible times and it really had an impact on me. Wasn't mentally tough enough for the position back then, so I quit. Got asked to play rec 6 years ago because their goalie supply was inconsistent. So I started playing both net and defense again. It was around a 50/50 split initially, but it seems I'm playing net a lot more the last few years as we've lost a few regulars for drop in hockey and the guys we have gained have really unpredictable schedules.
  10. I've used SHOCKtec Air2Gel with good results. A hot knife is necessary to cut it. It is a fairly heavy material, so it needs to be installed in the same manner as Maltese or ECO using small pieces. I have it in two of my masks, and the other two goalies on my team also have 3 masks between them that are also using the Air2Gel. We all get domed regularly, no complaints from any of us as far as how well it performs.
  11. I've been wearing Little Hotties adhesive toe warmers on top on my toes for years and they make a huge difference. I really can't get away without them even in warm rinks, circulation to my toes is terrible. Plenty of room inside my X900 skates for them. $13 for a box of 30 pairs at Costco, so the expense isn't huge.
  12. Thanks for posting this. I nearly pulled the trigger on a Warrior at retail price last week. Glad I held off, getting a much better stick for essentially the same price. Hoping I can accomplish what I want with it. This will be my first composite, I've always used foam cores with a trigger grip/Lundqvist grip combo cut into it, but I've got an idea in mind to replicate that without cutting the stick.
  13. I adopted Iris in 2012 when she was 3 years old. Deaf, but super smart. Very strong, athletic and driven. IMG_9225 by bman32_320, on Flickr IMG_6413 by bman32_320, on Flickr IMG_2868 by bman32_320, on Flickr I finally adopted a friend for Iris earlier this month. Maxwell is just over 6 months old. Spent a fair amount of time with animal control and a couple rescue groups so he's a bit behind on training. Needs almost constant supervision inside. I think he's going to grow up to be a bit of a beefy doofus. His legs are super thick compared to Iris and he's putting on muscle fast. So far he's really mellow and calms down really quick for his age. Iris is more of the playful puppy between them. 2T1A3242 by bman32_320, on Flickr
  14. I don't suppose you recall the measurements? I'm thinking of getting a new C/A in the next year or so and have been leaning towards large belly with medium arms. My CCM CL Pro is pretty much shot (elastic strapping is all crap) and I'm tired of my shoulder protection getting stuck under my arms on sprawling saves.
  15. I double tape my blade. First layer of wax gets hit with a torch to soak it in and then I'll top that with another layer and work it in with my thumb. I've got 3 seasons on my current tape job.
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