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  1. I would say a large. I'm 5'9 and my ice C/A is a large chest with medium arm. Our chest are usually shorther than other because the neck line is higher than most. The sizing is the same for the ball hockey C/A. I just tried a large to confirm, the arm a little long for me but they are adjustable, it can be shortened by 1 inch. Your best bet is a large in my opinion.
  2. The ball hockey C/A is not bulky, less than the ice C/A but design to take a lot of space, especially in the shoulder area.
  3. I can help you with our different options if you need to
  4. Sebx

    Black friday special

    It's on the in stock Vintage full set only Ensemble complet Senior Pro - Modèle Vintage - EN STOCK - Passau (passauhockey.com) All our Black friday specials (more to come) are on the in stock gear.
  5. Sebx

    Black friday special

    We will offer big discount on a lot or items between the november 26 and 30, stay tuned !
  6. 1699$ CAD or 1292$ USD !!!
  7. We have a lot of standard ready to go, the pro pack will be back in stock the next week. We have a store in the factory, you can see and try our gear. Je parle aussi français si tu veux plus d'informations, tu peux m'écrire en privé.
  8. I see that you're from Montreal, you can go directly at the Passau factory at Chambly to take a look at our chesty, pro standard and pro pack. It will be less expensive for the standard pro than in store or equal with a better protection for the Pro Pack.
  9. Hi, i'm from Quebec too, All our clients are really happy with their dek hockey set and saw a big difference between their modified ice hockey equipment and the Passau dek hockey. The C/A is the piece who made the biggest difference with the glove. You really need to try to understand.
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