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  1. It was me, I left recently
  2. Hi guy's Following the multiples lockdown we had here in Quebec, Canada, and a back problem caused by years of bad posture, I had 1 month to get back in shape before the season start, after 1 year without playing. I train since 20 years now (I'm 40 now), first 10 years was like a bodybuilder, just to gain muscles, and slowly switch to functional training to avoid multiples injury I had in my twenties, my body was too stiff for a goalie. So, I tried Maria Mountain and Relentless (https://www.relentlesshockey.com/goalieprogram) goalie programs. But Relentless changed their apps the last winter and I lost my access to his program. I emailed multiples times but the supports is just horrible. So, fuck it, I decided to create my own program, I have enough knowledge for that. The others problems is that the goalie programs online are for elite goalies and are very long, which is not realistic for me, and probably all the others beer league goalie. I have 2 young kids and I often work 9 hours per day, I'm a software developer and often have short delay to deliver. A training program must be 45 minutes, 1 hour maximum. After 6 weeks doing this program, I have amazing result and I want to share the program with you, It can give you idea to create one yourself or just take this one and try it. I separated the program in 3 phases, mobility, plyometry and strength. Day 1 Mobility 1-2 rounds 90-90 5 times each side Thread the needle 5 times each side half kneeling hip flexor 30 second each side Half-Kneeling Groin Rock 30 second each side Plyo 2 rounds Single leg iso hold 5 times, 5 seconds each side Superset Box jump 10 times Lateral jump 10 times each side Strength and core 3 rounds Dumbell press 8-10 repetitions Superset Hip thrust 8-10 repetitions Landmine squat to press 8-10 repetitions 3 series Band rows 8-10 repetitions Ab wheel rollout + Broad jump 10 rep + 1 jump Day 2 Mobility 1-2 rounds Reverse Lunge to Overhead Reach 5 times each side Banded Shoulder Dislocator 8 times Banded Pull Aparts 8 times Half-Kneeling Groin Rock 8 reps each Plyo 2 rounds Jump 5 times and hold Hold for 5 seconds Superset Split squat jump 10 times each side Box step off to landing 10 times Strength and core 3 rounds Single leg barbell RDL 8-10 repetitions Superset Shoulder press 8-10 repetitions Palloff press 8-10 repetitions 3 series Pull up 6-10 repetitions Hex bar + rotate + farmer walf 5 rep + 5 rep + 5 steps Day 3 Mobility 1-2 rounds Laying hip internal 5 times each side, 3 second each time 90-90 3 way strech 5 times each side, 3 second for each step Toe elevated ankle mobility 5 times, 3 second each time Book openers 30 seconds each side Plyo 2 rounds Single leg landing to lateral jump Superset Box jump Lateral hurdle bound Strength and core 3 rounds Squat Superset Ab crunch with plate Cossack squat with plate 3 series Standing dumbell raises Sled drag I will be happy to discuss if you have comments or suggestions
  3. Sebx

    Passau Pants

    I don't think they will offer pants any time soon, it's a project since 2013.
  4. This glove was awesome. The blocker was very light but he became very loose after 1 or 2 years, it was hard to control the rebound with.
  5. I have one and I don't really like the feel, too stiff and heavy for me. But, they are durable. Where are the good old Koho from the 90s, light and flexible.
  6. Glad you like the product How is the fit?
  7. It change nothing, your weight is on the interior of the pad in butterfly. It doesn't affect the sliding neither.
  8. I don't know what you are talking about 🙄
  9. Hi, I will let the others give you a review but I can say that we use only premium material for our gear, it's all made in Canada (Chambly, Québec) and the QA process is taken seriously. Let me know if you have questions about the gear, in private message here or by email at sebastien.dion@passauhockey.com
  10. Sebx

    What’s in a pad

    In fact, the core on that picture is from a retail Warrior Messiah, the Roloson pad was different from that
  11. I would say a large. I'm 5'9 and my ice C/A is a large chest with medium arm. Our chest are usually shorther than other because the neck line is higher than most. The sizing is the same for the ball hockey C/A. I just tried a large to confirm, the arm a little long for me but they are adjustable, it can be shortened by 1 inch. Your best bet is a large in my opinion.
  12. The ball hockey C/A is not bulky, less than the ice C/A but design to take a lot of space, especially in the shoulder area.
  13. I can help you with our different options if you need to
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