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  1. I have one and I don't really like the feel, too stiff and heavy for me. But, they are durable. Where are the good old Koho from the 90s, light and flexible.
  2. Glad you like the product How is the fit?
  3. It change nothing, your weight is on the interior of the pad in butterfly. It doesn't affect the sliding neither.
  4. I don't know what you are talking about 🙄
  5. Hi, I will let the others give you a review but I can say that we use only premium material for our gear, it's all made in Canada (Chambly, Québec) and the QA process is taken seriously. Let me know if you have questions about the gear, in private message here or by email at sebastien.dion@passauhockey.com
  6. Sebx

    What’s in a pad

    In fact, the core on that picture is from a retail Warrior Messiah, the Roloson pad was different from that
  7. I would say a large. I'm 5'9 and my ice C/A is a large chest with medium arm. Our chest are usually shorther than other because the neck line is higher than most. The sizing is the same for the ball hockey C/A. I just tried a large to confirm, the arm a little long for me but they are adjustable, it can be shortened by 1 inch. Your best bet is a large in my opinion.
  8. The ball hockey C/A is not bulky, less than the ice C/A but design to take a lot of space, especially in the shoulder area.
  9. I can help you with our different options if you need to
  10. Sebx

    Black friday special

    It's on the in stock Vintage full set only Ensemble complet Senior Pro - Modèle Vintage - EN STOCK - Passau (passauhockey.com) All our Black friday specials (more to come) are on the in stock gear.
  11. Sebx

    Black friday special

    We will offer big discount on a lot or items between the november 26 and 30, stay tuned !
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