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  1. Funny, we have just received the answer of the nhl and we must change something and after that, it will be certainly available.
  2. We have done a NHL spec version for a pro but we are still waiting for the approval. No gen 3 is planned for the moment, we work on other products, like the ball hockey equipment we will be release at the end of november.
  3. Sebx

    work outs

    I never do that in the same training routine, it's a list I have built and will continue to build over time.
  4. Sebx

    work outs

    I'm late in this discussion but it can help you with your leg training. I have a list of goalie related exercices, who work great for me at least. For a program of 4 weeks, during the season, I usually mix 3 strength and 3 agility exercices, plus a lot of core, stretching and upper body exercices. Also, some interval training on the bike. Strength Squats Deadlifts Split squat on bench Prowler Barbell Walking Lunge Split Squat with Toe at Wall Squat Lateral Sumo Squat Front squat Single leg press DB Clean Agility Box jump Squat Jump to Lateral Hop to Squat Lateral Hurdle Hop Low lateral hops DB Squat Jump to Hold
  5. Sebx

    McKenney XPG1

    Any other pictures of the C/A ?
  6. Sebx

    Help a Pro Out

    Only the pads, the gloves was made by Warrior.
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