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  1. Those look really nice. I run a slightly different variation where the part that attaches to my skate stays there and I attach the pad via a Velcro tab. Love your D ring attachment, nice and sturdy!
  2. I’m just pulling my buckles so it looks good. I already have quadzillas and calves that look like aliens lol
  3. True, I’ll keep an eye on it but I doubt anything will happen.
  4. Nah, there really isn’t much force on them, they basically just hold your knee in place like the old elastic strapping did. I wear mine pretty loose as well.
  5. Yeah, the Kenesky strap has a loop that’s secured by a snap and Velcro. They fit any pads that have the verticals lacing in them. Snap them in and good to go
  6. Yeah it’s just shredded LD foam basically. Newer pads, at least the ones I’ve seen are solid foams for the most part now.
  7. So took the pads out this morning with the new strapping and man do they play better. It actually made my butterfly seal better, they felt more responsive and my down game was much improved, just because I can get a better bite on the ice since the strapping allows more freedom. The only issue I had was my knee guards hanging up a few times on the outer knee flap which I won’t need anymore. Will be removing the buckles, the top straps and the outer knee flap as soon as I get time. I wish I would have tried this earlier on!
  8. If you get one of the speedy stitcher sewing awls it has a curved needle that helps. If I was to do it again, I’d just sew Velcro over where it’s attached from the factory and use the double sided Velcro straps. Im hoping with the rotation straps I won’t need it at all
  9. I did this quite a while ago, but someone suggested this board would like this content too, so wanted to post a link in its own thread in case anyone is wanting to try and undertake this task. Build your own thighrise
  10. 100% it’s fricking hard sewn in. Not terrible to unstitch to get it out, but stitching a new one in would be a pita. At that point I’d just upgrade it to Velcro attachment on the pad so you could easily replace it
  11. Yep those are it. Here is a link if anyone wants to see/read it. Build your own thighrise
  12. I tried Monsters shock cord skate attachment toe ties and they were meh, the shock cord kept pulling through the loops on the skates. I had a mini HAL from previously so I combined the two. Then I noticed that the toe tie attachment would disconnect if there was much force on my pad, so I made my own with double the Velcro. Haven’t had an issue since. I agree Kenesky customer service was awesome. Last time I dealt with Monster was the last time I’ll even attempt it.
  13. If I like the new setup, I will unstitch the seams and pull the buckles and extra top strap and sew it back up. I just didn’t want to remove them permanently if didnt like the new strapping system. If you followed the GSBB I was the guy that cut off my old pads at the knee and made them +4’s... so no cobbler needed
  14. I’ve wanted to try the new style of strapping that comes with the SLR’s, Brian’s etc, but since we are moving soon don’t have the funds to buy new pads. (Well I do but wife might kill me) When I saw Kenesky was selling the rotation control/professor straps, I reached out and asked if they would sell me the Y strapping for the bottom of the pads too. I could just use that to mod my current pads to try it out. Mike at Kenesky was super helpful, sold me what I needed and even sent me some pics so I had an idea of how the strapping is attached to the pads. (I’ve been too lazy to drive to a store to check out new pads since my local store doesn’t carry goalie gear anymore.) Anyways, I went to work and installed/sewed in the new strapping, removed the leather straps and got it all buttoned up. Since this is just a test I have temporarily sewn in the new strapping and left the buckles that go with the old leather straps. If I like it, I’ll go back in and pull the buckles as well and permanently sew in the new stuff.
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