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  1. Hey all! Have a few questions just read some reviews on composite stciks and have narrowed it down to these three. Have a couple questions starting with: Quality: asking for people who have owned a couple of these sticks for long periods of time, any major breaking points, I'm one the ice roughly 5 times a week. So how many skates roughly is sticks lifespan? Care tips: any special temps or techniques that are required to get the most out of your stick ( I have Aspen core sticks and find they do much better in slightly humid environments vs dryer. Bang for buck: price isn't a huge issue here but it is most definitely something that's being considered when looking at sticks! Transition: lastly I'm using 25 inch CCM extreme flex 2 pro, I have a Fluery curve, and a steep paddle, so obviously CCM would be easier to match specs but if warrior or Bauer can match the specs or something very similar it's not a major issue.
  2. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here is wearing the 1X chest and has properly broken it in. I've used it about 6 times but its hard to sacrifice valuable practice time during the season fighting the awkwardness, instead of focusing on development in mid season. I remember someone saying throw it in a cotton sac and throw it in the dryer with no heat, not sure if that's the way to jumpstart the process. Let me clarify that when I say broken in I just want the floaters and arms to soften up, I've tried every combo for the floaters and seem to be having trouble moving my head to that 90 degree angle (wearing a Bauer 960 mask), making rebound tracking and behind the net plays almost impossible to execute on. Its fits perfectly everywhere except the floaters, I've tied it down to my pants but its still an issue. Thanks in advanced for the help!
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