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  1. Very interesting, I agree with the arms on the v8 pro carbon but I also felt plenty stingers on the optik2 arms as well. Have you experienced the same since trying this out?
  2. Hello all, It’s been some time since I’ve posted and I’d like to come back and assess/ update my initial post. It’s been almost two years since I’ve broken my collarbone wearing a Brown. After much deliberation as well as assessment, experimentation...I’ve came to a conclusion. A custom Brown chest protector is the best option money can buy in terms of protection. Yes I’ve said it, even with breaking my collarbone while wearing one initially. Now let me explain. The most important thing you can do as a goaltender is to update your equipment especially if you lose or gain weight. Whet
  3. My bone density is fine bud, the level of Brown fan boys on here is unreal. Guys will walk around with pulmonary embolisms thanks to their Brown chesties and they’ll blame themselves for getting black and blues easily. “It’s just a blood clot, no biggie, hockey is a dangerous sport!” Smh
  4. Yes but also not because of durability. Brown isn’t in the NHL anymore because they stopped taking care of their licensing fee’s. Why? Because pros stopped requesting their equipment. Their inability to advance their product lead them to be turned away... An NHL goalie will not sacrifice their health for weight. An NHL organization will not allow their goalie to sacrifice a few grams for protection. Specifically in the chest/arm area. Brown just simply got beat out by the competition. I’m noticing a lot of Brown enthusiasts on here because they have sentimental attachment to their ho
  5. Well said. I agree with your analysis of elastic breakdowns. I thoroughly suggest you lay your Brown chestie to rest and continue with your Vaughn. The floating neckguard on the Brown is only eye candy. Adds absolutely zero value to actual protection.
  6. I appreciate your response, you’ve made some valid points however, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Brown is the gold standard during today’s market. There’s a reason why the majority of NHL tendy’s wear Vaughn chesties. Brown may def have paved the way with a lot of goalie equipment but as composite sticks have progressed for players, Brown hasn’t advanced to keep up with the transition. And it shows with retail sales... Brown has been dependent on the old school consumer that is familiar with the brand and therefor saves investing into their R&D department. They’ve tremendously r
  7. Neither did I go after jofa/Reebok when I tore the ACL and MCL in both of my knees playing hockey as well. I also never went after or blamed Reebok for my dislocated shoulder which resulted in a rotator cuff surgery. And btw, I never bashed Bauer for when I took a shot off the ankle which put me in a cast for 6 months as well. Point is, this isn’t a freak accident...this was simply stopping a puck with something that is used to do exactly that, stop pucks. And along the way, protecting the bones and ligaments of the individual wearing the product. It failed. If I was wearing a Brow
  8. I’m glad you’ve also noticed the design hiccup in the Brown. After this experience, I’m always going to wear a separate collar protector beneath the actual chest protector.
  9. Absolutely and thank you for showcasing your platform to me. I will absolutely play hockey again, I’ve played my entire life. Both as a player and goalie. I’ve had many injuries in the past which resulted in surgeries, that never deterred me from straying away from the game. I’m just going to stay more aware of equipment, specifically as a goalie. Completely scrapping the Brown chestie and most likely leaning towards a Vaughn pro carbon ve8 I believe? There are so many deficiencies and design hiccups in the Brown model that I was using. I’ve had to stich so much materials bac
  10. I respect your opinion but it was properly sized during purchase. I don’t take short cuts when it comes to protection in net. Therefor, I absolutely blame Brown for its lack of protection in specified areas. They are no longer the gold standard in chest protection amongst pro leagues for a reason.
  11. I always wear a dangler, definitely wouldn’t have helped as my head tilted slightly to the left during point of contact. I haven’t tried the Maltese, I ended up ordering a custom neck/collar protector from PAW. I’m going to wear that underneath a new chest and arms from, most likely Vaughn once I get back on the ice. Hopefully just from my own research, I was able to notice that the material paw uses is a bit thicker than a Maltese. Also gel...however I’m a strong advocate for Maltese padding in the mask.
  12. Sure, Its a large, was fitted to my body during time of purchase. I’m 6’1, 188 lbs at time of injury. Weight and height hasn’t fluctuated since purchase. I wear it pretty snug.
  13. Hello All, I was recommended to tell my story via the goalnet Instagram account. Back in October, I was using a Brown JB 2000 chest protector. It was a regular morning (medium talent level) private hockey skate. I was playing in net and went down early to stop a shot coming in behind a defensive screen off the wing. Next thing I knew, I felt a puck hit my collarbone and I heard a loud crack. The shot was a regular wrister, it wasn’t a hard shot, (it’s all on GoPro cam footage) but it hit me in the area right above the chest plate and below the attached Brown neckguard. After my right arm
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