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  1. I appreciate it but I went and got properly measured yesterday and am actually some where in between a 35 and 36.
  2. Thanks Southpaw, much appreciated! I had couple of those favorited already so I know I'm on the right track at least. Kinda curious which pair you or others would choose out of those posted.
  3. I'll take a look at them. Can you post a link. Gotta get something pretty soon before the season starts.
  4. 34 I'm also another southpaw goalie btw. Good to talk to another one 🙂
  5. Awesome! I will check those pads out. Thanks for the response. This was more the info I was looking for as I wasn't sure how the newer pads felt vs the older models I've used and living in Atlanta I dont have access to nearly as much gear down here to try as when I lived in Canada smh.
  6. Ok will do, thanks . Any particular models you have in mind I should be looking at in this price point on there?
  7. Lol! I'll keep an eye on your pads for sure but honestly I'm just in the research part at the moment. I probably won't be buying anything for a couple weeks until once I can get a feel of what is a good buy and can give me good bang for the buck for the budget.
  8. I just saw the set you were talking about on here, not a bad deal for $150 for sure. I'll keep them in mind.
  9. How's the 5 hole coverage on those?My last set was more of a hybrid style and didn't cover the 5 hole nearly as well as some of these newer pads I've seen.
  10. I had some Simmons Exciburs I picked up new in the early 2000's when I stopped playing.
  11. Gonna get back in the net after not playing for a while for fun in a beer league. I need some good used leg pads that wont break the bank. I've been out of the goalie equipment loop and am kinda unsure what models I should be looking at. Looking to spend $500 or less, butterfly style pads and I live in Atlanta in the Southern US so I dont have a lot of options to go view much used gear here so it will most likely be an online purchase like Ebay or Sideline Swap. Trying to get as much bang for the buck as possible. Any help with models/pricing or other online places to look would be much appreciated!
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