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  1. I would agree on that assessment. Additionally I would say the "Mid" stiffness also applies to the Vapor 1X from what I have tried on.
  2. From what I have heard he is one of the easiest goalie to deal with in terms of equipment. Almost of his gear is stock, except for his skates have that wrap protection on the boot.
  3. Do you ever have any issue with the pad rotating back after recovering from the butterfly position? I'm playing with the slack of my tgn prolaces but haven't got thr feel quite right yet.
  4. Are you looking to sell yours or are you just trying to get some general interest of who would purchase this?
  5. I saw on the customizer there is a 3mm poron at the base of the palm, did you go with that?
  6. Agree with that statement, Cortech ST was the game changer for their durability. And what I have heard the top welting is odd looking because it prevents “wrinkle” that some of their pads get in the upper corners.
  7. True would make sense as a partner as the pay the license for the NHL and everything that Lefevre manufactures True does not. But it's a business and what makes sense from a manufacturing and partnership prospective doesn't always mean the dollars add up for the companies.
  8. So I have tried on the V8 chesty with V8 pants and that line is designed for the goalie who prefers not to tuck, I have also tried on the SLR line which is designed for a goalie who does like to tuck. Now, just because the line is designed that way doesn't mean you can't mix and match. The fits are based off of height and waist size so each manufacturer has a matrix that cross references height and waist size and how the equipment performs is up to how you modify the straps and belts to work for your game. Hope this helps.
  9. Extremely excited for the deep dive. Feel free to talk about the set for hours lol. I haven’t had new pads in over 5 years and I think these may be the next purchase.
  10. I can attest to this, fantastic idea and my knees are much happier in RVH and dropping into the butterfly in general.
  11. These are 100% worth every cent. Amazing spec that was very well designed.
  12. heyclaytay

    2X Pro

    It appears that what I would want to design isn't possible, was looking for Supreme Boot, Supreme Profile, Vapor Thigh, and Vapor Leg Channel. Also I'm curious as to why the Vapor glove always has to be an offset T?
  13. heyclaytay

    2X Pro

    Excellent, thank you very much.
  14. Does anybody have a spec sheet or pdf of what all of the Pro Custom Options Bauer offes?
  15. I keep getting an error that says "The product options are invalid. Please select other options." I'm currently doing White for all of my colors and TGN spec for the tie length and attachment style. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?
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