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  1. I picked up some used all white Bauer 1X's on SidelineSwap the other day, and am hoping to spice them up a bit using Padskinz or Pad Wrap (haven't picked which one). I've done some research on tips/techniques for applying the skin to pads, and it looks like the general rule of thumb that you should apply the wrap along a stitched seam for a secured seal. Since 1X's don't have any stitching, I was wondering if anyone has had experience applying a skin/wrap to them, and if so if there are any tips. Also, I know that Mike McKenna used a wrap on his 2S's for about a week after he was traded to the Flyers to cover up his Ottawa colors, so I know a wrap can work for a short-term, but am curios to see if anyone has had any longer term success or failure using a skin on Bauer 1X's (or 1S/2S's). Any feedback or advice is appreciated!
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