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DIY Toe Ties + Hybrid Option


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I made these around March 2023 and I play 3-5 times a week so it has held up pretty good! I think I need to replace one soon due to some minor fraying. I would like to share it here just because it might help someone looking for a cheap and custom option. This costed about $6 to make, but might be a tad bit more due to the S-Clip.  The Bungee cord itself is super cheap.


If you don't use a hybrid option which means having skate lace first then the bungee, you can just feed the bungee through and skip that part.

All you need some some shock cord, I use 3/16", and an S-Clip I used a Size-1 S-Biner clip.


Very simple, just tie a tight knot while trying to keep the ends even in length. I also use an anguler's loop for the ends.


Upon testing it might be better to do an under than over for the lace where the s-clip is attached to prevent it from sliding too far in the event your bungee is giving or isn't even for length. I didn't have a real problem either way, but lacing in for this part might be better.



These clip in super easy and have never once come undone or the knots released.



Final look.



If you want you can also run the cord through skate lace as well, but if you do the knot or have it go through the bridge and do a few tests before cutting the cord you'll get a perfect length which will not cause the bungee to slip.

If you're using the Konekt Skates just modify it a bit with something like this:


Then you can attach the s-clip with a little lace loop after the blue part. The length is wrong on the example here because this isn't my skate or picture just a reference.

I hope this helps.

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I had to do a new set of bungees as they were starting to fray after using them since March 2023 for almost 5 times a week! I ended up adding some lace around the bungee as an "armor" feature. Works great! I did this not really because of any issue with blades, but due to added friction of the bungee rubbing on the boot as I noticed on my last set the outside part on both sides had the same wear.


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