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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any information on when True might start offering youth gear? I see it was mentioned recently. Thanks!
  2. Good day, we’re looking for a replacement chin cup for a new Bauer 930 youth mask. The mask is great, but they forgot to put any thought into the cup. It’s rock hard and uncomfortable. Any thoughts, recommendations? Thanks EDIT: to clarify, I’ve found several options to buy. Most manufactures have them. I’m looking for recommendations as to quality and comfort. Thanks!
  3. There is lots of info now available. one more question...what the heck is “minimus carbon g1000”? thanks!
  4. Fellas, My son uses a Vaughn SLR 2 Youth set (pads, blocker, glove). He’s had them since last summer. The pads and blocker are great, he loves them. The glove, however, he can’t close, even after almost a year. Its causing trouble with his game, the puck often bounces out. I’ve had it heated at the store a couple of times. I’ve sat up watching hockey opening and closing (probably 10,000+ times, no joke!) but still its not closing easily. Put a puck in a tied it up for weeks. I’ve not done the hot water procedure. Any thoughts on what I might do next (besides the hot water)? Also, any thoughts on gloves for youth? Options? It might be time to abandon the glove and look at something else. Thanks to all who reply! We appreciate the help!
  5. I’ve heard a rumour about Warrior introducing a line of masks. Anyone else? Any info?
  6. After a long and exhaustive search, we’ve had no luck. its a significant jump up to the 21, in any brand!
  7. Good evening, My son currently uses a 19” Warrior. He’s going to need to upgrade soon. Are there any companies that offer a 20” full right stick? Bauer has a 20” traditional but do not offer it in 20” full right. Are there any companies that will do a custom length run? Thanks! Wayne
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