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  1. Hi, has anyone any experience ordering a custom senior glove with intermediate palm? I have normal sized hands but i'm still thinking about buying a ccm custom glove with intermediate palm because i like having a glove where i can feel the end at my fingertips but still having it strapped pretty loose. So if anyone knows if intermediate gloves only fit smaller hands or just gives you a closer or smaller feel to your glove, please let me know!
  2. @coopaloop1234 yes, my old ones are starting to wear down and i'm thinking about buying new ones and wanted to know wich are the best ones available. liked the old ones and didn't have any problems with them.
  3. So i'm interested in buying new knee guards because my old ones are starting to tear down. My old ones are Bauer Supreme s18 knee guards and haven't had any issues with them, i have liked them. I have heard good stuff about Bauer Vapor 1x and Warrior Rituals and i'm kind of interested in them. If you have any experience about them or any other model that are good i would like to hear your thoughts about wich are the best out there.
  4. So as the title already tells i'm wondering what is the difference between a CCM Elex 4 590 brake glove and a CCM Premier 2 590 brake glove? I've heard that the difference is only on the graphics but i want to ask u guys!
  5. Thank you very much for your answers! @TheGoalNet i know it's coming a review on your skates soon, but do you have had any pain or issues with your skates yet? If i understood right you have the full custom ones?
  6. Hello, i have been wondering about which skate is the best, CCM ft2 custom or True? I have currently True 2-piece goal skates and i have loved the comfort in them. Have never felt any pain in them. But they have teared down pretty fast so i'm wondering if i should try the new CCM ft2 customs or just buy a new pair of Trues. The most important thing for me is comfort because i go on ice about 8 times per week so i pretty much need the best skates available. I tried ones the CCM AS1 (non custom) skates but i couldn't wear them without feeling pain. I've never felt any pain in the Trues but im kind of interested in the new CCM ft2 customs. If i would but the CCMs i would defenitely buy the custom 3D ones to get the best fit possible. If any one have any experience about CCM ft2 skates i would defenitely like to hear your experience with them!
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