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    Warrior Ritual g3
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    Vaughn v6
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    Vaughn Ventus
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    Bauer s190
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    Bauer NXG
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    Warrior ritual g4
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    Warrior ritual g3
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    Vaughn Ventus SLR 2
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Warrior ritual GT
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    Wall mask

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  1. What is the difference between the vapour and supreme pants ?
  2. Just wondering if anyone happened to have a warrior ritual gt chest protector size s/m they’d be willing to sell me
  3. Oh, sorry i forgot to mention that im looking at the g3 glove which comes with a removable liner so i can put an intermediate sized one in, im just wondering if the pro glove will affect the closure of the glove
  4. I have smaller hands but want the coverage of a senior glove. I'm not worried about protection but I want the glove that will be easiest to close, i'm assuming that would be a stock glove and not a pro glove but i've never used a pro glove so im not sure.
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