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  1. Yes I agree, however Edmonton was a much bigger offensive team. Their defence was ok....but compared to the three Jennings trophies, and then Vezina wins in Montreal, I’m just curious to see if Fuhr and Roy would’ve been the same as the other if they had switched teams. Just a fantasy question of course. I think Fuhr would’ve been fantastic on that 86 team and I wish that Steve Smith goal hadn’t happened in 86, as that would’ve been possibly 5 straight cups. Unless Roy could’ve held off Edmonton’s offence, and would the defence on Montreal been able to compete with Edmonton’s attack.
  2. I think it’s a CCM glove. I’m guessing, it he did use some different stuff through out his career, but it looks like a CCM to me. Don’t bet money on that answer though lol. I have to get that book again! He is still my favourite, and during this pandemic here in Ontario they were playing all the cup games from back in the day. No wonder Gretzky said he was the best in the world, as for a definite two or three years...,he was untouchable. Always wondered what kind of numbers he would’ve had if he played behind the defence that Roy had in Montreal, that was a great defensive team
  3. Report post Posted Tuesday at 10:29 AM Hard too to track his gear then like today. We only had hockey cards and Pannini sticker books that came out annually and could use old stock photos. Hockey Digest's black and white pictures left a lot to desire. Hockey News was the place to go. But their color pics were limited. Also for me, THN was not on the local magazine racks in Philly. I hear ya as I was just 10 when he beat Hextall(another amazing character and player) in 87. Watching those games recently again, was absolut
  4. Yeah, he was heading back to his room at the moment I met him, this was after walking by him and saying holy he looks familiar...and my band mate goes “That’s cause it’s Grant Fuhr!” I ran after him for that handshake and I said verbatim “Hello Mr Fuhr, May I shake your hand?(he said yes and we did) I don’t want anything from you sir, but to say thank you for being such an amazing hero to me. I don’t want to bother you but had to come say hello and thank you!”. He was very humble and gracious. The best part was knowing that ALL hotel staff at this Casino I was playing on the weekend
  5. Yes it did! The Blue and Orange DnR pads from 90 were awesome looking, and that nylon at the top gives a false sense of how tall those pads were, so not sure what happened there.....unless those were the same pads as the year before just dyed. Also, I’m shocked that nobody brought up his 91/92 DnR Quantum pads. He wore them during the 91 playoffs, and the start of his career in Toronto. I used to own a pair of junior DnR pads....and they rocked! Had the white DnR Blocker, but never saw a DnR catcher in person. I have met Fuhr, and he is a super nice and kind fellow. His family w
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