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  1. I am thinking of trying to get some very cheap "modern" pads from sidelineswap just to be able to try something newer. And i did come across something interesting some cheap Bauer Supreme One.5 pads that have a thick leg channel. Might be worth a try Another question, I still don't like the idea of knee pads, what about the more recent under pant thigh guards? any opinions on them?
  2. Follow up question, I've never worn knee pads or guards as my current pads have the thigh board and that has been enough for me. What do you guys recommend for knee protection with modern pads? I'm thinking since i'm going from nothing but knee braces that i would want something relatively minimal (knee braces are a wrap around style with some side stabilization) Thanks again
  3. Thanks everyone, I had never heard of Factory MAD until posting here. I looked into them and you guys are right, the Proto's are as close as I've seen. I'm at least going to contact him through their site and see if i can possibly afford them. But everything about them looks exactly like what i'm trying to re-create. Thanks, i'll let you know how this works out.
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! One question was what i like about the Matrix...and honestly why i'm afraid of new gear. The main thing is the combined knee and leg channel. Its thick fits relatively tight around the calf and wraps around a little bit as well. So the way they work is that even though they fit pretty tight they also rotate and recover easily. I've had ankle problems for many years and haven't strapped my skates to my pads or even use any type of toe loop system. I've tried them of course but they always caused a strain on my ankle that would cause a pinch probably d
  5. New here thanks for the help! So I've been playing in my Simmons Matrix leg pads(ccm blockade copies) for the last 15 years and I finally need to replace them and I need help. I've done probably 30+hrs of research so far on all pads being made now and in the past 15 years and I can't find anything nearly like them. However I do see all "modern" pads moving toward a design like they were made with 15+ years ago! The closest i've seen is either the new Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic's (with the built into the pad knee and calf pillow), or the Brian's Optic pads with the calf pillow. Wat
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