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  1. No. I pull out to better view. I think it problems with materials. Half year and i have many scuff. I can sit like this only on ice. No, maybe just some time. I think pad swing, when start age problem with knee block.
  2. Hello. Need help with make right choice Brian's Optik 2 spec max or flx and pads size . From new pads i want find lightweight, durability, good 5 whole coverage, good fit, good rebound and not twisted. At this moment i use Warrior G4 pro 34+1.5 stock, and it's really ok form me. Knee at right place. (check photo) My butterfly isn't good, but i try change it ). At Warrior i don't like durability. I train 5/7 days at week, and think my pads looks poor. At local shop i can't find 33/4+1 flx/max. I try on Optik 2 fly 33+1 and lt's don't feel good for me. Sta
  3. Thank you for review! I can't find any photo with all 3 spec together to make right choice. What about on ice experience?
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