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  1. So first off thank you again to everyone who responded. I appreciate all your input. Since it’s hard to find a camp close by or a goalie coach close by does anyone have good links to a good instruction video for proper technique? I understand I can do whatever I want to my skates get new skates etc but technique comes first. I’ve found some YouTube videos that seem helpful but as I said when I’ve tried to push off from the ice my skates slide out from under me which is why I asked about skates sharpening, new skates without cowling. I can possibly try a new cowlingless skate and sharpen it increments sharper and sharper as I get used to each one and see if going sharper gives me better grip.
  2. I need to read these posts later when I get a better chance but thank you all so much for your input! I can’t wait to read alL the info and help to make a better decision. You guys rock!
  3. @Lucky Puckersorry im a little slow hah thank you! @RichMangreat suggestions. So I’m from New Jersey and actually have been playing in Atlantic City which is the closest rink that south in née jersey. Guess what, they do NOT have a pro shop. The closest pro shop is at rinks closer to Philadelphia and pure hockey in cherry Hill nj. That’s where I’m going to have to go so not sure how great the sharpeners are to work with me. But I’ll do my best to have a good discussion with one of them. I am planning to go this Sunday to either sharpen blades or was considering buying a pair of the no cowling skates. I can inquire about trimming cowling too. @RichManis the cowling usually an issue to catching good ice to push from? Like can it limit the grip or touch ice causing blade to loose its edge? I was wondering if that’s the reason the cowling less skates are being made? and I have been practicing the movements for the Motor pattern from the butterfly slides on and off ice. I don’t knkw of any coaches down here by me though.
  4. @Lucky Puckeri don’t knkw what that disclaimer means? Sorry. Thank you for advice! Great information I’m sure hoping it all helps. I told myself I’d buy used and buy new equipment as needed. I did buy new leg pads but everything else used from PIAS. I think getting a new pair of skates would be ideal since they were probably the oldest piece of equipment I got.
  5. Thanks so much for the info everyone! @Lucky Pucker is there anywhere specific you suggest looking up the attack angles? also does a sharper blade help as well? (I had 1” cut but am thinking 1/2” next before trying anything like a 3/8”)
  6. Remember I got a 1” sharpen so they’re not sharp and I slide too much, that was my mistake and looking to see if the sharpness effects the push off as well. Just not sure what I can do skate wise to help with the butterfly slide whether it’s just sharpen blade, get a step steel blade or get new skates which are higher anyways, but with a better sharper edge maybe at 1/2” instead of 1
  7. A pair of used grafs. The model I don’t knkw. All I can say is I got used for 19.99....I’m sorry don’t have much more detail on the model.
  8. So far I feel after 4 games in I feel pretty comfortable. I’m in good shape both strength and flexibility wise. Have always been active and exercised and remained flexible. I’m just in a beer league but I’d love to learn new things to make myself better. For example when I played before butterfly style sliding was not a big technique used. If there is a 2-1 I’m moving more into a “split” or stretching my leg out to make the save only instead of pushing off and sliding and keeping the biggest part of my body in front of the puck and upright. It seems like something if I can learn it, it can make a big change to how I’m playing already. I think I feel comfortable for now but my skates are not sharp (I got a 1” cut on the skates before I started it’s what I used to get so I’m sure sharper skates will help). The other goalie we just played recommended steel step or newer skates to help with the push off to perform a proper butterfly slide. Appreciate your response and hopefully my answers help to give more info!
  9. Back to playing again after 10 years in a beer league. Notice butterfly slides seem to help a lot, not something I’ve ever really done. My skates I bought are used to make everything affordable for now. However was wondering if there are suggestions on new skates from a discussion with another goalie with step steel versus he mentioned newer skates have a higher blade so it’s essentially the same thing. Not sure how old the skates are I bought used but they cost $20 so assuming old enough (and when looking at blade not as tall as his blade). Would anyone suggest step steel? Or just new pair of skates?
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