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  1. They didn't say.. I just sent them the pics and asked if they could tell me if it was a 960 or a 950 and told them the year of manufacture.. they came back that it's a 950.. I'm assuming the foam was the deciding factor
  2. So I reached out to bauer customer service with the issue. Sent email the pics of my helmet and they have concluded its a 950 after all.. case closed lol
  3. I'll confront him one more time with the evidence I have and see what he says.. maybe he'll offer to make it right, if not I'll leave a bad review and say goodbye
  4. I bought it on kijiji so I'm not sure what the buyer protection is there.. I mean in the end 200 for a profile 950 ain't bad.. I'll just keep it but I did contact him again and we're back and forth on it but he keeps insisting its a 960.. so I'm not sure if I should keep pushing the issue and ask for my money back because I do really like the helmet
  5. You're right, I should be happy even if it wasn't QUITE the deal I was looking for the mask is in pretty much mint condition.. barely and chips and no cracks.. on a side note.. where's the best place to get a cateye for this thing? And do you think anyone would trade a cateye for a certified cage if I'd add a little cash on top?
  6. This is why I'm thinking it might be a 950 instead and I hope someone can prove me other wise lol.. so here is the pic of my masks' foam. Notice the foam with all the little holes? Now here is the pic from purehockey of the 950. Notice it has the same foam with holes Now here is the pic from purehockey of the 960 NO HOLES IN THE FOAM! I have checked sideline swap and had found a bunch of 950s with the holes in the foam and SOME without the holes but I have not found a single 960 with the foam with the holes so I'd be interested if someone has seen the 960 with the holes in the foam?
  7. Well I guess I didn't check it well enough I figured since I asked him twice on the spot I'd find SOME proof thereafter 0f it being a 960.. was such a good deal that I that I had the mentality of take it and run lol.. having a touch of buyers remorse that's all
  8. I was wondering if anyone could tell by the foam used on it if the 950 and 960 had different foams.. I paid 200 for it which isn't bad but I'm going up against some pretty hard shooters.. just really ticked that I might have gotten screwed
  9. Hi there, new member.. i need help identifying the cosmetic differences, if any between the bauer profile 960 and profile 950! so I just picked up what I thought was a great deal on kijiji.. the guy told me it was a bauer profile 960 so I thought great I'll take it.. when I get there I looked it over it looked solid and in good shape but I couldn't find any profile 960 sticker anywhere.. I asked him several times if he was sure it's a profile 960 and he said yes so I took it.. but after I got home I looked some more and I can't find any way of making sure it's a 960 and not a 950.. ALL THE stickers have CONVENIENTLY been scratched off.. just wondering if any of you could help.. thanks!!
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