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  1. #1BeerLeaguer

    G-NETik 8.0

    Recently purchased a set of G-NETik 8.0 pads, waiting for them to arrive. Does anyone have any experience with these pads? I am moving from a set of Larceny L9’s. Will there be a big adjustment to these new pads.
  2. I just discovered that I have a broken cuff on my CCM catcher. Can replacement cuffs be ordered and is it a DIY job to replace it?
  3. Thanks for the input, I have never used any of the stiffer flat faced pads before and found a good deal on the P1 pro for $300. I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy them.
  4. I am looking at picking up a used pair of CCM Premier pads size 33+1. I currently wear a Larceny 34+1. Do the Premier pads sit higher and would they be equivalent to the Larceny 34+1.
  5. I ended up going with the CCM Premier 1.9, Source for Sports exclusive with the Skate Lace Pocket and D30 added palm protection.
  6. I have started to get stingers with my current glove (Sherwood Cerberus 12) and found that the plastic in the palm is cracked. I am looking at getting a new senior line glove as I only play about once a week and all just recreation. I am looking at either the Warrior GT or Bauer Vapor x900. I have tried on the GT pro and really liked it but no place around me carries the senior line so I will need to order it. Does anyone have any experience with either glove or give recommendations.
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