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  1. I love black-heavy setups for Devils goalies. This is so sick.
  2. Blackwood and Schneider might be the most fucky gear duo in the league.
  3. Mrazek has always had mad style. Dark based sets work so well with the Canes jerseys.
  4. This guy posted a shutout last night and he looked nice doing it
  5. This is just SO upsetting for so many reasons. I just don't get it????
  6. Couple good looks at Rittich's gear and mask from last night. Gotta say, last two seasons I've really liked his setups. But this year, I don't know, it just doesn't look that good in my opinion.
  7. It would look so filthy for the home if he swapped the red for black and the white for red
  8. Mike Smith's new pads. They match!!
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