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  1. So a question on material used for the shell of goalie masks. Is carbon good or not good for goalie masks? I'm reading conflicting reports. And what is Innegra? I see that the Bauer Profile line of masks have carbon but no aramid fiber: Profile 960XPM - fiberglass, 12k carbon outer layer, and Innegra Profile 950X - fiberglass and 12k carbon The Bauer NME line seems to be pretty good: NME VTX - fiberglass and Textreme (not sure what this is) NME8 - fiberglass and aramid fiber Now the price point is also a little curious. Obviously the top two masks (960 & VTX) are the most costly. But the 950 is priced higher than the NME8. Not sure why. Can anyone talk to the level of protection between these masks?
  2. Thanks to all for good comments and fresh perspectives. I will reach out to Michel and see how he can guide me. Thanks again!
  3. So, that's kind of one of my questions: when do you know that it's time? Even if there is no visible damage to the shell of the mask, can there be damage that's not visible? How will he be able to check the shell? The foam seems to be a good order, nothing torn, ripped, missing or cracked. But perhaps it has hardened slowly over the years and I would never be the wiser about it. I'm more concerned about the shell failing, but from what you guys are saying the foam is important too. I'm just surprised to come across expiration dates on masks. Is that just a way to sell more masks? Or perhaps avoid ongoing liability? Or is it really that the structure of the shell does break down over time, and/or the foam as well?
  4. No. But does the padding change the integrity of the mask?
  5. I have been playing with my Protechsport mask since the beginning of the 2010 season. I play for roughly five months, twice a week in a recreational league with about half comprising of ex Senior A players. I've never thought of replacing my mask until coming across expiry dates on masks in hockey stores. My mask doesn't have any cracks or visible damage. It has taken routine shots and sticks over the years, but nothing that is visible. So my question is when are we supposed to replace goalie masks? I've tried on Bauer masks and found them very comfortable. It was the new NME VTX and the Profile 950X. I realize that the top level protection for the Bauer masks are the 960XPM and the NME VTX. But how much more protective are these two next to the 950X and the NME8?
  6. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    CCM replied and said that they would cover the damage under warranty. A few days later a set of cowlings arrived at my home (see attached pic). So I'm going to bring them to get the broken one replaced. I'm still thinking of applying some fiberglass to the 'windows' to strengthen the cowlings and protect my foot. But I can't speak badly of CCM's service or the skate-boots themselves . . . just their cowling design.
  7. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    I completely understand those reasons when it comes to pros where performance is everything. I do not get paid to play. Protection so that I can continue to go to work the next day and get paid is my priority. I have always had cowlings and never gotten hurt with shots to them. I've contacted CCM and we'll see what the response is. Here's hoping!
  8. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    So I've attached a pic of the crack. I don't understand why they would make that window without the actual guard on it. Does it really save that much weight??? Anyway, I'm going to reach out to CCM and see what the response is. Let's see if they stand behind their products . . .
  9. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    So I have a little more to add to my episode. CCM did replace the broken cowling on the skate. I continued to play on these and really got used to them. I like the skates. The boot fits well - it's stiff, but fits well and actually gives me more support than my old ones. Also the blade position seems moved towards the inside and I'm finding it very nice to play with. But this past week it happened again: the same skate, at the exact same spot, I took a shot off and it cracked. I'll take a pic and uploaded for you guys to see. This time I didn't notice it until the dressing room taking the skate off so it didn't hurt. Actually, I don't really know when it happened. Frankly I'm disappointed. It's definitely past the warranty period of 90 days, so my options are really to buy and replace the cowlings, or repair them and apply some fiberglass on that one spot. I'm leaning towards getting cowlings, but I'm hopeful that they're not that different in blade positioning. I've quickly looked on the web and found some Bauer One100 cowlings, which seem to have a similar gap on the inside edge of the cowling. I've also found Graf cowlings as well as Vaughn GX1 cowlings. Any recommends would be very much appreciated with regards to the protection of the cowlings and the positioning of the blades. Thanks guys.
  10. AMDG

    C & A protection

    That's a good idea about the pic. Or get in front of a mirror with the equipment on. Thanks guys.
  11. AMDG

    C & A protection

    Sounds promising! Thank you very much!
  12. AMDG

    C & A protection

    It did come straight at me and the bruise is definitely from the front. It had to have not hit the floater and only the shoulder cap. Maybe I can attach padding below the cap or something. Again, I would love if there was a padded shirt that had padding on the shoulders, but alas, I haven't found any.
  13. AMDG

    C & A protection

    Not sure if this is the right place for this. Last night I took a slap shot right off the shoulder (deltoid muscle) and it hurt - a lot. I've got a big bruise/contusion going today and movement towards the back (i.e. reaching for my back pocket) or raising that arm above my head really hurts. I've examined my C/A unit to try and see where the shot hit me, but for the life of me I can't seem to find any evidence of it. This is not the first time this happens. I've looked for padded undershirts but none out there cover this area. Maybe it's my technique? (Or lack of it!) The shot was screaming towards my face, so I tossed to the side and "shrugged" my shoulder up to block it. And I did. Anyways, not sure if it's my C/A unit (Bauer Pro 3 years old or so). Thoughts?
  14. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    I'm in a Bauer 9 EE and also fit in the CCM 9 EE. Would a Vaughn 9 D compare?
  15. AMDG

    New skates damaged

    Does anyone have experience with Vaughn skates? They seem to have full cowlings. How do they compare to Bauers/CCM?
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