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  1. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Hi all looking for some help. My landing gear stitching is coming undone. I have had my pads for probably 6-8 months. I read about this issue before and also saw that Warrior fixed it. Something about the wrong stitch count. I thought I would be safe because my pads came after this.
  2. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Thanks for all the tips. I would love to go with no knee pads, but I’m afraid I’ll take a pick to the knee
  3. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    I have had a few skates with the new gear, first impressions. Blocker is nice, super light and easy break in. Catcher is going to take a little while to break in for sure but should be good when it is. Pads feel good, still playing with how tight to strap them, and whether to wear the knee strap behind the knee or at the calf, what are the advantages / disadvantages? Pads feel good, but knee pads still feel like too much. Where do you all wear them, under socks or over? Also socks have been catching profile lock on pads and undoing the profile lock. Thanks for any help.
  4. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Thank you Coop, can’t wait to get it on the ice.
  5. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Thanks Peter, should look good with my team’s orange jerseys, also I think they look clean.
  6. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    @Nohtaram I did try them with tape last time. The lower part of the Warrior knee guard stayed firmly in place and felt good, but even putting a wrap of tape below the top portion would not keep it from sliding down. I did have hockey socks over the knee pad also. Sorry not trying to turn this thread into a knee pad thread. Hoping to get these on the ice tomorrow night and add some better feedback.
  7. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Just got my custom G4 set yesterday and can’t wait to use them coming from Pete Smith (I think 6000 pads with adjustable thigh rise). The Warrior knee guards are going to be a big adjustment I have tried them once and the top part kept sliding down. Also do you all use the knee strap across or down to the calf?
  8. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    @Patrick Roy's Wink love your setup, clean lines and great color combination. Did I see those on Instagram? Waiting on my order and was wondering how game ready was the glove? Also any more skates, have you been able to tweak things to your liking?
  9. I would say option 1 because the gloves look better in that design as well. Option 3 is pretty good as well, but I don’t think the gloves look as good.
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